Gene Symbol: SGS3
Description: XS domain-containing protein / XS zinc finger domain-containing protein-like protein
Alias: ATSGS3, MQM1.17, MQM1_17, SUPPRESSOR OF GENE SILENCING 3, XS domain-containing protein / XS zinc finger domain-containing protein-like protein
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Okano Y, Senshu H, Hashimoto M, Neriya Y, Netsu O, Minato N, et al. In Planta Recognition of a Double-Stranded RNA Synthesis Protein Complex by a Potexviral RNA Silencing Suppressor. Plant Cell. 2014;26:2168-2183 pubmed
    ..abnormalities in Arabidopsis thaliana similar to those observed in mutants of SUPPRESSOR OF GENE SILENCING3 (SGS3) and RNA-DEPENDENT RNA POLYMERASE6 (RDR6) required for the trans-acting small interfering RNA synthesis pathway...
  2. Yoshikawa M, Iki T, Tsutsui Y, Miyashita K, Poethig R, Habu Y, et al. 3' fragment of miR173-programmed RISC-cleaved RNA is protected from degradation in a complex with RISC and SGS3. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:4117-22 pubmed publisher
    ..transformed into tasiRNAs by a pathway that requires several factors including SUPPRESSOR OF GENE SILENCING3 (SGS3) and RNA-DEPENDENT RNA POLYMERASE6...
  3. Cheng X, Wang A. The Potyvirus Silencing Suppressor Protein VPg Mediates Degradation of SGS3 via Ubiquitination and Autophagy Pathways. J Virol. 2017;91: pubmed
    ..In this study, we show that infection by Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) causes reduced levels of suppressor of gene silencing 3 (SGS3), a key component of the RNA silencing pathway that functions in double-stranded RNA synthesis ..
  4. Peragine A, Yoshikawa M, Wu G, Albrecht H, Poethig R. SGS3 and SGS2/SDE1/RDR6 are required for juvenile development and the production of trans-acting siRNAs in Arabidopsis. Genes Dev. 2004;18:2368-79 pubmed
    ..alleles of two genes required for posttranscriptional gene silencing (PTGS)--SUPPRESSOR OF GENE SILENCING3 (SGS3) and SUPPRESSOR OF GENE SILENCING2(SGS2)/SILENCING DEFECTIVE1 (SDE1)/RNA-DEPENDENT POLYMERASE6 (RDR6)...
  5. Elmayan T, Adenot X, Gissot L, Lauressergues D, Gy I, Vaucheret H. A neomorphic sgs3 allele stabilizing miRNA cleavage products reveals that SGS3 acts as a homodimer. FEBS J. 2009;276:835-44 pubmed publisher
    The putative RNA-binding protein SUPPRESSOR OF GENE SILENCING 3 (SGS3) protects RNA from degradation before transformation into dsRNA by the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase RDR6 during plant post-transcriptional gene silencing and trans-..
  6. Zhong S, Liu J, Jin H, Lin L, Li Q, Chen Y, et al. Warm temperatures induce transgenerational epigenetic release of RNA silencing by inhibiting siRNA biogenesis in Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:9171-6 pubmed publisher
    ..We discovered that the temperature increase reduced the protein abundance of SUPPRESSOR OF GENE SILENCING 3, as a consequence, attenuating the formation of stable dsRNAs required for siRNA biogenesis...
  7. Adenot X, Elmayan T, Lauressergues D, Boutet S, Bouche N, Gasciolli V, et al. DRB4-dependent TAS3 trans-acting siRNAs control leaf morphology through AGO7. Curr Biol. 2006;16:927-32 pubmed
    ..TAS gene transcripts are cleaved by miRNAs; the cleavage products are protected against degradation by SGS3, copied into dsRNA by RDR6, and diced into ta-siRNAs by DCL4 ...
  8. Lam P, Zhao L, McFarlane H, Aiga M, Lam V, Hooker T, et al. RDR1 and SGS3, components of RNA-mediated gene silencing, are required for the regulation of cuticular wax biosynthesis in developing inflorescence stems of Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2012;159:1385-95 pubmed publisher
  9. Mourrain P, Beclin C, Elmayan T, Feuerbach F, Godon C, Morel J, et al. Arabidopsis SGS2 and SGS3 genes are required for posttranscriptional gene silencing and natural virus resistance. Cell. 2000;101:533-42 pubmed
    ..Here, we report the isolation of sgs2 and sgs3 Arabidopsis mutants impaired in PTGS...

More Information


  1. Yoshikawa M, Peragine A, Park M, Poethig R. A pathway for the biogenesis of trans-acting siRNAs in Arabidopsis. Genes Dev. 2005;19:2164-75 pubmed
    ..The 3' fragment is then transformed into short siRNAs by the sequential activity of SGS3, RDR6, and DCL4: SGS3 stabilizes the fragment, RDR6 produces a complementary strand, and DCL4 cleaves the resulting ..
  2. Kumakura N, Takeda A, Fujioka Y, Motose H, Takano R, Watanabe Y. SGS3 and RDR6 interact and colocalize in cytoplasmic SGS3/RDR6-bodies. FEBS Lett. 2009;583:1261-6 pubmed publisher
    b>Suppressor of gene silencing 3 (SGS3) is involved in RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 6 (RDR6)-dependent small-interfering RNA (siRNA) pathways in Arabidopsis. However, the roles of SGS3 in those pathways are unclear...
  3. Xu L, Yang L, Pi L, Liu Q, Ling Q, Wang H, et al. Genetic interaction between the AS1-AS2 and RDR6-SGS3-AGO7 pathways for leaf morphogenesis. Plant Cell Physiol. 2006;47:853-63 pubmed
    ..We show that plants carrying rdr6, suppressor of gene silencing3 (sgs3) or zippy (zip, also called ago7) in combination with as1 or as2 demonstrate severe morphological defects, and the ..
  4. Rajamäki M, Streng J, Valkonen J. Silencing suppressor protein VPg of a potyvirus interacts with the plant silencing-related protein SGS3. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2014;27:1199-210 pubmed publisher
    ..Results showed that VPg interacts with the SGS3 protein of Solanum tuberosum and Arabidopsis thaliana, as shown by yeast two-hybrid analysis and bimolecular ..