Gene Symbol: XXT5
Description: xyloglucan xylosyltransferase 5
Alias: F1M20.6, F1M20_6, xyloglucan xylosyltransferase 5, xyloglucan xylosyltransferase 5
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Zabotina O, Avci U, Cavalier D, Pattathil S, Chou Y, Eberhard S, et al. Mutations in multiple XXT genes of Arabidopsis reveal the complexity of xyloglucan biosynthesis. Plant Physiol. 2012;159:1367-84 pubmed publisher
    ..New double mutants (xxt1 xxt5 and xxt2 xxt5) and a triple mutant (xxt1 xxt2 xxt5) were generated, characterized, and compared with three single ..
  2. Zabotina O, van de Ven W, Freshour G, Drakakaki G, Cavalier D, Mouille G, et al. Arabidopsis XXT5 gene encodes a putative alpha-1,6-xylosyltransferase that is involved in xyloglucan biosynthesis. Plant J. 2008;56:101-15 pubmed publisher
    The function of a putative xyloglucan xylosyltransferase from Arabidopsis thaliana (At1g74380; XXT5) was studied. The XXT5 gene is expressed in all plant tissues, with higher levels of expression in roots, stems and cauline leaves...
  3. Chou Y, Pogorelko G, Zabotina O. Xyloglucan xylosyltransferases XXT1, XXT2, and XXT5 and the glucan synthase CSLC4 form Golgi-localized multiprotein complexes. Plant Physiol. 2012;159:1355-66 pubmed publisher
    ..the 1,4-?-glucan synthase, Cellulose Synthase-Like C4 (CSLC4), and three xylosyltransferases, XXT1, XXT2, and XXT5, act in the Golgi to form the xylosylated glucan backbone during xyloglucan biosynthesis...
  4. Lund C, Bromley J, Stenbæk A, Rasmussen R, Scheller H, Sakuragi Y. A reversible Renilla luciferase protein complementation assay for rapid identification of protein-protein interactions reveals the existence of an interaction network involved in xyloglucan biosynthesis in the plant Golgi apparatus. J Exp Bot. 2015;66:85-97 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results show that Rluc-PCA coupled with transient expression in N. benthamiana is a fast and versatile method suitable for analysis of PPIs between Golgi resident proteins in an easy and mid-throughput fashion in planta. ..
  5. Culbertson A, Chou Y, Smith A, Young Z, Tietze A, Cottaz S, et al. Enzymatic Activity of Xyloglucan Xylosyltransferase 5. Plant Physiol. 2016;171:1893-904 pubmed publisher
    ..Two of these, XXT1 and XXT2, have been shown to be active in vitro, whereas the catalytic activity of XXT5 has yet to be demonstrated...
  6. Vuttipongchaikij S, Brocklehurst D, Steele King C, Ashford D, Gomez L, McQueen Mason S. Arabidopsis GT34 family contains five xyloglucan ?-1,6-xylosyltransferases. New Phytol. 2012;195:585-95 pubmed publisher
    ..and XXT2 have previously been shown to encode XyG ?-1,6-xylosyltransferases, while knockout mutants of a third, XXT5, exhibit decreased XyG content, suggesting a similar activity...
  7. Chou Y, Pogorelko G, Young Z, Zabotina O. Protein-protein interactions among xyloglucan-synthesizing enzymes and formation of Golgi-localized multiprotein complexes. Plant Cell Physiol. 2015;56:255-67 pubmed publisher
    ..including the glucan synthase CSLC4 (cellulose synthase-like C4), three xylosyltransferases (XXT1, XXT2 and XXT5), two galactosyltransferases (MUR3 and XLT2) and the fucosyltransferase FUT1...
  8. Kong Y, Peña M, Renna L, Avci U, Pattathil S, Tuomivaara S, et al. Galactose-depleted xyloglucan is dysfunctional and leads to dwarfism in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2015;167:1296-306 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study assigns a role for galactosylation in normal xyloglucan function and demonstrates that altering xyloglucan side chain structure disturbs diverse cellular and physiological processes. ..