Gene Symbol: ABCB1
Description: ATP binding cassette subfamily B1
Alias: ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA P GLYCOPROTEIN1, ATP binding cassette subfamily B1, ATP-binding cassette B1, ATPGP1, P-GLYCOPROTEIN 1, PGP1, T1J8.9, T1J8_9, ATP binding cassette subfamily B1
Species: thale cress
Products:     ABCB1

Top Publications

  1. Sánchez Fernández R, Davies T, Coleman J, Rea P. The Arabidopsis thaliana ABC protein superfamily, a complete inventory. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:30231-44 pubmed
    ..Arabidopsis was unusual in its large allocation of ORFs (a minimum of 0.5%) to members of the ABC protein superfamily...
  2. Bouchard R, Bailly A, Blakeslee J, Oehring S, Vincenzetti V, Lee O, et al. Immunophilin-like TWISTED DWARF1 modulates auxin efflux activities of Arabidopsis P-glycoproteins. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:30603-12 pubmed
    ..shown to physically interact with the multidrug resistance/P-glycoprotein (PGP) ATP-binding cassette transporters PGP1 and PGP19 (MDR1)...
  3. Cho M, Lee S, Cho H. P-glycoprotein4 displays auxin efflux transporter-like action in Arabidopsis root hair cells and tobacco cells. Plant Cell. 2007;19:3930-43 pubmed
    ..Root hair cell-specific overexpression of PGP4 (PGP4ox) and known auxin efflux transporters, such as PGP1, PGP19, and PIN-FORMEDs, decreased root hair elongation, whereas overexpression of the influx transporter AUXIN-..
  4. Sidler -, Hassa -, Hasan -, Ringli -, Dudler -. Involvement of an ABC transporter in a developmental pathway regulating hypocotyl cell elongation in the light. Plant Cell. 1998;10:1623-36 pubmed
    ..We have manipulated the expression of the AtPGP1 (for Arabidopsis thaliana P glycoprotein1) gene in transgenic Arabidopsis plants by using sense and antisense constructs...
  5. Geisler M, Murphy A. The ABC of auxin transport: the role of p-glycoproteins in plant development. FEBS Lett. 2006;580:1094-102 pubmed
    ..One class of PGPs, represented by AtPGP1, catalyze auxin export, while another class with at least one member, AtPGP4, appears to function in auxin import...
  6. Henrichs S, Wang B, Fukao Y, Zhu J, Charrier L, Bailly A, et al. Regulation of ABCB1/PGP1-catalysed auxin transport by linker phosphorylation. EMBO J. 2012;31:2965-80 pubmed publisher
    ..In-vitro and yeast expression analyses indicated that PID specifically modulates ABCB1-mediated auxin efflux in an action that is dependent on its kinase activity and that is reverted by quercetin ..
  7. Kamimoto Y, Terasaka K, Hamamoto M, Takanashi K, Fukuda S, Shitan N, et al. Arabidopsis ABCB21 is a facultative auxin importer/exporter regulated by cytoplasmic auxin concentration. Plant Cell Physiol. 2012;53:2090-100 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that ABCB21 functions as a facultative importer/exporter controlling auxin concentrations in plant cells...
  8. Cecchetti V, Altamura M, Falasca G, Costantino P, Cardarelli M. Auxin regulates Arabidopsis anther dehiscence, pollen maturation, and filament elongation. Plant Cell. 2008;20:1760-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that auxin synthesized in anthers plays a major role in coordinating anther dehiscence and pollen maturation, while auxin transport contributes to the independent regulation of preanthesis filament elongation. ..
  9. Ye L, Liu L, Xing A, Kang D. Characterization of a dwarf mutant allele of Arabidopsis MDR-like ABC transporter AtPGP1 gene. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2013;441:782-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Plant two closely ABC (ATP-binding cassette) transporter, AtPGP1 and AtPGP19 (AtMDR1), have been implicated in auxin transport...

More Information


  1. Geisler M, Kolukisaoglu H, Bouchard R, Billion K, Berger J, Saal B, et al. TWISTED DWARF1, a unique plasma membrane-anchored immunophilin-like protein, interacts with Arabidopsis multidrug resistance-like transporters AtPGP1 and AtPGP19. Mol Biol Cell. 2003;14:4238-49 pubmed
    ..cDNA sequences that encode the C-terminal domain of Arabidopsis multidrug-resistance-like ABC transporter AtPGP1. This interaction was verified in vitro...
  2. Lin R, Wang H. Two homologous ATP-binding cassette transporter proteins, AtMDR1 and AtPGP1, regulate Arabidopsis photomorphogenesis and root development by mediating polar auxin transport. Plant Physiol. 2005;138:949-64 pubmed functional characterization of two closely related ABC (ATP-binding cassette) transporter genes, AtMDR1 and AtPGP1, in light and auxin responses...
  3. Bailly A, Wang B, Zwiewka M, Pollmann S, Schenck D, Lüthen H, et al. Expression of TWISTED DWARF1 lacking its in-plane membrane anchor leads to increased cell elongation and hypermorphic growth. Plant J. 2014;77:108-18 pubmed publisher
    ..These data support a model in which TWD1 controls lateral ABCB1-mediated export into the apoplast, which is required for auxin-mediated cell elongation.
  4. Blakeslee J, Bandyopadhyay A, Lee O, Mravec J, Titapiwatanakun B, Sauer M, et al. Interactions among PIN-FORMED and P-glycoprotein auxin transporters in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 2007;19:131-47 pubmed
    ..Here, we show that PGP1 and PGP19 colocalized with PIN1 in the shoot apex in Arabidopsis thaliana and with PIN1 and PIN2 in root tissues...
  5. Wang B, Bailly A, Zwiewka M, Henrichs S, Azzarello E, Mancuso S, et al. Arabidopsis TWISTED DWARF1 functionally interacts with auxin exporter ABCB1 on the root plasma membrane. Plant Cell. 2013;25:202-14 pubmed publisher
    ..At these epidermal plasma membrane domains, TWD1 colocalizes with nonpolar ABCB1. In planta bioluminescence resonance energy transfer analysis was used to verify specific ABC transporter B1 (..
  6. Cecchetti V, Brunetti P, Napoli N, Fattorini L, Altamura M, Costantino P, et al. ABCB1 and ABCB19 auxin transporters have synergistic effects on early and late Arabidopsis anther development. J Integr Plant Biol. 2015;57:1089-98 pubmed publisher
    Arabidopsis abcb1 abcb19 double mutants defective in the auxin transporters ABCB1/PGP1 and ABCB19/PGP19 are altered in stamen elongation, anther dehiscence and pollen maturation...
  7. Geisler M, Blakeslee J, Bouchard R, Lee O, Vincenzetti V, Bandyopadhyay A, et al. Cellular efflux of auxin catalyzed by the Arabidopsis MDR/PGP transporter AtPGP1. Plant J. 2005;44:179-94 pubmed
    ..resistance/P-glycoproteins (MDR/PGPs) have been implicated in auxin transport, as defects in MDR1 (AtPGP19) and AtPGP1 result in reductions of growth and auxin transport in Arabidopsis (atpgp1, atpgp19), maize (brachytic2) and ..