Gene Symbol: IAA14
Description: indole-3-acetic acid inducible 14
Alias: DL3315C, FCAALL.254, SLR, SOLITARY ROOT, indole-3-acetic acid inducible 14, indole-3-acetic acid inducible 14
Species: thale cress
Products:     IAA14

Top Publications

  1. Fukaki H, Nakao Y, Okushima Y, Theologis A, Tasaka M. Tissue-specific expression of stabilized SOLITARY-ROOT/IAA14 alters lateral root development in Arabidopsis. Plant J. 2005;44:382-95 pubmed
    ..We analyzed transgenic Arabidopsis plants expressing the stabilized mutant INDOLE-3 ACETIC ACID 14 (IAA14)/SOLITARY-ROOT (mIAA14) protein as a repressor of the auxin response factors (ARFs), under the control of tissue-..
  2. Kepinski S, Leyser O. Auxin-induced SCFTIR1-Aux/IAA interaction involves stable modification of the SCFTIR1 complex. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004;101:12381-6 pubmed
    ..Instead, we present data suggesting that auxin promotes the SCF(TIR1)-Aux/IAA interaction by affecting the SCF component, TIR1, or proteins tightly associated with it. ..
  3. Muto H, Watahiki M, Nakamoto D, Kinjo M, Yamamoto K. Specificity and similarity of functions of the Aux/IAA genes in auxin signaling of Arabidopsis revealed by promoter-exchange experiments among MSG2/IAA19, AXR2/IAA7, and SLR/IAA14. Plant Physiol. 2007;144:187-96 pubmed
    ..of transgenic plants expressing the green fluorescent protein (GFP)-tagged msg2-1/iaa19, axr2-1/iaa7, or slr-1/iaa14 cDNA by the MSG2 or AXR2 promoter...
  4. Li J, Bush J, Xiong Y, Li L, McCormack M. Large-scale protein-protein interaction analysis in Arabidopsis mesophyll protoplasts by split firefly luciferase complementation. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e27364 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrated that the SFLC assay is ideal for in vivo quantitative PPI analysis in plant cells and is particularly powerful for large-scale binary PPI screens...
  5. Cho H, Ryu H, Rho S, Hill K, Smith S, Audenaert D, et al. A secreted peptide acts on BIN2-mediated phosphorylation of ARFs to potentiate auxin response during lateral root development. Nat Cell Biol. 2014;16:66-76 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, this study delineates a TDIF-TDR-BIN2 signalling cascade that controls regulation of ARF and AUX/IAA interaction independent of auxin perception during lateral root development...
  6. Huang D, Wang S, Zhang B, Shang Guan K, Shi Y, Zhang D, et al. A Gibberellin-Mediated DELLA-NAC Signaling Cascade Regulates Cellulose Synthesis in Rice. Plant Cell. 2015;27:1681-96 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, our findings reveal a conserved mechanism by which GA regulates secondary wall cellulose synthesis in land plants and provide a strategy for manipulating cellulose production and plant growth. ..
  7. Fukaki H, Tameda S, Masuda H, Tasaka M. Lateral root formation is blocked by a gain-of-function mutation in the SOLITARY-ROOT/IAA14 gene of Arabidopsis. Plant J. 2002;29:153-68 pubmed
    ..Map-based positional cloning and isolation of an intragenic suppressor mutant revealed that SLR encodes IAA14, a member of the Aux/IAA protein family...
  8. Liscum E, Reed J. Genetics of Aux/IAA and ARF action in plant growth and development. Plant Mol Biol. 2002;49:387-400 pubmed
    ..We will also discuss potential mechanisms for interactions between auxin and light response pathways that are suggested by these mutants. ..
  9. Narise T, Kobayashi K, Baba S, Shimojima M, Masuda S, Fukaki H, et al. Involvement of auxin signaling mediated by IAA14 and ARF7/19 in membrane lipid remodeling during phosphate starvation. Plant Mol Biol. 2010;72:533-44 pubmed publisher
    ..role of auxin signaling in Arabidopsis membrane lipid remodeling, we analyzed slr-1, a gain-of-function mutant of IAA14 (a repressor of auxin signaling), and arf7arf19, a loss-of-function mutant of auxin response factors ARF7 and ..