Gene Symbol: PYL4
Description: PYR1-like 4
Alias: AtPYL4, PYR1-like 4, RCAR10, T19C21.20, T19C21_20, regulatory components of ABA receptor 10, PYR1-like 4
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Park S, Fung P, Nishimura N, Jensen D, Fujii H, Zhao Y, et al. Abscisic acid inhibits type 2C protein phosphatases via the PYR/PYL family of START proteins. Science. 2009;324:1068-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results illustrate the power of the chemical genetic approach for sidestepping genetic redundancy. ..
  2. Santiago J, Rodrigues A, Saez A, Rubio S, Antoni R, Dupeux F, et al. Modulation of drought resistance by the abscisic acid receptor PYL5 through inhibition of clade A PP2Cs. Plant J. 2009;60:575-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, we show that enhanced resistance to drought can be obtained through PYL5-mediated inhibition of clade A PP2Cs. ..
  3. Melcher K, Ng L, Zhou X, Soon F, Xu Y, Suino Powell K, et al. A gate-latch-lock mechanism for hormone signalling by abscisic acid receptors. Nature. 2009;462:602-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results identify a conserved gate-latch-lock mechanism underlying ABA signalling. ..
  4. Pizzio G, Rodriguez L, Antoni R, Gonzalez Guzman M, Yunta C, Merilo E, et al. The PYL4 A194T mutant uncovers a key role of PYR1-LIKE4/PROTEIN PHOSPHATASE 2CA interaction for abscisic acid signaling and plant drought resistance. Plant Physiol. 2013;163:441-55 pubmed publisher
    ..We generated an allele library composed of 10,000 mutant clones of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) PYL4 and selected mutations that promoted ABA-independent interaction with PP2CA/ABA-HYPERSENSITIVE3...
  5. Irigoyen M, Iniesto E, Rodriguez L, Puga M, Yanagawa Y, Pick E, et al. Targeted degradation of abscisic acid receptors is mediated by the ubiquitin ligase substrate adaptor DDA1 in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 2014;26:712-28 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we show that DDA1 binds to the abscisic acid (ABA) receptor PYL8, as well as PYL4 and PYL9, in vivo and facilitates its proteasomal degradation...
  6. Bueso E, Rodriguez L, Lorenzo Orts L, Gonzalez Guzman M, Sayas E, Muñoz Bertomeu J, et al. The single-subunit RING-type E3 ubiquitin ligase RSL1 targets PYL4 and PYR1 ABA receptors in plasma membrane to modulate abscisic acid signaling. Plant J. 2014;80:1057-71 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study we describe a single-subunit RING-type E3 ubiquitin ligase RSL1 that interacts with the PYL4 and PYR1 ABA receptors at the plasma membrane...
  7. Nishimura N, Sarkeshik A, Nito K, Park S, Wang A, Carvalho P, et al. PYR/PYL/RCAR family members are major in-vivo ABI1 protein phosphatase 2C-interacting proteins in Arabidopsis. Plant J. 2010;61:290-9 pubmed publisher
    ..To investigate the biological relevance of the PYR/PYLs, we analysed pyr1/pyl1/pyl2/pyl4 quadruple mutant plants and found strong insensitivities in ABA-induced stomatal closure and ABA-inhibition of ..
  8. Lackman P, Gonzalez Guzman M, Tilleman S, Carqueijeiro I, Pérez A, Moses T, et al. Jasmonate signaling involves the abscisic acid receptor PYL4 to regulate metabolic reprogramming in Arabidopsis and tobacco. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:5891-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Functional analysis of the Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) homologs of NtPYL4, PYL4 and PYL5, indicated that also in Arabidopsis altered PYL expression affected the JA response, both in terms of ..
  9. Rodriguez L, Gonzalez Guzman M, Díaz M, Rodrigues A, Izquierdo Garcia A, Peirats Llobet M, et al. C2-domain abscisic acid-related proteins mediate the interaction of PYR/PYL/RCAR abscisic acid receptors with the plasma membrane and regulate abscisic acid sensitivity in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 2014;26:4802-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Specifically, we found that PYL4 interacted in an ABA-independent manner with CAR1 in both the plasma membrane and nucleus of plant cells...

More Information


  1. Bhaskara G, Nguyen T, Verslues P. Unique drought resistance functions of the highly ABA-induced clade A protein phosphatase 2Cs. Plant Physiol. 2012;160:379-95 pubmed publisher
    ..Both this and their distinct PYL interaction demonstrate a new level of functional differentiation among the clade A PP2Cs and a point of cross talk between ABA-dependent and ABA-independent drought-associated signaling. ..
  2. Lee S, Lim C, Lan W, He K, Luan S. ABA signaling in guard cells entails a dynamic protein-protein interaction relay from the PYL-RCAR family receptors to ion channels. Mol Plant. 2013;6:528-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Further study using transgenic plants overexpressing one of the ABA receptors demonstrated that changing the relative level of interacting partners would change ABA sensitivity. ..
  3. Zhang X, Jiang L, Wang G, Yu L, Zhang Q, Xin Q, et al. Structural insights into the abscisic acid stereospecificity by the ABA receptors PYR/PYL/RCAR. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e67477 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results provide novel insights of the bioactivity of ABA enantiomers onto PYLs, and shed light on designing the selective ABA receptors agonists. ..
  4. Ye Y, Zhou L, Liu X, Liu H, Li D, Cao M, et al. A Novel Chemical Inhibitor of ABA Signaling Targets All ABA Receptors. Plant Physiol. 2017;173:2356-2369 pubmed publisher
  5. Melcher K, Xu Y, Ng L, Zhou X, Soon F, Chinnusamy V, et al. Identification and mechanism of ABA receptor antagonism. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2010;17:1102-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results establish a new concept of ABA receptor antagonism, illustrate its underlying mechanisms and provide a rational framework for discovering novel ABA receptor ligands. ..
  6. Zhao Y, Chan Z, Xing L, Liu X, Hou Y, Chinnusamy V, et al. The unique mode of action of a divergent member of the ABA-receptor protein family in ABA and stress signaling. Cell Res. 2013;23:1380-95 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results show that PYL13 is not an ABA receptor but can modulate the ABA pathway by interacting with and inhibiting both the PYL receptors and the PP2C co-receptors...