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Gene Symbol: AT1G80950
Description: Phospholipid/glycerol acyltransferase family protein
Alias: F23A5.31, F23A5_31, Phospholipid/glycerol acyltransferase family protein
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Jasieniecka Gazarkiewicz K, Lager I, Carlsson A, Gutbrod K, Peisker H, Dormann P, et al. Acyl-CoA:Lysophosphatidylethanolamine Acyltransferase Activity Regulates Growth of Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2017;174:986-998 pubmed publisher
    Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) contains two enzymes (encoded by the At1g80950 and At2g45670 genes) preferentially acylating lysophosphatidylethanolamine (LPE) with acyl-coenzyme A (CoA), designated ..
  2. Stålberg K, Stahl U, Stymne S, Ohlrogge J. Characterization of two Arabidopsis thaliana acyltransferases with preference for lysophosphatidylethanolamine. BMC Plant Biol. 2009;9:60 pubmed publisher
    ..substrate specificity and biochemical properties, the two Arabidopsis acyltransferases, designated AtLPEAT1, (At1g80950), and AtLPEAT2 (At2g45670) were expressed in yeast knockout lines ale1 and slc1 that are deficient in microsomal ..