Gene Symbol: M
Description: matrix protein
Species: Sendai virus

Top Publications

  1. Irie T, Shimazu Y, Yoshida T, Sakaguchi T. The YLDL sequence within Sendai virus M protein is critical for budding of virus-like particles and interacts with Alix/AIP1 independently of C protein. J Virol. 2007;81:2263-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that both Sendai virus (SeV) matrix protein M and accessory protein C contribute to virus budding by physically interacting with Alix/AIP1...
  2. Itoh M, Isegawa Y, Hotta H, Homma M. Isolation of an avirulent mutant of Sendai virus with two amino acid mutations from a highly virulent field strain through adaptation to LLC-MK2 cells. J Gen Virol. 1997;78 ( Pt 12):3207-15 pubmed publisher
  3. Irie T, Inoue M, Sakaguchi T. Significance of the YLDL motif in the M protein and Alix/AIP1 for Sendai virus budding in the context of virus infection. Virology. 2010;405:334-41 pubmed publisher
    Sendai virus (SeV) M protein has a YLDL motif, which is essential for budding of virus-like particles (VLPs) by expression of the M protein. We investigated the importance of the YLDL motif for SeV budding...
  4. Mottet Osman G, Miazza V, Vidalain P, Roux L. Patchwork structure-function analysis of the Sendai virus matrix protein. Virology. 2014;464-465:330-340 pubmed publisher
    ..decorated by two transmembrane glycoproteins and carpeted on the inner surface with a layer of matrix proteins (M), thought to bridge the glycoproteins with the viral nucleocapsids...
  5. Shevtsova Horoz A, Essaidi Laziosi M, Roux L. Sendai virus particle production: a more detailed role of F and HN through, namely, their association with M. Virus Res. 2015;199:31-41 pubmed publisher
    ..associated proteins are composed of two integral membrane glycoproteins, HN (H, G) and F, and of a matrix protein (M) carpeting the membrane inner layer...