Gene Symbol: LDB17
Description: Ldb17p
Alias: Ldb17p
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Top Publications

  1. Burston H, Maldonado Baez L, Davey M, Montpetit B, Schluter C, Wendland B, et al. Regulators of yeast endocytosis identified by systematic quantitative analysis. J Cell Biol. 2009;185:1097-110 pubmed publisher
    ..We additionally identify low dye binding 17 (LDB17) as a novel conserved component of the endocytic machinery...
  2. Shen D, Yuan H, Hutagalung A, Verma A, K├╝mmel D, Wu X, et al. The synaptobrevin homologue Snc2p recruits the exocyst to secretory vesicles by binding to Sec6p. J Cell Biol. 2013;202:509-26 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that the exocyst is recruited to secretory vesicles by the combinatorial signals of Sec4-GTP and the Snc proteins. This could help to confer both specificity and directionality to vesicular traffic. ..