Gene Symbol: FLR1
Description: Flr1p
Alias: Flr1p
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Top Publications

  1. Teixeira M, Dias P, Simões T, Sá Correia I. Yeast adaptation to mancozeb involves the up-regulation of FLR1 under the coordinate control of Yap1, Rpn4, Pdr3, and Yrr1. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2008;367:249-55 pubmed
    b>FLR1 gene, encoding a multidrug resistance (MDR) transporter of the major facilitator superfamily (MFS) was found to confer resistance to the fungicide mancozeb in Saccharomyces cerevisiae...
  2. Brôco N, Tenreiro S, Viegas C, Sá Correia I. FLR1 gene (ORF YBR008c) is required for benomyl and methotrexate resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its benomyl-induced expression is dependent on pdr3 transcriptional regulator. Yeast. 1999;15:1595-608 pubmed
    In this work we report the disruption of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae ORF YBR008c (FLR1 gene) within the context of EUROFAN (EUROpean Functional Analysis Network) six-pack programme, using a PCR-mediated gene replacement protocol as well as ..
  3. Goffeau A, Park J, Paulsen I, Jonniaux J, Dinh T, Mordant P, et al. Multidrug-resistant transport proteins in yeast: complete inventory and phylogenetic characterization of yeast open reading frames with the major facilitator superfamily. Yeast. 1997;13:43-54 pubmed
    ..Analysis of the multiple alignment for these proteins leads to the identification of characteristic signature sequences for each of the three clusters. ..
  4. Jungwirth H, Wendler F, Platzer B, Bergler H, Högenauer G. Diazaborine resistance in yeast involves the efflux pumps Ycf1p and Flr1p and is enhanced by a gain-of-function allele of gene YAP1. Eur J Biochem. 2000;267:4809-16 pubmed
    ..e. the major-facilitator-superfamily transporter Flr1p, which is located in the cytoplasmic membrane and the ATP-binding-cassette transporter Ycf1p which is present in ..
  5. Xu F, Zhang K, Grunstein M. Acetylation in histone H3 globular domain regulates gene expression in yeast. Cell. 2005;121:375-85 pubmed
    ..These findings indicate that histone H3 K56 acetylation at the entry-exit gate enables recruitment of the SWI/SNF nucleosome remodeling complex and so regulates gene activity. ..
  6. Romero C, Desai P, DeLillo N, Vancura A. Expression of FLR1 transporter requires phospholipase C and is repressed by Mediator. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:5677-85 pubmed
    ..Instead, benomyl sensitivity of plc1Delta cells is caused by a defect in expression of FLR1, and the suppression of benomyl sensitivity in plc1Delta sin4Delta cells occurs by derepression of FLR1 ..
  7. Alarco A, Balan I, Talibi D, Mainville N, Raymond M. AP1-mediated multidrug resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae requires FLR1 encoding a transporter of the major facilitator superfamily. J Biol Chem. 1997;272:19304-13 pubmed
    ..YBR008c has been renamed FLR1, for fluconazole resistance 1...
  8. Calçada D, Vinga S, Freitas A, Oliveira A. Quantitative modeling of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae FLR1 regulatory network using an S-system formalism. J Bioinform Comput Biol. 2011;9:613-30 pubmed
    ..encoding four transcription factors (Yap1, Yrr1, Rpn4 and Pdr3) regulating the transcriptional activation of the FLR1 gene...
  9. Dejos C, Regnacq M, Bernard M, Voisin P, Berges T. The MFS-type efflux pump Flr1 induced by Yap1 promotes canthin-6-one resistance in yeast. FEBS Lett. 2013;587:3045-51 pubmed publisher
    ..demonstrated that Yap1-mediated resistance involves the plasma membrane major-facilitator-superfamily efflux pump Flr1 but not the vacuolar ATP-binding-cassette transporter Ycf1...