Gene Symbol: Uimc1
Description: ubiquitin interaction motif containing 1
Alias: RGD1307009, BRCA1-A complex subunit RAP80, receptor-associated protein 80, ubiquitin interaction motif-containing protein 1
Species: rat
Products:     Uimc1

Top Publications

  1. Kim H, Chen J, Yu X. Ubiquitin-binding protein RAP80 mediates BRCA1-dependent DNA damage response. Science. 2007;316:1202-5 pubmed
    ..Together, these results suggest the existence of a ubiquitination-dependent signaling pathway involved in the DNA damage response. ..
  2. Shao G, Lilli D, Patterson Fortin J, Coleman K, Morrissey D, Greenberg R. The Rap80-BRCC36 de-ubiquitinating enzyme complex antagonizes RNF8-Ubc13-dependent ubiquitination events at DNA double strand breaks. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:3166-71 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings reveal a Rap80-BRCC36 dependent pathway that is required for appropriate DSB recruitment and repair responses. ..
  3. Shao G, Patterson Fortin J, Messick T, Feng D, Shanbhag N, Wang Y, et al. MERIT40 controls BRCA1-Rap80 complex integrity and recruitment to DNA double-strand breaks. Genes Dev. 2009;23:740-54 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings provide new molecular insights into how BRCA1 associates with independently assembled core protein complexes to maintain genome integrity. ..
  4. Seol W, Choi H, Moore D. Isolation of proteins that interact specifically with the retinoid X receptor: two novel orphan receptors. Mol Endocrinol. 1995;9:72-85 pubmed
  5. Feng L, Huang J, Chen J. MERIT40 facilitates BRCA1 localization and DNA damage repair. Genes Dev. 2009;23:719-28 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our study reveals that a stable complex containing MERIT40 acts early in DNA damage response and regulates damage-dependent BRCA1 localization. ..
  6. Wang B, Hurov K, Hofmann K, Elledge S. NBA1, a new player in the Brca1 A complex, is required for DNA damage resistance and checkpoint control. Genes Dev. 2009;23:729-39 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings provide a new perspective from which to view the BRCA1 A complex. ..
  7. Yan Z, Kim Y, Jetten A. RAP80, a novel nuclear protein that interacts with the retinoid-related testis-associated receptor. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:32379-88 pubmed
    ..RAP80 is able to inhibit the interaction of RTR with the co-repressor N-CoR likely by competing with N-CoR for RTR binding. Our results suggest that RAP80 may be functioning as a modulator of RTR signaling. ..
  8. Wang B, Matsuoka S, Ballif B, Zhang D, Smogorzewska A, Gygi S, et al. Abraxas and RAP80 form a BRCA1 protein complex required for the DNA damage response. Science. 2007;316:1194-8 pubmed
    ..The RAP80-Abraxas complex may help recruit BRCA1 to DNA damage sites in part through recognition of ubiquitinated proteins. ..
  9. Sobhian B, Shao G, Lilli D, Culhane A, Moreau L, Xia B, et al. RAP80 targets BRCA1 to specific ubiquitin structures at DNA damage sites. Science. 2007;316:1198-202 pubmed
    ..These events are required for cell cycle checkpoint and repair responses to ionizing radiation, implicating ubiquitin chain recognition and turnover in the BRCA1-mediated repair of DSBs. ..

More Information


  1. Liu Z, Wu J, Yu X. CCDC98 targets BRCA1 to DNA damage sites. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2007;14:716-20 pubmed
    ..Together, our results demonstrate that CCDC98 is a BRCA1 binding partner that mediates BRCA1 function in response to DNA damage. ..
  2. Panier S, Ichijima Y, Fradet Turcotte A, Leung C, Kaustov L, Arrowsmith C, et al. Tandem protein interaction modules organize the ubiquitin-dependent response to DNA double-strand breaks. Mol Cell. 2012;47:383-95 pubmed publisher
    ..The LRM-based selection of ligands is a parsimonious means to build a highly discrete ubiquitin-based signaling pathway such as the DNA damage response. ..