Gene Symbol: SEX1
Description: Pyruvate phosphate dikinase, PEP/pyruvate binding domain-containing protein
Alias: GWD, GWD1, SOP, SOP1, STARCH EXCESS 1, T16B5.10, T16B5_10, Pyruvate phosphate dikinase, PEP/pyruvate binding domain-containing protein
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Yu T, Kofler H, Häusler R, Hille D, Flügge U, Zeeman S, et al. The Arabidopsis sex1 mutant is defective in the R1 protein, a general regulator of starch degradation in plants, and not in the chloroplast hexose transporter. Plant Cell. 2001;13:1907-18 pubmed
    ..Here we describe the molecular characterization of the Arabidopsis sex1 mutant that has been proposed to be defective in the export of glucose resulting from hydrolytic starch breakdown...
  2. Streb S, Egli B, Eicke S, Zeeman S. The debate on the pathway of starch synthesis: a closer look at low-starch mutants lacking plastidial phosphoglucomutase supports the chloroplast-localized pathway. Plant Physiol. 2009;151:1769-72 pubmed publisher
  3. Yazdanbakhsh N, Fisahn J. Mutations in leaf starch metabolism modulate the diurnal root growth profiles of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Signal Behav. 2011;6:995-8 pubmed
    ..resolution video imaging was performed to quantify the growth kinetics of Arabidopsis wild-type as well as pgm, sex1, mex1, dpe1 and dpe2 starch metabolism mutants grown in three different photoperiods...
  4. Shahollari B, Vadassery J, Varma A, Oelmuller R. A leucine-rich repeat protein is required for growth promotion and enhanced seed production mediated by the endophytic fungus Piriformospora indica in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. 2007;50:1-13 pubmed
    ..indica interaction. Thus, pii-2, and presumably also At5g16590, two proteins present in plasma membrane microdomains, appear to be involved in P. indica-induced growth promotion and enhanced seed production in Arabidopsis thaliana. ..
  5. Ritte G, Heydenreich M, Mahlow S, Haebel S, Kötting O, Steup M. Phosphorylation of C6- and C3-positions of glucosyl residues in starch is catalysed by distinct dikinases. FEBS Lett. 2006;580:4872-6 pubmed
    Glucan, water dikinase (GWD) and phosphoglucan, water dikinase (PWD) are required for normal starch metabolism. We analysed starch phosphorylation in Arabidopsis wild-type plants and mutants lacking either GWD or PWD using (31)P NMR...
  6. Yano R, Nakamura M, Yoneyama T, Nishida I. Starch-related alpha-glucan/water dikinase is involved in the cold-induced development of freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2005;138:837-46 pubmed
    ..Starch-related alpha-glucan/water dikinase (EC, encoded by Arabidopsis STARCH EXCESS 1 (SEX1), is hypothesized to regulate starch degradation in plastids by phosphorylating starch, thereby ..