Gene Symbol: SNU71
Description: Snu71p
Alias: Snu71p
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Top Publications

  1. Gottschalk A, Tang J, Puig O, Salgado J, Neubauer G, Colot H, et al. A comprehensive biochemical and genetic analysis of the yeast U1 snRNP reveals five novel proteins. RNA. 1998;4:374-93 pubmed
    ..We demonstrate the specific association of four novel U1 snRNP proteins, Snu71p, Snu65p, Nam8p, and Snu56p, that have no known metazoan homologues...
  2. Fortes P, Bilbao Cortes D, Fornerod M, Rigaut G, Raymond W, Seraphin B, et al. Luc7p, a novel yeast U1 snRNP protein with a role in 5' splice site recognition. Genes Dev. 1999;13:2425-38 pubmed
    ..These data suggest that the loss of Luc7p disrupts U1 snRNP-CBC interaction, and that this interaction contributes to normal 5' splice site recognition. ..
  3. Rigaut G, Shevchenko A, Rutz B, Wilm M, Mann M, Seraphin B. A generic protein purification method for protein complex characterization and proteome exploration. Nat Biotechnol. 1999;17:1030-2 pubmed
    ..Combined with mass spectrometry, the TAP strategy allows for the identification of proteins interacting with a given target protein. The TAP method has been tested in yeast but should be applicable to other cells or organisms. ..
  4. Görnemann J, Barrandon C, Hujer K, Rutz B, Rigaut G, Kotovic K, et al. Cotranscriptional spliceosome assembly and splicing are independent of the Prp40p WW domain. RNA. 2011;17:2119-29 pubmed publisher
    ..Affinity purification revealed that Prp40 and Snu71 form a stable heterodimer that stably associates with the U1 snRNP only in the presence of Nam8, a known regulator ..
  5. Rodgers M, Paulson J, Hoskins A. Rapid isolation and single-molecule analysis of ribonucleoproteins from cell lysate by SNAP-SiMPull. RNA. 2015;21:1031-41 pubmed publisher
    ..SNAP-SiMPull will likely find broad use for rapidly isolating complex cellular machines for single-molecule fluorescence colocalization experiments. ..
  6. Fortes P, Kufel J, Fornerod M, Polycarpou Schwarz M, Lafontaine D, Tollervey D, et al. Genetic and physical interactions involving the yeast nuclear cap-binding complex. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:6543-53 pubmed
    ..Mutants lacking yCBC were found to be defective in rRNA processing. Analysis of the yCBC deletion phenotype suggests that this is likely to be due to a defect in the splicing of a subset of ribosomal protein mRNA precursors. ..
  7. Spingola M, Armisen J, Ares M. Mer1p is a modular splicing factor whose function depends on the conserved U2 snRNP protein Snu17p. Nucleic Acids Res. 2004;32:1242-50 pubmed
    ..We conclude that Mer1p is a modular splicing regulator that can activate splicing at several early steps of spliceosome assembly and depends on the activities of both U1 and U2 snRNP proteins to activate splicing. ..
  8. Kress T, Krogan N, Guthrie C. A single SR-like protein, Npl3, promotes pre-mRNA splicing in budding yeast. Mol Cell. 2008;32:727-34 pubmed publisher
    ..This result provides strong evidence that an SR protein can promote recruitment of splicing factors to chromatin. ..
  9. Hage R, Tung L, Du H, Stands L, Rosbash M, Chang T. A targeted bypass screen identifies Ynl187p, Prp42p, Snu71p, and Cbp80p for stable U1 snRNP/Pre-mRNA interaction. Mol Cell Biol. 2009;29:3941-52 pubmed publisher
    ..The screen identified Prp42p, Snu71p, and Cbp80p, all known components of commitment complexes, as well as Ynl187p, a protein of uncertain function...

More Information


  1. Aucher W, Becker E, Ma E, Miron S, Martel A, Ochsenbein F, et al. A strategy for interaction site prediction between phospho-binding modules and their partners identified from proteomic data. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2010;9:2745-59 pubmed publisher
    ..The STRIP method relies on a combination of conservation, phosphorylation likelihood, and binding specificity criteria and can be accessed via a web interface at ..
  2. Ester C, Uetz P. The FF domains of yeast U1 snRNP protein Prp40 mediate interactions with Luc7 and Snu71. BMC Biochem. 2008;9:29 pubmed publisher
    ..FF domains 2 and 3 bind to Snu71, another known U1 protein...
  3. Kafasla P, Barrass J, Thompson E, Fromont Racine M, Jacquier A, Beggs J, et al. Interaction of yeast eIF4G with spliceosome components: implications in pre-mRNA processing events. RNA Biol. 2009;6:563-74 pubmed
    ..In addition, Tif4631p and Tif4632p associate with protein components of the splicing machinery, namely Snu71p and Prp11p...