Gene Symbol: Xirp1
Description: xin actin-binding repeat containing 1
Alias: Cmya1, xin actin-binding repeat-containing protein 1, cardiomyopathy associated 1
Species: rat

Top Publications

  1. Wang D, Reiter R, Lin J, Wang Q, Williams H, Krob S, et al. Requirement of a novel gene, Xin, in cardiac morphogenesis. Development. 1999;126:1281-94 pubmed
    ..5 can transactivate a luciferase reporter driven by the mXin promoter in mouse fibroblasts. These results suggest that Xin may participate in a BMP-Nkx2.5-MEF2C pathway to control cardiac morphogenesis and looping. ..
  2. Sinn H, Balsamo J, Lilien J, Lin J. Localization of the novel Xin protein to the adherens junction complex in cardiac and skeletal muscle during development. Dev Dyn. 2002;225:1-13 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, temporal and spatial expressions of Xin in relation to intercalated disc proteins and thin filament proteins suggest roles for Xin in the formation of cell-cell contacts and possibly in myofibrillogenesis. ..
  3. Pacholsky D, Vakeel P, Himmel M, Lowe T, Stradal T, Rottner K, et al. Xin repeats define a novel actin-binding motif. J Cell Sci. 2004;117:5257-68 pubmed
    ..These Xin-repeat proteins therefore constitute the first two members of a novel family of actin-binding proteins. ..
  4. Jung Ching Lin J, Gustafson Wagner E, Sinn H, Choi S, Jaacks S, Wang D, et al. Structure, Expression, and Function of a Novel Intercalated Disc Protein, Xin. J Med Sci. 2005;25:215-222 pubmed
    ..The human homologue of mXin? (named Cmya1) was mapped to chromosome 3p21.2-p21.3 by radiation hybrid analysis and recently to 3p22...
  5. Gustafson Wagner E, Sinn H, Chen Y, Wang D, Reiter R, Lin J, et al. Loss of mXinalpha, an intercalated disk protein, results in cardiac hypertrophy and cardiomyopathy with conduction defects. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2007;293:H2680-92 pubmed
    ..In the mouse, there are two homologous genes, mXinalpha and mXinbeta. The human homolog of mXinalpha, Cmya1, maps to chromosomal region 3p21.2-21.3, near a dilated cardiomyopathy with conduction defect-2 locus...
  6. Hawke T, Atkinson D, Kanatous S, van der Ven P, Goetsch S, Garry D. Xin, an actin binding protein, is expressed within muscle satellite cells and newly regenerated skeletal muscle fibers. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2007;293:C1636-44 pubmed
    ..Taken together, the present findings support the hypothesis that Xin is expressed within muscle satellite cells during skeletal muscle regeneration and is involved in the regulation of myoblast function. ..