Gene Symbol: ERF14
Description: Ethylene-responsive element binding factor 14
Alias: ATERF14, Ethylene-responsive element binding factor 14, F19P19.19, F19P19_19, Ethylene-responsive element binding factor 14
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Riechmann J, Meyerowitz E. The AP2/EREBP family of plant transcription factors. Biol Chem. 1998;379:633-46 pubmed
  2. Oñate Sánchez L, Anderson J, Young J, Singh K. AtERF14, a member of the ERF family of transcription factors, plays a nonredundant role in plant defense. Plant Physiol. 2007;143:400-9 pubmed
    ..One of these genes, a transcriptional activator, AtERF14, was induced at the same time as ERF-target genes (ChiB, basic chitinase)...
  3. Camehl I, Oelmuller R. Do ethylene response factorS9 and -14 repress PR gene expression in the interaction between Piriformospora indica and Arabidopsis?. Plant Signal Behav. 2010;5:932-6 pubmed
    ..factors of the ERF family, the ERF DOMAIN PROTEIN9 (ERF9) and the ETHYLENE-RESPONSIVE ELEMENT BINDING FACTOR14 (ERF14) are involved in the interaction between the two symbionts and are required for growth promotion of the host plant...