Gene Symbol: MIM1
Description: Mim1p
Alias: TOM13, Mim1p
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Top Publications

  1. Ishikawa D, Yamamoto H, Tamura Y, Moritoh K, Endo T. Two novel proteins in the mitochondrial outer membrane mediate beta-barrel protein assembly. J Cell Biol. 2004;166:621-7 pubmed
    ..Here we report two novel mitochondrial outer membrane proteins in yeast, Tom13 and Tom38/Sam35, that mediate assembly of mitochondrial beta-barrel proteins, Tom40, and/or porin in the outer ..
  2. Waizenegger T, Schmitt S, Zivkovic J, Neupert W, Rapaport D. Mim1, a protein required for the assembly of the TOM complex of mitochondria. EMBO Rep. 2005;6:57-62 pubmed
    ..Here, we report on the role of the integral outer membrane protein, Mim1 (mitochondrial import), in the biogenesis of mitochondria...
  3. Becker T, Pfannschmidt S, Guiard B, Stojanovski D, Milenkovic D, Kutik S, et al. Biogenesis of the mitochondrial TOM complex: Mim1 promotes insertion and assembly of signal-anchored receptors. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:120-7 pubmed
    ..A further outer membrane protein, Mim1, plays a less defined role in assembly of Tom40 into the TOM complex...
  4. Popov Celeketić J, Waizenegger T, Rapaport D. Mim1 functions in an oligomeric form to facilitate the integration of Tom20 into the mitochondrial outer membrane. J Mol Biol. 2008;376:671-80 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Mim1 (mitochondrial import protein 1) is a mitochondrial outer membrane protein with an undefined role in the assembly ..
  5. Hulett J, Lueder F, Chan N, Perry A, Wolynec P, Likic V, et al. The transmembrane segment of Tom20 is recognized by Mim1 for docking to the mitochondrial TOM complex. J Mol Biol. 2008;376:694-704 pubmed publisher
    ..This crucial docking reaction is catalyzed by the unique assembly factor Mim1/Tom13. Mutations in the transmembrane segment that destabilize Tom20, or deletion of Mim1, prevent Tom20 from ..
  6. Becker T, Guiard B, Thornton N, Zufall N, Stroud D, Wiedemann N, et al. Assembly of the mitochondrial protein import channel: role of Tom5 in two-stage interaction of Tom40 with the SAM complex. Mol Biol Cell. 2010;21:3106-13 pubmed publisher
    ..Tom40 then assembles with ?-helical Tom proteins to the mature TOM complex. The outer membrane protein Mim1 promotes membrane insertion of several ?-helical Tom proteins but also affects the biogenesis of Tom40 by an ..
  7. Schmidt O, Harbauer A, Rao S, Eyrich B, Zahedi R, Stojanovski D, et al. Regulation of mitochondrial protein import by cytosolic kinases. Cell. 2011;144:227-39 pubmed publisher
    ..biogenesis of the TOM complex by phosphorylation of two key components, the receptor Tom22 and the import protein Mim1, which in turn are required for import of further Tom proteins...
  8. Stroud D, Becker T, Qiu J, Stojanovski D, Pfannschmidt S, Wirth C, et al. Biogenesis of mitochondrial ?-barrel proteins: the POTRA domain is involved in precursor release from the SAM complex. Mol Biol Cell. 2011;22:2823-33 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate the POTRA domain of Sam50 is not essential for recognition of ?-barrel precursors but functions in a subsequent step to promote the release of precursor proteins from the SAM complex. ..
  9. Becker T, Wenz L, Krüger V, Lehmann W, Müller J, Goroncy L, et al. The mitochondrial import protein Mim1 promotes biogenesis of multispanning outer membrane proteins. J Cell Biol. 2011;194:387-95 pubmed publisher
    ..We report that mitochondria lacking the mitochondrial import protein 1 (Mim1) are impaired in the biogenesis of multispanning outer membrane proteins, whereas overexpression of Mim1 stimulates ..

More Information


  1. Dimmer K, Papic D, Schumann B, Sperl D, Krumpe K, Walther D, et al. A crucial role for Mim2 in the biogenesis of mitochondrial outer membrane proteins. J Cell Sci. 2012;125:3464-73 pubmed publisher
    ..proteins are inserted into the membrane in a pathway that depends on the MOM protein Mitochondrial Import 1 (Mim1). So far it has been unknown whether additional proteins are required for this process...
  2. Hoseini H, Pandey S, Jores T, Schmitt A, Franz Wachtel M, Macek B, et al. The cytosolic cochaperone Sti1 is relevant for mitochondrial biogenesis and morphology. FEBS J. 2016;283:3338-52 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, double deletion of STI1 with the mitochondrial import factors, MIM1 or TOM20, showed a synthetic growth phenotype indicating a genetic interaction of STI1 with these genes...
  3. Xiao J, Chen X, Davies B, Saltiel A, Katzmann D, Xu Z. Structural basis of Ist1 function and Ist1-Did2 interaction in the multivesicular body pathway and cytokinesis. Mol Biol Cell. 2009;20:3514-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Did2, and cocrystallization of Ist1NTD with a Did2 fragment shows that Ist1 interacts with the Did2 C-terminal MIM1 (MIT-interacting motif 1) via a novel MIM-binding structural motif...
  4. Papic D, Krumpe K, Dukanovic J, Dimmer K, Rapaport D. Multispan mitochondrial outer membrane protein Ugo1 follows a unique Mim1-dependent import pathway. J Cell Biol. 2011;194:397-405 pubmed publisher
    ..Conversely, the multifunctional outer membrane protein mitochondrial import 1 (Mim1) plays a central role in mediating the insertion of Ugo1...
  5. Papic D, Elbaz Alon Y, Koerdt S, Leopold K, Worm D, Jung M, et al. The role of Djp1 in import of the mitochondrial protein Mim1 demonstrates specificity between a cochaperone and its substrate protein. Mol Cell Biol. 2013;33:4083-94 pubmed publisher
    ..To identify proteins that are involved in the biogenesis of the single-span model protein Mim1, we performed a high-throughput screen in yeast...
  6. Krüger V, Becker T, Becker L, Montilla Martinez M, Ellenrieder L, Vögtle F, et al. Identification of new channels by systematic analysis of the mitochondrial outer membrane. J Cell Biol. 2017;216:3485-3495 pubmed publisher
    ..We characterized the cation-preferring channels at the molecular level. The mitochondrial import component Mim1 forms a channel that is predicted to have an ?-helical structure for protein import...