Gene Symbol: LCL1
Description: LHY/CCA1-like 1
Alias: F9G14.150, F9G14_150, LHY/CCA1-like 1, REVEILLE 4, RVE4, LHY/CCA1-like 1
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Lu S, Knowles S, Andronis C, Ong M, Tobin E. CIRCADIAN CLOCK ASSOCIATED1 and LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL function synergistically in the circadian clock of Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2009;150:834-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results imply that CCA1 and LHY function synergistically in regulating circadian rhythms of Arabidopsis. ..
  2. Hsu P, Devisetty U, Harmer S. Accurate timekeeping is controlled by a cycling activator in Arabidopsis. elife. 2013;2:e00473 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, our work suggests that the plant clock consists of a highly interconnected, complex regulatory network rather than of coupled morning and evening feedback loops. DOI: ..
  3. Xie Q, Wang P, Liu X, Yuan L, Wang L, Zhang C, et al. LNK1 and LNK2 are transcriptional coactivators in the Arabidopsis circadian oscillator. Plant Cell. 2014;26:2843-57 pubmed publisher
    ..a small family of four LNK proteins, dynamically interact with morning-expressed oscillator components, including RVE4 and RVE8. Mutational disruption of LNK1 and LNK2 function prevents transcriptional activation of PRR5 by RVE8...
  4. Gray J, Shalit Kaneh A, Chu D, Hsu P, Harmer S. The REVEILLE Clock Genes Inhibit Growth of Juvenile and Adult Plants by Control of Cell Size. Plant Physiol. 2017;173:2308-2322 pubmed publisher
    ..clock is composed of numerous regulatory feedback loops in which REVEILLE8 (RVE8) and its homologs RVE4 and RVE6 act in a partially redundant manner to promote clock pace...