Gene Symbol: B303_sSgp2
Description: nonstructural protein
Species: SFTS virus HB29

Top Publications

  1. YU X, Liang M, Zhang S, Liu Y, Li J, Sun Y, et al. Fever with thrombocytopenia associated with a novel bunyavirus in China. N Engl J Med. 2011;364:1523-32 pubmed publisher
    ..A novel phlebovirus was identified in patients with a life-threatening illness associated with fever and thrombocytopenia in China. (Funded by the China Mega-Project for Infectious Diseases and others.). ..
  2. Chaudhary V, Zhang S, Yuen K, Li C, Lui P, Fung S, et al. Suppression of type I and type III IFN signalling by NSs protein of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus through inhibition of STAT1 phosphorylation and activation. J Gen Virol. 2015;96:3204-11 pubmed
    ..Taken together, SFTSV NSs protein is an IFN antagonist that suppresses phosphorylation and activation of STAT1. ..
  3. Halldorsson S, Behrens A, Harlos K, Huiskonen J, Elliott R, Crispin M, et al. Structure of a phleboviral envelope glycoprotein reveals a consolidated model of membrane fusion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:7154-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These data provide structural and functional evidence that the mechanism of phlebovirus-host cell fusion is conserved among genetically and patho-physiologically distinct viral pathogens. ..

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