Gene Symbol: AHP5
Description: histidine-containing phosphotransfer factor 5
Alias: F21B7.5, histidine-containing phosphotransfer factor 5, histidine-containing phosphotransfer factor 5
Species: thale cress

Top Publications

  1. Dortay H, Mehnert N, Bürkle L, Schmülling T, Heyl A. Analysis of protein interactions within the cytokinin-signaling pathway of Arabidopsis thaliana. FEBS J. 2006;273:4631-44 pubmed
    ..This study contributes to our understanding of the protein interactions of the cytokinin-signaling system and provides a framework for further functional studies in planta. ..
  2. Hutchison C, Li J, Argueso C, Gonzalez M, Lee E, Lewis M, et al. The Arabidopsis histidine phosphotransfer proteins are redundant positive regulators of cytokinin signaling. Plant Cell. 2006;18:3073-87 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that most of the AHPs are redundant, positive regulators of cytokinin signaling and affect multiple aspects of plant development. ..
  3. Suzuki T, Sakurai K, Imamura A, Nakamura A, Ueguchi C, Mizuno T. Compilation and characterization of histidine-containing phosphotransmitters implicated in His-to-Asp phosphorelay in plants: AHP signal transducers of Arabidopsis thaliana. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2000;64:2486-9 pubmed
  4. Cutcliffe J, Hellmann E, Heyl A, Rashotte A. CRFs form protein-protein interactions with each other and with members of the cytokinin signalling pathway in Arabidopsis via the CRF domain. J Exp Bot. 2011;62:4995-5002 pubmed publisher
    ..are able specifically to interact directly with most of the Arabidopsis histidine-phosphotransfer proteins (AHP1-AHP5) further solidifying their link to the cytokinin signalling pathway...
  5. Nishiyama R, Watanabe Y, Leyva González M, Ha C, Fujita Y, Tanaka M, et al. Arabidopsis AHP2, AHP3, and AHP5 histidine phosphotransfer proteins function as redundant negative regulators of drought stress response. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:4840-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that three Arabidopsis AHPs, namely AHP2, AHP3, and AHP5, control responses to drought stress in negative and redundant manner...
  6. Horak J, Grefen C, Berendzen K, Hahn A, Stierhof Y, Stadelhofer B, et al. The Arabidopsis thaliana response regulator ARR22 is a putative AHP phospho-histidine phosphatase expressed in the chalaza of developing seeds. BMC Plant Biol. 2008;8:77 pubmed publisher
    ..ARR22 specifically interacts with AHP2, AHP3 and AHP5 in yeast and living plant cells...
  7. Liu Z, Yuan L, Song X, Yu X, Sundaresan V. AHP2, AHP3, and AHP5 act downstream of CKI1 in Arabidopsis female gametophyte development. J Exp Bot. 2017;68:3365-3373 pubmed publisher
    ..There are five HP genes in Arabidopsis, AHP1-AHP5, but it remains unknown which AHP genes act downstream of CKI1 in Arabidopsis female gametophyte development...
  8. Miyata S, Urao T, Yamaguchi Shinozaki K, Shinozaki K. Characterization of genes for two-component phosphorelay mediators with a single HPt domain in Arabidopsis thaliana. FEBS Lett. 1998;437:11-4 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that ATHPs function as two-component phosphorelay mediators between sensor histidine kinase and response regulators in Arabidopsis. ..
  9. Suzuki T, Ishikawa K, Yamashino T, Mizuno T. An Arabidopsis histidine-containing phosphotransfer (HPt) factor implicated in phosphorelay signal transduction: overexpression of AHP2 in plants results in hypersensitiveness to cytokinin. Plant Cell Physiol. 2002;43:123-9 pubmed
    ..Although some previous in vitro results from studies on Arabidopsis AHPs (AHP1 to AHP5) supported this hypothesis, it has not yet been proven...

More Information


  1. Yamashino T, Matsushika A, Fujimori T, Sato S, Kato T, Tabata S, et al. A Link between circadian-controlled bHLH factors and the APRR1/TOC1 quintet in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell Physiol. 2003;44:619-29 pubmed
    ..Taken together, here we propose the novel view that these bHLH factors (PIF4 and PIL6) might play roles, in concert with APRR1/TOC1, in the integration of light-signals to control both circadian and photomorphogenic processes. ..
  2. Pekárová B, Klumpler T, Třísková O, Horak J, Jansen S, Dopitová R, et al. Structure and binding specificity of the receiver domain of sensor histidine kinase CKI1 from Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. 2011;67:827-39 pubmed publisher
    ..MSP, the signal is transferred from sensor histidine kinase (HK) via histidine phosphotransfer proteins (AHP1-AHP5) to nuclear response regulators...
  3. Suzuki T, Imamura A, Ueguchi C, Mizuno T. Histidine-containing phosphotransfer (HPt) signal transducers implicated in His-to-Asp phosphorelay in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Physiol. 1998;39:1258-68 pubmed
    ..It was thus suggested that the uncovered sensors-AHPs-ARRs lineups may play important roles in propagating environmental stimuli through the multistep His-Asp phosphorelay in Arabidopsis. ..
  4. Bauer J, Reiss K, Veerabagu M, Heunemann M, Harter K, Stehle T. Structure-function analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana histidine kinase AHK5 bound to its cognate phosphotransfer protein AHP1. Mol Plant. 2013;6:959-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Our correlation of structural and functional data provide the first insight, at the atomic level as well as with quantitative affinity data, into the molecular recognition events governing the MSP in plants. ..