Gene Symbol: PSY4
Description: Psy4p
Alias: HSM6, Psy4p
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Top Publications

  1. Linderholm A, Findleton C, Kumar G, Hong Y, Bisson L. Identification of genes affecting hydrogen sulfide formation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2008;74:1418-27 pubmed publisher
    ..In most cases, creation of multiple deletions of the 16 mutations in the same strain did not lead to a further increase in H(2)S production, instead often resulting in decreased levels. ..
  2. Hastie C, Vázquez Martin C, Philp A, Stark M, Cohen P. The Saccharomyces cerevisiae orthologue of the human protein phosphatase 4 core regulatory subunit R2 confers resistance to the anticancer drug cisplatin. FEBS J. 2006;273:3322-34 pubmed
    ..The YBL046w gene therefore confers resistance to cisplatin and was termed PSY4 (platinum sensitivity 4)...
  3. Kosugi S, Hasebe M, Tomita M, Yanagawa H. Systematic identification of cell cycle-dependent yeast nucleocytoplasmic shuttling proteins by prediction of composite motifs. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:10171-6 pubmed publisher by using cNLS Mapper identified all previously reported and 5 previously uncharacterized yeast proteins (Yen1, Psy4, Pds1, Msa1, and Dna2) displaying CDK1- and cell cycle-regulated nuclear transport...
  4. O Neill B, Szyjka S, Lis E, Bailey A, Yates J, Aparicio O, et al. Pph3-Psy2 is a phosphatase complex required for Rad53 dephosphorylation and replication fork restart during recovery from DNA damage. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:9290-5 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that Rad53 regulates replication fork restart and initiation of late firing origins independently and that regulation of these processes is mediated by specific Rad53 phosphatases. ..
  5. Vázquez Martin C, Rouse J, Cohen P. Characterization of the role of a trimeric protein phosphatase complex in recovery from cisplatin-induced versus noncrosslinking DNA damage. FEBS J. 2008;275:4211-21 pubmed publisher
    ..By comparison with their mammalian orthologues, the regulatory subunit Psy4p is likely to inhibit Pph3p catalytic activity...
  6. Keogh M, Kim J, Downey M, Fillingham J, Chowdhury D, Harrison J, et al. A phosphatase complex that dephosphorylates gammaH2AX regulates DNA damage checkpoint recovery. Nature. 2006;439:497-501 pubmed
    ..The dephosphorylation of gammaH2AX by the HTP-C is necessary for efficient recovery from the DNA damage checkpoint. ..
  7. Fedorov D, Koval tsova S, Evstukhina T, Peshekhonov V, Chernenkov A, Korolev V. [HSM6 gene is identical to PSY4 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts]. Genetika. 2013;49:328-36 pubmed
    ..HSM6 gene was mapped on the left arm of chromosome 11 in the region where the PSY4 gene is located. The epistatic analysis has shown that the hsm6-1 mutation represents an allele of PSY4 gene...