Gene Symbol: LOC110798720
Description: DNA-directed RNA polymerase V subunit 1
Alias: NRPD1b, DNA-directed RNA polymerase V subunit 1, DNA-directed RNA polymerase alpha subunit
Species: spinach

Top Publications

  1. Pontier D, Yahubyan G, Vega D, Bulski A, Saez Vasquez J, Hakimi M, et al. Reinforcement of silencing at transposons and highly repeated sequences requires the concerted action of two distinct RNA polymerases IV in Arabidopsis. Genes Dev. 2005;19:2030-40 pubmed publisher
    ..contain the same second-largest subunit (NRPD2), but differ at least by their largest subunit, termed NRPD1a and NRPD1b. Unlike NRPD1a, NRPD1b possesses a reiterated CTD, a feature that also characterizes the largest subunit of RNAPII...