Gene Symbol: SEC31
Description: Sec31p
Alias: WEB1, Sec31p
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Top Publications

  1. Salama N, Chuang J, Schekman R. Sec31 encodes an essential component of the COPII coat required for transport vesicle budding from the endoplasmic reticulum. Mol Biol Cell. 1997;8:205-17 pubmed
    ..b>Sec31p is a phosphoprotein and treatment of the Sec31p-containing fraction with alkaline phosphatase results in a 50-75% ..
  2. Shaywitz D, Espenshade P, Gimeno R, Kaiser C. COPII subunit interactions in the assembly of the vesicle coat. J Biol Chem. 1997;272:25413-6 pubmed
    ..formation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has demonstrated the requirement for three cytosolic factors: Sec31p-Sec13p, Sec23p-Sec24p, and Sar1p...
  3. Roberg K, Bickel S, Rowley N, Kaiser C. Control of amino acid permease sorting in the late secretory pathway of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by SEC13, LST4, LST7 and LST8. Genetics. 1997;147:1569-84 pubmed
    ..The LST7 gene encodes a novel protein. Together, these data indicate that SEC13, LST4, LST7, and LST8 function in the regulated delivery of Gap1p to the cell surface, perhaps as components of a post-Golgi secretory-vesicle coat. ..
  4. Springer S, Schekman R. Nucleation of COPII vesicular coat complex by endoplasmic reticulum to Golgi vesicle SNAREs. Science. 1998;281:698-700 pubmed
    ..The data suggest that transmembrane proteins can be taken up into COPII vesicles by direct interactions with the coat proteins and may play a structural role in the assembly of the COPII coat complex...
  5. Roberg K, Crotwell M, Espenshade P, Gimeno R, Kaiser C. LST1 is a SEC24 homologue used for selective export of the plasma membrane ATPase from the endoplasmic reticulum. J Cell Biol. 1999;145:659-72 pubmed
    ..Together, these findings suggest that a specialized form of the COPII coat subunit, with Lst1p in place of Sec24p, is used for the efficient packaging of Pma1p into vesicles derived from the ER. ..
  6. Matsuoka K, Schekman R. The use of liposomes to study COPII- and COPI-coated vesicle formation and membrane protein sorting. Methods. 2000;20:417-28 pubmed
    ..Therefore, both generation of coated vesicles and protein sorting into the vesicles can be reproduced with liposomes and purified proteins. ..
  7. Barlowe C, Orci L, Yeung T, Hosobuchi M, Hamamoto S, Salama N, et al. COPII: a membrane coat formed by Sec proteins that drive vesicle budding from the endoplasmic reticulum. Cell. 1994;77:895-907 pubmed
    ..Because the overall cycle of budding driven by these two types of coats appears mechanistically similar, we propose that the coat structures be called COPI and COPII. ..
  8. Salama N, Yeung T, Schekman R. The Sec13p complex and reconstitution of vesicle budding from the ER with purified cytosolic proteins. EMBO J. 1993;12:4073-82 pubmed
    ..The vesicles formed with the purified protein fractions are competent to fuse with the Golgi and are biochemically distinct from the ER membrane fraction from which they derive. ..
  9. Supek F, Madden D, Hamamoto S, Orci L, Schekman R. Sec16p potentiates the action of COPII proteins to bud transport vesicles. J Cell Biol. 2002;158:1029-38 pubmed
    ..We propose that Sec16p nucleates a Sar1-GTP-dependent initiation of COPII assembly and serves to stabilize the coat to premature disassembly after Sar1p hydrolyzes GTP...

More Information


  1. Siniossoglou S, Wimmer C, Rieger M, Doye V, Tekotte H, Weise C, et al. A novel complex of nucleoporins, which includes Sec13p and a Sec13p homolog, is essential for normal nuclear pores. Cell. 1996;84:265-75 pubmed
    ..Thus, the Nup84p complex in conjunction with Sec13-type proteins is required for correct nuclear pore biogenesis. ..
  2. Whittle J, Schwartz T. Structure of the Sec13-Sec16 edge element, a template for assembly of the COPII vesicle coat. J Cell Biol. 2010;190:347-61 pubmed publisher
    ..The ACE1 protein Sec31 and Sec13 make a 2:2 tetramer that forms the edge element of the COPII outer coat...
  3. Antonny B, Gounon P, Schekman R, Orci L. Self-assembly of minimal COPII cages. EMBO Rep. 2003;4:419-24 pubmed
    ..We suggest that these structures, which represent a minimal COPII cage, mimic the molecular organization of the membrane-associated COPII coat...
  4. Fath S, Mancias J, Bi X, Goldberg J. Structure and organization of coat proteins in the COPII cage. Cell. 2007;129:1325-36 pubmed
    ..The vertex geometry involves four copies of the Sec31 beta-propeller that converge through their axial ends; there is no interdigitation of assembly units of the kind ..
  5. Gilstring C, Melin Larsson M, Ljungdahl P. Shr3p mediates specific COPII coatomer-cargo interactions required for the packaging of amino acid permeases into ER-derived transport vesicles. Mol Biol Cell. 1999;10:3549-65 pubmed
    ..The ER-derived vesicle COPII coatomer components Sec13p, Sec23p, Sec24p, and Sec31p but not Sar1p bind Shr3p via interactions with its carboxyl-terminal domain...
  6. Bhandari D, Zhang J, Menon S, Lord C, Chen S, Helm J, et al. Sit4p/PP6 regulates ER-to-Golgi traffic by controlling the dephosphorylation of COPII coat subunits. Mol Biol Cell. 2013;24:2727-38 pubmed publisher
    ..The coat inner shell recruits the Sec13p-Sec31p complex, leading to coat polymerization and vesicle budding...
  7. Copic A, Latham C, Horlbeck M, D Arcangelo J, Miller E. ER cargo properties specify a requirement for COPII coat rigidity mediated by Sec13p. Science. 2012;335:1359-62 pubmed publisher
    ..The outer coat complex, Sec13-Sec31, forms a scaffold that is thought to enforce curvature...
  8. Yoshibori M, Yorimitsu T, Sato K. Involvement of the penta-EF-hand protein Pef1p in the Ca2+-dependent regulation of COPII subunit assembly in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e40765 pubmed publisher indicating that the penta-EF-hand Ca(2+)-binding protein Pef1p directly interacts with the COPII coat subunit Sec31p and regulates COPII assembly in Saccharomyces cerevisiae...
  9. Yorimitsu T, Sato K. Insights into structural and regulatory roles of Sec16 in COPII vesicle formation at ER exit sites. Mol Biol Cell. 2012;23:2930-42 pubmed publisher that Sec16 interacts with Sec23 and Sar1 through its C-terminal conserved region and hinders the ability of Sec31 to stimulate Sec23 GAP activity toward Sar1...
  10. Dokudovskaya S, Waharte F, Schlessinger A, Pieper U, Devos D, Cristea I, et al. A conserved coatomer-related complex containing Sec13 and Seh1 dynamically associates with the vacuole in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2011;10:M110.006478 pubmed publisher
    ..These data demonstrate that the SEA complex is an additional member of a family of membrane coating and vesicle tethering assemblies, extending the repertoire of protocoatomer-related complexes. ..
  11. Davis S, Wang J, Zhu M, Stahmer K, Lakshminarayan R, Ghassemian M, et al. Sec24 phosphorylation regulates autophagosome abundance during nutrient deprivation. elife. 2016;5: pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that the acute need to produce autophagosomes during starvation drives the interaction of Sec24 with Atg9 to increase autophagosome abundance. ..
  12. Fatal N, Suntio T, Makarow M. Selective protein exit from yeast endoplasmic reticulum in absence of functional COPII coat component Sec13p. Mol Biol Cell. 2002;13:4130-40 pubmed
    ..The COPII components Sec23p and Sec31p and the GTP/GDP exchange factor Sec12p were required in functional form for secretion of Hsp150...
  13. Belden W, Barlowe C. Distinct roles for the cytoplasmic tail sequences of Emp24p and Erv25p in transport between the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi complex. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:43040-8 pubmed
    ..The Emp24p and Erv25p tail sequences bound the Sec13p/Sec31p subunit of the COPII coat (K(d) approximately 100 microm), and binding depended on a pair of aromatic residues ..
  14. Higashio H, Kohno K. A genetic link between the unfolded protein response and vesicle formation from the endoplasmic reticulum. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2002;296:568-74 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that the activation of the UPR affects ER-to-Golgi transport via stimulation of COPII vesicle formation from the ER. ..
  15. Kim D, Massey T, Sacher M, Pypaert M, Ferro Novick S. Sgf1p, a new component of the Sec34p/Sec35p complex. Traffic. 2001;2:820-30 pubmed
    ..Although an earlier study suggested that Sec34p (Grd20p) is not required for protein secretion, we show here that the sec34-2 and sec35-1 mutations lead to a pleiotropic block in the secretion of all proteins into the growth medium. ..
  16. D Arcangelo J, Crissman J, Pagant S, Čopič A, Latham C, Snapp E, et al. Traffic of p24 Proteins and COPII Coat Composition Mutually Influence Membrane Scaffolding. Curr Biol. 2015;25:1296-305 pubmed publisher
    ..Vesicles that contain such cargoes are also more dependent on scaffolding by Sec13p, and may serve as a model for large carrier formation in other systems. ..
  17. Chen C, Calero M, DeRegis C, Heidtman M, Barlowe C, Collins R. Genetic analysis of yeast Yip1p function reveals a requirement for Golgi-localized rab proteins and rab-Guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor. Genetics. 2004;168:1827-41 pubmed
  18. Belden W, Barlowe C. Purification of functional Sec13p-Sec31p complex, a subunit of COPII coat. Methods Enzymol. 2001;329:438-43 pubmed
  19. Kurihara T, Hamamoto S, Gimeno R, Kaiser C, Schekman R, Yoshihisa T. Sec24p and Iss1p function interchangeably in transport vesicle formation from the endoplasmic reticulum in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Biol Cell. 2000;11:983-98 pubmed
    ..Abundant proteins in the purified vesicles produced with Sec23p/Iss1p were indistinguishable from those in the regular COPII vesicles produced with Sec23p/Sec24p. ..
  20. Lederkremer G, Cheng Y, Petre B, Vogan E, Springer S, Schekman R, et al. Structure of the Sec23p/24p and Sec13p/31p complexes of COPII. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001;98:10704-9 pubmed
    ..cytosolic components containing five proteins: the small GTPase Sar1p, the Sec23p/24p complex, and the Sec13p/Sec31p complex...