Gene Symbol: L
Description: RNA polymerase protein
Species: Sendai virus

Top Publications

  1. Horikami S, Smallwood S, Moyer S. The Sendai virus V protein interacts with the NP protein to regulate viral genome RNA replication. Virology. 1996;222:383-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Using the two-hybrid system we have confirmed the previously identified P-L (RNA polymerase), NPo-P (encapsidation substrate), and P-P complexes and now demonstrate NP-NP and NPo-V protein ..
  2. Itoh M, Isegawa Y, Hotta H, Homma M. Isolation of an avirulent mutant of Sendai virus with two amino acid mutations from a highly virulent field strain through adaptation to LLC-MK2 cells. J Gen Virol. 1997;78 ( Pt 12):3207-15 pubmed publisher
    ..pathogenicity of MVC11 were associated with only two amino acid substitutions; one on the C protein (Phe substituted by Ser at position 170) and the other on the RNA polymerase, the L protein (Glu substituted by Ala at position 2050).
  3. Ogino T, Kobayashi M, Iwama M, Mizumoto K. Sendai virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase L protein catalyzes cap methylation of virus-specific mRNA. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:4429-35 pubmed publisher
    The Sendai virus (SeV) RNA-dependent RNA polymerase complex, which consists of L and P proteins, participates in the synthesis of viral mRNAs that possess a methylated cap structure...
  4. Murphy A, Grdzelishvili V. Identification of sendai virus L protein amino acid residues affecting viral mRNA cap methylation. J Virol. 2009;83:1669-81 pubmed publisher
    Viruses of the order Mononegavirales all encode a large (L) polymerase protein responsible for the replication and transcription of the viral genome as well as all posttranscriptional modifications of viral mRNAs...
  5. Murphy A, Moerdyk Schauwecker M, Mushegian A, Grdzelishvili V. Sequence-function analysis of the Sendai virus L protein domain VI. Virology. 2010;405:370-82 pubmed publisher
    The large (about 2200 amino acids) L polymerase protein of nonsegmented negative-strand RNA viruses (order Mononegavirales) has six conserved sequence regions ("domains") postulated to constitute the specific enzymatic activities ..
  6. Sasaki M, Setiyono A, Handharyani E, Rahmadani I, Taha S, Adiani S, et al. Molecular detection of a novel paramyxovirus in fruit bats from Indonesia. Virol J. 2012;9:240 pubmed publisher
    ..were screened by semi-nested broad spectrum reverse transcription PCR targeting the paramyxovirus polymerase (L) genes. ..
  7. Cevik B, Smallwood S, Moyer S. Two N-terminal regions of the Sendai virus L RNA polymerase protein participate in oligomerization. Virology. 2007;363:189-97 pubmed
    The RNA dependent RNA polymerase of Sendai virus consists of a complex of the large (L) and phosphoprotein (P) subunits where L is thought to be responsible for all the catalytic activities necessary for viral RNA synthesis...