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Gene Symbol: tbx1
Description: T-box transcription factor
Alias: Ci-Tbx1, Tbx1/10, T-box transcription factor
Species: sea vase

Top Publications

  1. Wang W, Razy Krajka F, Siu E, Ketcham A, Christiaen L. NK4 antagonizes Tbx1/10 to promote cardiac versus pharyngeal muscle fate in the ascidian second heart field. PLoS Biol. 2013;11:e1001725 pubmed publisher
    ..of the heart and cranio-facial musculature derive from common mesodermal progenitors that express NKX2-5, ISL1, and TBX1. This ontogenetic kinship is dramatically reflected in the DiGeorge/Cardio-Velo-Facial syndrome (DGS/CVFS), where ..