Gene Symbol: COR47
Description: cold-regulated 47
Alias: AtCOR47, F5M15.22, F5M15_22, RD17, cold-regulated 47, cold-regulated 47
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Gilmour S, Artus N, Thomashow M. cDNA sequence analysis and expression of two cold-regulated genes of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Mol Biol. 1992;18:13-21 pubmed
    ..Heyn) were determined. One cDNA (approximately 70% full-length) corresponds to a cor gene, designated cor47, that encodes a 47 kDa hydrophilic polypeptide...
  2. Lim C, Yang K, Hong J, Choi J, Yun D, Hong J, et al. Gene expression profiles during heat acclimation in Arabidopsis thaliana suspension-culture cells. J Plant Res. 2006;119:373-83 pubmed
    ..Moreover, the transcriptional induction of DREB2 (dehydration responsive element-binding factor 2) subfamily genes and COR47/rd17 under heat stress suggested cross-talk between the signaling pathways for heat and dehydration responses.
  3. Foster R, Chua N. An Arabidopsis mutant with deregulated ABA gene expression: implications for negative regulator function. Plant J. 1999;17:363-72 pubmed
    ..Levels of kin2, cor47 and rab18 expression in ade1 plants are also enhanced and prolonged indicating that the molecular mechanism(s) ..
  4. Xiong L, Lee H, Ishitani M, Zhu J. Regulation of osmotic stress-responsive gene expression by the LOS6/ABA1 locus in Arabidopsis. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:8588-96 pubmed
    ..indicates that under osmotic stress the transcript levels for stress-responsive genes such as RD29A, COR15A, KIN1, COR47, RD19, and ADH are lower in los6 plants than in wild type plants...
  5. Vergnolle C, Vaultier M, Taconnat L, Renou J, Kader J, Zachowski A, et al. The cold-induced early activation of phospholipase C and D pathways determines the response of two distinct clusters of genes in Arabidopsis cell suspensions. Plant Physiol. 2005;139:1217-33 pubmed
    ..The connection of these pathways with the CBF pathway, currently the most understood genetic system playing a role in cold acclimation, is discussed. ..
  6. Puhakainen T, Hess M, Mäkelä P, Svensson J, Heino P, Palva E. Overexpression of multiple dehydrin genes enhances tolerance to freezing stress in Arabidopsis. Plant Mol Biol. 2004;54:743-53 pubmed
    ..Chimeric double constructs for expression of RAB18 and COR47 (pTP9) or LTI29 and LTI30 (pTP10) were made by fusing the coding sequences of the respective DHN genes to the ..
  7. Ishitani M, Xiong L, Lee H, Stevenson B, Zhu J. HOS1, a genetic locus involved in cold-responsive gene expression in arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 1998;10:1151-61 pubmed
    ..hos1-1 mutation identified by luciferase imaging causes superinduction of cold-responsive genes, such as RD29A, COR47, COR15A, KIN1, and ADH...
  8. Huibers R, de Jong M, Dekter R, Van den Ackerveken G. Disease-specific expression of host genes during downy mildew infection of Arabidopsis. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2009;22:1104-15 pubmed publisher
    ..The induction of several CS genes was found to be isolate specific. This suggests that the identified CS genes could be the direct or indirect targets of downy mildew effector proteins that promote disease susceptibility...