Gene Symbol: MIR159a
Description: miscRNA
Alias: MICRORNA 159, MIR159, MIR159A, microRNA159A, p_MI0000189
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Reyes J, Chua N. ABA induction of miR159 controls transcript levels of two MYB factors during Arabidopsis seed germination. Plant J. 2007;49:592-606 pubmed
    ..Here, we show that, in germinating Arabidopsis thaliana seeds, ABA induces the accumulation of microRNA 159 (miR159) in an ABI3-dependent fashion, and miRNA159 mediates cleavage of MYB101 and MYB33 transcripts in vitro ..
  2. Palatnik J, Wollmann H, Schommer C, Schwab R, Boisbouvier J, Rodriguez R, et al. Sequence and expression differences underlie functional specialization of Arabidopsis microRNAs miR159 and miR319. Dev Cell. 2007;13:115-25 pubmed
    ..We have focused on the related miR159 and miR319 families, which share sequence identity at 17 of 21 nucleotides, yet affect different developmental ..
  3. Alonso Peral M, Sun C, Millar A. MicroRNA159 can act as a switch or tuning microRNA independently of its abundance in Arabidopsis. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e34751 pubmed publisher
    ..In Arabidopsis the highly abundant miRNA, miR159, acts as a molecular "switch" in vegetative tissues completely silencing the expression of two GAMYB-..
  4. Deveson I, Li J, Millar A. MicroRNAs with analogous target complementarities perform with highly variable efficacies in Arabidopsis. FEBS Lett. 2013;587:3703-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, silencing efficacy was determined for Arabidopsis miR159 and four artificial miRNAs (amiRNAs) that all target MYB33/MYB65 with analogous complementarities...
  5. Kim S, Yang J, Xu J, Jang I, Prigge M, Chua N. Two cap-binding proteins CBP20 and CBP80 are involved in processing primary MicroRNAs. Plant Cell Physiol. 2008;49:1634-44 pubmed publisher
    ..CBP80 are stabilized by ABA by a post-translational mechanism, and these proteins are needed for ABA induction of miR159 during seed germination...
  6. Jin D, Wang Y, Zhao Y, Chen M. MicroRNAs and their cross-talks in plant development. J Genet Genomics. 2013;40:161-70 pubmed publisher
    ..These miRNAs execute their diverse functions by regulating developmental gene expression levels, interacting with phytohormone signaling response, participating in the biogenesis of ta-siRNAs and affecting the production of miRNAs. ..
  7. Du Z, Chen A, Chen W, Westwood J, Baulcombe D, Carr J. Using a viral vector to reveal the role of microRNA159 in disease symptom induction by a severe strain of Cucumber mosaic virus. Plant Physiol. 2014;164:1378-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Expressing a miR159 target mimic sequence using LS-CMV depleted miR159 and induced symptoms resembling those of Fny-CMV...
  8. Li Y, Alonso Peral M, Wong G, Wang M, Millar A. Ubiquitous miR159 repression of MYB33/65 in Arabidopsis rosettes is robust and is not perturbed by a wide range of stresses. BMC Plant Biol. 2016;16:179 pubmed publisher
    The microR159 (miR159) - GAMYB pathway is conserved in higher plants, where GAMYB, expression promotes programmed cell death in seeds (aleurone) and anthers (tapetum)...
  9. Xue T, Liu Z, Dai X, Xiang F. Primary root growth in Arabidopsis thaliana is inhibited by the miR159 mediated repression of MYB33, MYB65 and MYB101. Plant Sci. 2017;262:182-189 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, the miR159 has been identified as a post transcriptional repressor of root growth, on the basis that the mir159ab double ..

More Information


  1. Li X, Bian H, Song D, Ma S, Han N, Wang J, et al. Flowering time control in ornamental gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) by manipulation of miR159 expression. Ann Bot. 2013;111:791-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent studies on model plants have elucidated that miR159 acts as a negative regulator of floral transition in short-day photoperiods...
  2. Li J, Reichel M, Millar A. Determinants beyond both complementarity and cleavage govern microR159 efficacy in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet. 2014;10:e1004232 pubmed publisher
    ..Contrary to MIR159a variants that strongly silenced endogenous MYB33/MYB65, artificial MYB33 variants with central mismatches to ..
  3. Reichel M, Millar A. Specificity of plant microRNA target MIMICs: Cross-targeting of miR159 and miR319. J Plant Physiol. 2015;180:45-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Arabidopsis miR319 and miR159 are two closely related but distinct miRNA families, as they are functionally specific for two different sets of ..
  4. Zheng Z, Reichel M, Deveson I, Wong G, Li J, Millar A. Target RNA Secondary Structure Is a Major Determinant of miR159 Efficacy. Plant Physiol. 2017;174:1764-1778 pubmed publisher
    ..perform in planta silencing efficacy assays on seven Arabidopsis MYB genes, all of which contain conserved miR159-binding sites of analogous complementarity...
  5. Guo C, Xu Y, Shi M, Lai Y, Wu X, Wang H, et al. Repression of miR156 by miR159 Regulates the Timing of the Juvenile-to-Adult Transition in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 2017;29:1293-1304 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that miR159 is required for the correct timing of vegetative development in Arabidopsis thaliana Loss of miR159 ..
  6. Song L, Han M, Lesicka J, Fedoroff N. Arabidopsis primary microRNA processing proteins HYL1 and DCL1 define a nuclear body distinct from the Cajal body. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:5437-42 pubmed
    ..The HYL1 protein coimmunoprecipitates with miR171a and miR159a precursors, indicating that it is an integral component of the precursor processing machinery...
  7. Zhou Y, Wang M, Xu Z, Ni C, Yin H, Ai S. Investigation of the effect of phytohormone on the expression of microRNA-159a in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings based on mimic enzyme catalysis systematic electrochemical biosensor. Biosens Bioelectron. 2014;54:244-50 pubmed publisher