Gene Symbol: SINVgp2
Description: p230 nonstructural polyprotein
Alias: p230 nonstructural polyprotein
Species: Sindbis virus

Top Publications

  1. Ou J, Strauss E, Strauss J. The 5'-terminal sequences of the genomic RNAs of several alphaviruses. J Mol Biol. 1983;168:1-15 pubmed
  2. Strauss E, Rice C, Strauss J. Sequence coding for the alphavirus nonstructural proteins is interrupted by an opal termination codon. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1983;80:5271-5 pubmed
  3. Zhu W, Fu S, Wang J, He Y, Tang Q, Liang G. Effects of the nsP2-726 Pro mutation on infectivity and pathogenesis of Sindbis virus derived from a full-length infectious cDNA clone. Virus Res. 2009;142:204-7 pubmed publisher
    ..BR-726L virus produced no lethality or morbidity in suckling mice. Thus, the nsP2-726 Pro residue regulates virus-host cell interactions directly and is also important in viral pathogenesis in suckling mice...
  4. Geders T, Smith J, Kuhn R. Role for conserved residues of sindbis virus nonstructural protein 2 methyltransferase-like domain in regulation of minus-strand synthesis and development of cytopathic infection. J Virol. 2008;82:7284-97 pubmed publisher
    ..These results implicate nsP2 in regulation of minus-strand synthesis and suggest that different regions of the nsP2 MTase-like domain differentially modulate host defense mechanisms, independent of its role as the viral protease...
  5. Frolov I, Garmashova N, Atasheva S, Frolova E. Random insertion mutagenesis of sindbis virus nonstructural protein 2 and selection of variants incapable of downregulating cellular transcription. J Virol. 2009;83:9031-44 pubmed publisher
    ..These results revealed new information about the structure of SINV nsP2 and interaction of its domains...
  6. Akhrymuk I, Kulemzin S, Frolova E. Evasion of the innate immune response: the Old World alphavirus nsP2 protein induces rapid degradation of Rpb1, a catalytic subunit of RNA polymerase II. J Virol. 2012;86:7180-91 pubmed publisher
    ..This indicates that the nsP2-induced degradation of Rpb1 is a critical mechanism utilized by the Old World alphaviruses to subvert the cellular antiviral response...
  7. Mai J, Sawicki S, Sawicki D. Fate of minus-strand templates and replication complexes produced by a p23-cleavage-defective mutant of Sindbis virus. J Virol. 2009;83:8553-64 pubmed publisher
  8. Strauss E, Rice C, Strauss J. Complete nucleotide sequence of the genomic RNA of Sindbis virus. Virology. 1984;133:92-110 pubmed
    ..A replication strategy for Sindbis virus based upon the complete nucleotide sequence, as well as prior data, is presented...
  9. Park E, Griffin D. Interaction of Sindbis virus non-structural protein 3 with poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 in neuronal cells. J Gen Virol. 2009;90:2073-80 pubmed publisher
    ..It was concluded that PARP-1 interacts with the C-terminal domain of nsP3, is present in replication complexes during virus amplification and may play a role in regulating virus RNA synthesis in neuronal cells...

More Information


  1. Cruz C, Suthar M, Montgomery S, Shabman R, Simmons J, Johnston R, et al. Modulation of type I IFN induction by a virulence determinant within the alphavirus nsP1 protein. Virology. 2010;399:1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, these results demonstrate that critical determinants within the nsP1/nsP2 cleavage domain play an important role in regulating alphavirus-induced IFN responses. ..