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Gene Symbol: HKL3
Description: hexokinase-like 3
Alias: T28I19.120, T28I19_120, hexokinase-like 3, hexokinase-like 3
Species: thale cress
Products:     HKL3

Top Publications

  1. Karve A, Rauh B, Xia X, Kandasamy M, Meagher R, Sheen J, et al. Expression and evolutionary features of the hexokinase gene family in Arabidopsis. Planta. 2008;228:411-25 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, HKL3 transcript was detected only in flowers, the protein lacks the noted indels, and the protein has many other amino ..
  2. Claeyssen E, Rivoal J. Isozymes of plant hexokinase: occurrence, properties and functions. Phytochemistry. 2007;68:709-31 pubmed
    ..Similarities and differences to known properties of animal and yeast HKs are also discussed as they may help to gain further insight into the functional adaptations of plant HKs. ..