Gene Symbol: TOR1
Description: ARM repeat superfamily protein
Alias: CONVOLUTA, SPIRAL 2, SPR2, T24A18.10, T24A18_10, TORTIFOLIA 1, ARM repeat superfamily protein
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Buschmann H, Fabri C, Hauptmann M, Hutzler P, Laux T, Lloyd C, et al. Helical growth of the Arabidopsis mutant tortifolia1 reveals a plant-specific microtubule-associated protein. Curr Biol. 2004;14:1515-21 pubmed
    ..We investigated the helical growth of the Arabidopsis mutant tortifolia1/spiral2 (tor1/spr2), which twists in a right-handed manner, and found that this correlates with a complex reorientation of cortical ..
  2. Yao M, Wakamatsu Y, Itoh T, Shoji T, Hashimoto T. Arabidopsis SPIRAL2 promotes uninterrupted microtubule growth by suppressing the pause state of microtubule dynamics. J Cell Sci. 2008;121:2372-81 pubmed publisher
    SPIRAL2 (SPR2) of Arabidopsis thaliana is a microtubule-associated protein containing multiple HEAT repeats that are found only in the plant lineage...
  3. Peña E, Ferriol I, Sambade A, Buschmann H, Niehl A, Elena S, et al. Experimental virus evolution reveals a role of plant microtubule dynamics and TORTIFOLIA1/SPIRAL2 in RNA trafficking. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e105364 pubmed publisher
    ..of RNA complexes in the cytoplasm, we performed an evolution experiment with TMV in Arabidopsis thaliana tor1/spr2 and tor2 mutants with specific defects in MT dynamics and asked whether TMV is sensitive to these changes...
  4. Furutani I, Watanabe Y, Prieto R, Masukawa M, Suzuki K, Naoi K, et al. The SPIRAL genes are required for directional control of cell elongation in Aarabidopsis thaliana. Development. 2000;127:4443-53 pubmed
    ..Recessive mutations in either of two Arabidopsis thaliana SPIRAL loci, SPR1 or SPR2, reduce anisotropic growth of endodermal and cortical cells in roots and etiolated hypocotyls, and induce right-..
  5. Shoji T, Narita N, Hayashi K, Hayashi K, Asada J, Hamada T, et al. Plant-specific microtubule-associated protein SPIRAL2 is required for anisotropic growth in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2004;136:3933-44 pubmed
    ..Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) spiral2 (spr2) mutant is defective in directional cell elongation and exhibits right-handed helical growth in longitudinally ..
  6. Sakai T, Mochizuki S, Haga K, Uehara Y, Suzuki A, Harada A, et al. The wavy growth 3 E3 ligase family controls the gravitropic response in Arabidopsis roots. Plant J. 2012;70:303-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, our results demonstrate that the WAV3 family of proteins are E3 ligases that are required for root gravitropism in Arabidopsis. ..