Gene Symbol: Prss1
Description: serine protease 1
Alias: PTRYI, RATPTRYI, Try1, anionic trypsin-1, anionic trypsin I, pancreatic trypsin 1, pretrypsinogen I, protease, serine 1, protease, serine, 1 (trypsin 1), protease, serine, 2
Species: rat
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Top Publications

  1. Weizman Z. Plasma immunoreactive cationic trypsin(ogen) pattern in reserpinized rat model of cystic fibrosis. Resemblance to humans. Dig Dis Sci. 1996;41:853-8 pubmed
    ..We suggest that this model be studied further in order to investigate other possible mechanisms. ..
  2. Towatari T, Ide M, Ohba K, Chiba Y, Murakami M, Shiota M, et al. Identification of ectopic anionic trypsin I in rat lungs potentiating pneumotropic virus infectivity and increased enzyme level after virus infection. Eur J Biochem. 2002;269:2613-21 pubmed
    ..processing protease in rat lungs, which was induced by Sendai virus infection, and identified as ectopic rat anionic trypsin I. On SDS/PAGE under reducing and nonreducing conditions, the purified enzyme gave protein bands corresponding ..
  3. MacDonald R, Stary S, Swift G. Two similar but nonallelic rat pancreatic trypsinogens. Nucleotide sequences of the cloned cDNAs. J Biol Chem. 1982;257:9724-32 pubmed
    ..Trypsinogen I mRNA is a major pancreatic mRNA comprising an estimated 2-5% of the total, whereas trypsinogen II mRNA is present at much lower levels. ..
  4. Lauhio A, Sorsa T, Srinivas R, Stenman M, Tervahartiala T, Stenman U, et al. Urinary matrix metalloproteinase -8, -9, -14 and their regulators (TRY-1, TRY-2, TATI) in patients with diabetic nephropathy. Ann Med. 2008;40:312-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that a trypsin-MMP cascade is involved in the pathogenesis of DNP, which may offer new possibilities for diagnosis and treatment of DNP with MMP inhibitors. ..
  5. Majumdar A, Vesenka G, Dubick M, Yu G, DeMorrow J, Geokas M. Morphological and biochemical changes of the pancreas in rats treated with acetaldehyde. Am J Physiol. 1986;250:G598-606 pubmed
    ..On the other hand, secretion of 3H-pulse-labeled proteins from isolated acini of acetaldehyde-treated rats by nicotine was decreased by approximately 50% compared with the controls.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)..
  6. Whitcomb D, Gorry M, Preston R, Furey W, Sossenheimer M, Ulrich C, et al. Hereditary pancreatitis is caused by a mutation in the cationic trypsinogen gene. Nat Genet. 1996;14:141-5 pubmed
    ..Cleavage at this site is probably part of a fail-safe mechanism by which trypsin, which is activated within the pancreas, may be inactivated; loss of this cleavage site would permit autodigestion resulting in pancreatitis. ..
  7. Hofbauer B, Saluja A, Lerch M, Bhagat L, Bhatia M, Lee H, et al. Intra-acinar cell activation of trypsinogen during caerulein-induced pancreatitis in rats. Am J Physiol. 1998;275:G352-62 pubmed
  8. Dubick M, Majumdar A. Biochemical changes in the exocrine pancreas of rats fed caffeine. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1989;191:153-8 pubmed
    ..These data suggest that prolonged intake of caffeine at common dietary levels inhibits pancreatic enzyme secretion. ..
  9. Reddy S, Bibby N, Smith P, Elliott R. Rat trypsin: purification, radioimmunoassay and age-related serum levels in normal and spontaneously diabetic BB Wistar rats. Aust J Exp Biol Med Sci. 1985;63 ( Pt 6):667-81 pubmed
    ..These results may imply that in some Bio Breeding Wistar rats the disease may be associated with inflammatory lesions of the exocrine pancreas. ..

More Information


  1. Craik C, Choo Q, Swift G, Quinto C, MacDonald R, Rutter W. Structure of two related rat pancreatic trypsin genes. J Biol Chem. 1984;259:14255-64 pubmed
    ..The nucleotide homologies as well as the similarities of intron positions of the two trypsin genes to those of other serine protease genes clearly support an evolutionary relationship between members of this gene family. ..
  2. Pasternak A, Ringe D, Hedstrom L. Comparison of anionic and cationic trypsinogens: the anionic activation domain is more flexible in solution and differs in its mode of BPTI binding in the crystal structure. Protein Sci. 1999;8:253-8 pubmed
    ..It is concluded that the activation domain of rat trypsinogen is more flexible than that of bovine trypsinogen, but does not extend further into the protein core. ..
  3. Hirano -. Cytokine Suppressive Agent Prevents Pancreatic Injuries Induced by Ischemia-Reperfusion in Rats. Int J Angiol. 2000;9:236-240 pubmed
  4. Fletcher T, Tsukamoto H, Largman C. Immunoenzymometric determination of trypsin/alpha 1-protease inhibitor complex in plasma of rats with experimental pancreatitis. Clin Chem. 1986;32:1738-41 pubmed
    ..985) of the values obtained by size fractionation and by this assay demonstrates the accuracy of the assay, which is the first single-tube method for determining this form of activated cationic trypsin in plasma. ..
  5. Chang M, Alsaigh T, Kistler E, Schmid Schonbein G. Breakdown of mucin as barrier to digestive enzymes in the ischemic rat small intestine. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e40087 pubmed publisher
  6. Dakka N, Puigserver A, Wicker C. Regulation by a protein-free carbohydrate-rich diet of rat pancreatic mRNAs encoding trypsin and elastase isoenzymes. Biochem J. 1990;268:471-4 pubmed
    ..In combination with earlier observations of an overall decrease in cationic trypsin biosynthesis during the same nutritional manipulation, these results suggest that formation of this enzyme is also subject to translational control. ..
  7. Dubick M, Palmer R, Lau P, Morrill P, Geokas M. Altered exocrine pancreatic function in rats treated with nicotine. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 1988;96:132-9 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that nicotine treatment, at levels comparable to those expected in moderate cigarette smokers, increases the content of digestive enzymes in rat pancreas, as well as their basal and secretagogue-induced release. ..