Gene Symbol: RC_RS05405
Description: outer membrane protein B
Alias: RC1085
Species: Rickettsia conorii str. Malish 7

Top Publications

  1. Roux V, Raoult D. Phylogenetic analysis of members of the genus Rickettsia using the gene encoding the outer-membrane protein rOmpB (ompB). Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2000;50 Pt 4:1449-55 pubmed
    ..Integration of phenotypic, genotypic and phylogenetic data will contribute to the definition of a polyphasic taxonomy as has been done for other bacterial genera. ..
  2. Fournier P, Dumler J, Greub G, Zhang J, Wu Y, Raoult D. Gene sequence-based criteria for identification of new rickettsia isolates and description of Rickettsia heilongjiangensis sp. nov. J Clin Microbiol. 2003;41:5456-65 pubmed
    ..3% for the ompA and ompB genes and gene D, respectively. By use of our classification scheme, "Rickettsia heilongjiangii" belongs to a new species for which we officially propose the name Rickettsia heilongjiangensis sp. nov...
  3. Gilmore R, Joste N, McDonald G. Cloning, expression and sequence analysis of the gene encoding the 120 kD surface-exposed protein of Rickettsia rickettsii. Mol Microbiol. 1989;3:1579-86 pubmed
    ..The identity of this putative gene product is unknown. The two open reading frames are separated by a 106 base pair intergenic region that consists of a stretch of dyad symmetry resembling rho-independent transcriptional terminators. ..
  4. Stenos J, Walker D. The rickettsial outer-membrane protein A and B genes of Rickettsia australis, the most divergent rickettsia of the spotted fever group. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2000;50 Pt 5:1775-9 pubmed publisher
    ..R. australis rOmpB is more similar to rOmpB of other SFG rickettsiae than to that of typhus group rickettsiae...
  5. Gilmore R, Cieplak W, Policastro P, Hackstadt T. The 120 kilodalton outer membrane protein (rOmp B) of Rickettsia rickettsii is encoded by an unusually long open reading frame: evidence for protein processing from a large precursor. Mol Microbiol. 1991;5:2361-70 pubmed
    ..This suggests a role for post-translational processing of rOmp B from a large precursor molecule...
  6. Zhu Y, Fournier P, Eremeeva M, Raoult D. Proposal to create subspecies of Rickettsia conorii based on multi-locus sequence typing and an emended description of Rickettsia conorii. BMC Microbiol. 2005;5:11 pubmed publisher
    ..conorii subspecies caspia subsp. nov. (type strain = A-167), and R. conorii subspecies israelensis subsp. nov. (type strain = ISTT CDC1). The description of R. conorii is emended to accomodate the four subspecies...
  7. Renesto P, Samson L, Ogata H, Azza S, Fourquet P, Gorvel J, et al. Identification of two putative rickettsial adhesins by proteomic analysis. Res Microbiol. 2006;157:605-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Both proteins are highly conserved within the Rickettsia genus and might play a critical role in their pathogenicity. These data may have important implications for the development of future vaccines against rickettsial infections...
  8. Mediannikov O, Sidelnikov Y, Ivanov L, Mokretsova E, Fournier P, Tarasevich I, et al. Acute tick-borne rickettsiosis caused by Rickettsia heilongjiangensis in Russian Far East. Emerg Infect Dis. 2004;10:810-7 pubmed publisher
    ..heilongjiangensis. Clinical and epidemiologic data on these patients show that this disease is similar to other tick-borne rickettsioses...
  9. Chan Y, Cardwell M, Hermanas T, Uchiyama T, Martinez J. Rickettsial outer-membrane protein B (rOmpB) mediates bacterial invasion through Ku70 in an actin, c-Cbl, clathrin and caveolin 2-dependent manner. Cell Microbiol. 2009;11:629-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results illustrate that rOmpB is sufficient to mediate Ku70-dependent invasion of mammalian cells and that clathrin- and caveolin-dependent endocytic events likely contribute to the internalization process...

More Information


  1. Hackstadt T, Messer R, Cieplak W, Peacock M. Evidence for proteolytic cleavage of the 120-kilodalton outer membrane protein of rickettsiae: identification of an avirulent mutant deficient in processing. Infect Immun. 1992;60:159-65 pubmed
    ..rickettsii or R. prowazekii. These latter results suggest that the 32-kDa C-terminal region of the molecule may serve as a membrane anchor domain...
  2. Gilmore R, Joste N, McDonald G. Cloning, expression and sequence analysis of the gene encoding the 120 kDa surface-exposed protein of Rickettsia rickettsii. Mol Microbiol. 1991;5:3089 pubmed
  3. Eremeeva M, Bosserman E, Demma L, Zambrano M, Blau D, Dasch G. Isolation and identification of Rickettsia massiliae from Rhipicephalus sanguineus ticks collected in Arizona. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2006;72:5569-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Whether R. massiliae AZT80 is pathogenic or infectious for dogs and humans or can cause seroconversion to spotted fever group antigens in the United States is unknown...