Gene Symbol: GRP2
Description: glycine rich protein 2
Alias: ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA COLD SHOCK PROTEIN 2, ATCSP2, COLD SHOCK DOMAIN PROTEIN 2, COLD SHOCK PROTEIN 2, CSDP2, CSP2, GRP-2, T9A14.9, glycine rich protein 2, glycine rich protein 2
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Kingsley P, Palis J. GRP2 proteins contain both CCHC zinc fingers and a cold shock domain. Plant Cell. 1994;6:1522-3 pubmed
  2. Fusaro A, Bocca S, Ramos R, Barroco R, Magioli C, Jorge V, et al. AtGRP2, a cold-induced nucleo-cytoplasmic RNA-binding protein, has a role in flower and seed development. Planta. 2007;225:1339-51 pubmed
    ..Down-regulation of AtGRP2 gene, using gene-silencing techniques resulted in early flowering, altered stamen number and affected seed development. A possible role of AtGRP2 as an RNA chaperone is discussed. ..
  3. Kim J, Park S, Jang B, Jung C, Ahn S, Goh C, et al. Functional characterization of a glycine-rich RNA-binding protein 2 in Arabidopsis thaliana under abiotic stress conditions. Plant J. 2007;50:439-51 pubmed
    Although glycine-rich RNA-binding protein 2 (GRP2) has been implicated in plant responses to environmental stresses, the function and importance of GRP2 in stress responses are largely unknown...
  4. Karlson D, Imai R. Conservation of the cold shock domain protein family in plants. Plant Physiol. 2003;131:12-5 pubmed
  5. Kim J, Park S, Kwak K, Kim Y, Kim J, Song J, et al. Cold shock domain proteins and glycine-rich RNA-binding proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana can promote the cold adaptation process in Escherichia coli. Nucleic Acids Res. 2007;35:506-16 pubmed
    ..To understand the functional role of plant CSDPs and GRPs in the cold response, two CSDPs (CSDP1 and CSDP2) and three GRPs (GRP2, GRP4 and GRP7) from Arabidopsis thaliana were investigated...
  6. Sasaki K, Kim M, Imai R. Arabidopsis COLD SHOCK DOMAIN PROTEIN2 is a RNA chaperone that is regulated by cold and developmental signals. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2007;364:633-8 pubmed
    ..Arabidopsis COLD SHOCK DOMAIN PROTEIN2 (AtCSP2) contains a domain that is shared with bacterial CSPs...
  7. Nakaminami K, Hill K, Perry S, Sentoku N, LONG J, Karlson D. Arabidopsis cold shock domain proteins: relationships to floral and silique development. J Exp Bot. 2009;60:1047-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Although all AtCSPs exhibited similar expression patterns, AtCSP2 was the most abundantly expressed gene...
  8. Sasaki K, Kim M, Imai R. Arabidopsis COLD SHOCK DOMAIN PROTEIN 2 is a negative regulator of cold acclimation. New Phytol. 2013;198:95-102 pubmed publisher
    ..However, their biological functions are poorly understood. We examined Arabidopsis COLD SHOCK DOMAIN PROTEIN 2 (AtCSP2) using overexpressing and mutant lines...
  9. de Oliveira D, Seurinck J, Inze D, Van Montagu M, Botterman J. Differential expression of five Arabidopsis genes encoding glycine-rich proteins. Plant Cell. 1990;2:427-36 pubmed
    ..With flooding stress, the accumulated level of the transcript from one of the genes was remarkably increased. ..

More Information


  1. Park S, Kwak K, Oh T, Kim Y, Kang H. Cold shock domain proteins affect seed germination and growth of Arabidopsis thaliana under abiotic stress conditions. Plant Cell Physiol. 2009;50:869-78 pubmed publisher
    ..CSDPs, CSDP1 harboring a long C-terminal glycine-rich region interspersed with seven CCHC-type zinc fingers and CSDP2 containing a far shorter glycine-rich region interspersed with two CCHC-type zinc fingers, in Arabidopsis thaliana ..
  2. Yang D, Kwak K, Kim M, Park S, Yang K, Kang H. Expression of Arabidopsis glycine-rich RNA-binding protein AtGRP2 or AtGRP7 improves grain yield of rice (Oryza sativa) under drought stress conditions. Plant Sci. 2014;214:106-12 pubmed publisher
  3. Sasaki K, Kim M, Kanno Y, Seo M, Kamiya Y, Imai R. Arabidopsis cold shock domain protein 2 influences ABA accumulation in seed and negatively regulates germination. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015;456:380-4 pubmed publisher
    ..b>AtCSP2 is one of the four CSD proteins in Arabidopsis and is up-regulated in response to cold...
  4. Sasaki K, Liu Y, Kim M, Imai R. An RNA chaperone, AtCSP2, negatively regulates salt stress tolerance. Plant Signal Behav. 2015;10:e1042637 pubmed publisher
    ..Arabidopsis Cold Shock Domain Protein 2 (AtCSP2), one of the 4 CSD proteins (AtCSP1-AtCSP4) in Arabidopsis, is induced during cold acclimation ..