Gene Symbol: TBL3
Description: trichome birefringence-like protein (DUF828)
Alias: T10O8.70, T10O8_70, TRICHOME BIREFRINGENCE-LIKE 3, trichome birefringence-like protein (DUF828)
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Bischoff V, Nita S, Neumetzler L, Schindelasch D, Urbain A, Eshed R, et al. TRICHOME BIREFRINGENCE and its homolog AT5G01360 encode plant-specific DUF231 proteins required for cellulose biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2010;153:590-602 pubmed publisher
    ..TBR and TBR-like3 (TBL3) are transcriptionally coordinated with primary and secondary CELLULOSE SYNTHASE (CESA) genes, respectively...
  2. Oikawa A, Joshi H, Rennie E, Ebert B, Manisseri C, Heazlewood J, et al. An integrative approach to the identification of Arabidopsis and rice genes involved in xylan and secondary wall development. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e15481 pubmed publisher
  3. Yuan Y, Teng Q, Zhong R, Ye Z. TBL3 and TBL31, Two Arabidopsis DUF231 Domain Proteins, are Required for 3-O-Monoacetylation of Xylan. Plant Cell Physiol. 2016;57:35-45 pubmed publisher
    ..In this report, we demonstrated the essential roles of two other Arabidopsis DUF231 genes, TBL3 and TBL31, in xylan acetylation...
  4. Bischoff V, Selbig J, Scheible W. Involvement of TBL/DUF231 proteins into cell wall biology. Plant Signal Behav. 2010;5:1057-9 pubmed
    ..TBR and its homolog TRICHOME BIREFRINGENCE-LIKE3 (TBL3) are transcriptionally coordinated with CELLULOSE SYNTHASE (CESA) genes, and loss of TBR or TBL3 results in ..