Gene Symbol: Panx1
Description: Pannexin 1
Alias: px1, pannexin-1
Species: rat
Products:     Panx1

Top Publications

  1. Pelegrin P, Surprenant A. Pannexin-1 mediates large pore formation and interleukin-1beta release by the ATP-gated P2X7 receptor. EMBO J. 2006;25:5071-82 pubmed
  2. Bruzzone R, Hormuzdi S, Barbe M, Herb A, Monyer H. Pannexins, a family of gap junction proteins expressed in brain. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100:13644-9 pubmed
    ..Here, we show that two of these genes, pannexin 1 (Px1) and Px2, are abundantly expressed in the CNS...
  3. Silverman W, de Rivero Vaccari J, Locovei S, Qiu F, Carlsson S, Scemes E, et al. The pannexin 1 channel activates the inflammasome in neurons and astrocytes. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:18143-51 pubmed publisher
    ..In primary macrophages, potassium ion flux and the membrane channel pannexin 1 have been suggested to play roles in inflammasome activation...
  4. Timóteo M, Carneiro I, Silva I, Noronha Matos J, Ferreirinha F, Silva Ramos M, et al. ATP released via pannexin-1 hemichannels mediates bladder overactivity triggered by urothelial P2Y6 receptors. Biochem Pharmacol. 2014;87:371-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Data indicate that activation of P2Y6 receptors causes bladder overactivity in the anaesthetized rat indirectly by releasing ATP from the urothelium via pannexin-1 hemichannels. ..
  5. Cisneros Mejorado A, Gottlieb M, Cavaliere F, Magnus T, Koch Nolte F, Scemes E, et al. Blockade of P2X7 receptors or pannexin-1 channels similarly attenuates postischemic damage. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2015;35:843-50 pubmed publisher
    ..reduced with P2X7 and pannexin-1 blockers as well as in organotypic cultures derived from mice lacking P2X7 and pannexin 1. Subsequently, we used transient middle cerebral artery occlusion to monitor the neuroprotective effect of those ..
  6. Weilinger N, Lohman A, Rakai B, Ma E, Bialecki J, Maslieieva V, et al. Metabotropic NMDA receptor signaling couples Src family kinases to pannexin-1 during excitotoxicity. Nat Neurosci. 2016;19:432-42 pubmed publisher
    ..NMDARs, Src kinase and Panx1 form a signaling complex, and activation of Panx1 required phosphorylation at Y308...
  7. Angus J, Betrie A, Wright C. Pannexin-1 channels do not regulate α1-adrenoceptor-mediated vasoconstriction in resistance arteries. Eur J Pharmacol. 2015;750:43-51 pubmed publisher
    ..that in small resistance arteries α1D-adrenoceptor-mediated contraction is intimately linked to pannexin-1 (Px1) hemichannels that open to allow the release of ATP, from the smooth muscle effector cell, that acts back on P2Y ..
  8. Vanden Abeele F, Bidaux G, Gordienko D, Beck B, Panchin Y, Baranova A, et al. Functional implications of calcium permeability of the channel formed by pannexin 1. J Cell Biol. 2006;174:535-46 pubmed
    ..Our results demonstrate that overexpression of PanX1 results in the formation of Ca(2+)-permeable gap junction channels between adjacent cells, thus, allowing direct ..
  9. Burns A, Phillips S, Sokoya E. Pannexin protein expression in the rat middle cerebral artery. J Vasc Res. 2012;49:101-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Pannexins are a recently discovered family of proteins that could potentially be involved in cell-to-cell communication. Herein, we sought to determine whether pannexins are expressed in rat middle cerebral artery (MCA)...

More Information


  1. Vessey D, Li L, Kelley M. Pannexin-I/P2X 7 purinergic receptor channels mediate the release of cardioprotectants induced by ischemic pre- and postconditioning. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol Ther. 2010;15:190-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Inhibitors of other P2X receptors, P2Y receptors, or connexins did not affect IPC. We conclude that a pannexin-1/P2X(7) channel is responsible for the release of cardioprotectants induced by ischemic pre- and postconditioning. ..
  2. Kawamura M, Ruskin D, Masino S. Metabolic autocrine regulation of neurons involves cooperation among pannexin hemichannels, adenosine receptors, and KATP channels. J Neurosci. 2010;30:3886-95 pubmed publisher
  3. Vessey D, Li L, Kelley M. P2X7 receptor agonists pre- and postcondition the heart against ischemia-reperfusion injury by opening pannexin-1/P2X? channels. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2011;301:H881-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The data point out for the first time the potential of P2X(7) agonists as cardioprotectants. ..
  4. Kienitz M, Bender K, Dermietzel R, Pott L, Zoidl G. Pannexin 1 constitutes the large conductance cation channel of cardiac myocytes. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:290-8 pubmed publisher
    ..A potential candidate for this channel is pannexin 1 (Panx1), which has been shown to form large ion channels when expressed in Xenopus oocytes and mammalian cells...
  5. Beckel J, Argall A, Lim J, Xia J, Lu W, Coffey E, et al. Mechanosensitive release of adenosine 5'-triphosphate through pannexin channels and mechanosensitive upregulation of pannexin channels in optic nerve head astrocytes: a mechanism for purinergic involvement in chronic strain. Glia. 2014;62:1486-501 pubmed publisher
    ..genes for panx1, panx2, and panx3 were increased, whereas immunohistochemistry confirmed increased expression of pannexin 1 protein...
  6. Dvoriantchikova G, Ivanov D, Panchin Y, Shestopalov V. Expression of pannexin family of proteins in the retina. FEBS Lett. 2006;580:2178-82 pubmed
    Expression of the Panx1 and Panx2 members of the pannexin family of gap junction proteins was studied in the retina by in situ hybridization and qRT-PCR...
  7. Xiao F, Waldrop S, Khimji A, Kilic G. Pannexin1 contributes to pathophysiological ATP release in lipoapoptosis induced by saturated free fatty acids in liver cells. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2012;303:C1034-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent studies have shown that apoptosis in nonhepatic cells stimulates ATP release via activation of pannexin1 (panx1), and extracellular ATP functions as a proinflammatory signal for recruitment and activation of the inflammatory ..
  8. Gehi R, Shao Q, Laird D. Pathways regulating the trafficking and turnover of pannexin1 protein and the role of the C-terminal domain. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:27639-53 pubmed publisher
    Pannexin1 (Panx1) is an integral membrane protein comprised of three species as follows: an unglycosylated core-Gly0, a high mannose-Gly1, and a complex glycosylated Gly2 species...
  9. Turmel P, Dufresne J, Hermo L, Smith C, Penuela S, Laird D, et al. Characterization of pannexin1 and pannexin3 and their regulation by androgens in the male reproductive tract of the adult rat. Mol Reprod Dev. 2011;78:124-38 pubmed publisher
    ..To evaluate the role of Panxs in the male reproductive tract, we investigated the distribution and regulation of Panx1 and 3 in the testis, efferent ducts (ED), and epididymis of adult rats...
  10. Vessey D, Li L, Kelley M. Ischemic preconditioning requires opening of pannexin-1/P2X(7) channels not only during preconditioning but again after index ischemia at full reperfusion. Mol Cell Biochem. 2011;351:77-84 pubmed publisher
    ..This correlates with an inability to generate phospho-Akt at reperfusion. IPC prevents this loss and thereby primes the cell for response to cardioprotectants released at full reperfusion. ..
  11. Ambrosi C, Gassmann O, Pranskevich J, Boassa D, Smock A, Wang J, et al. Pannexin1 and Pannexin2 channels show quaternary similarities to connexons and different oligomerization numbers from each other. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:24420-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Protein gel and Western blot analysis confirmed Pannexin1 (Panx1) or Pannexin2 (Panx2) as the channel-forming proteins...
  12. Celetti S, Cowan K, Penuela S, Shao Q, Churko J, Laird D. Implications of pannexin 1 and pannexin 3 for keratinocyte differentiation. J Cell Sci. 2010;123:1363-72 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, Panx1 and Panx3 were detected in the epidermis of 13.5 day embryonic mice...
  13. Bargiotas P, Krenz A, Hormuzdi S, Ridder D, Herb A, Barakat W, et al. Pannexins in ischemia-induced neurodegeneration. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:20772-7 pubmed publisher
    b>Pannexin 1 (Px1, Panx1) and pannexin 2 (Px2, Panx2) form large-pore nonselective channels in the plasma membrane of cells and were suggested to play a role in the pathophysiology of cerebral ischemia...
  14. Zhang Y, Laumet G, Chen S, Hittelman W, Pan H. Pannexin-1 Up-regulation in the Dorsal Root Ganglion Contributes to Neuropathic Pain Development. J Biol Chem. 2015;290:14647-55 pubmed publisher
    Pannexin-1 (Panx1) is a large-pore membrane channel involved in the release of ATP and other signaling mediators...
  15. Pelegrin P, Barroso Gutierrez C, Surprenant A. P2X7 receptor differentially couples to distinct release pathways for IL-1beta in mouse macrophage. J Immunol. 2008;180:7147-57 pubmed ATP resulted exclusively from activation of P2X(7)R, release of all these IL-1 cytokines involved pannexin-1 (panx1), and that there was both a panx1-dependent and -independent component to IL-1beta release...
  16. Wang X, Streeter M, Liu Y, Zhao H. Identification and characterization of pannexin expression in the mammalian cochlea. J Comp Neurol. 2009;512:336-46 pubmed publisher
    ..To date, three pannexin isoforms (Panx1, 2, and 3) have been cloned from mouse and human genomes...
  17. Iwabuchi S, Kawahara K. Functional significance of the negative-feedback regulation of ATP release via pannexin-1 hemichannels under ischemic stress in astrocytes. Neurochem Int. 2011;58:376-84 pubmed publisher
    The opening of pannexin-1 (Px1) hemichannels is regulated by the activity of P2X(7) receptors (P2X(7)Rs)...
  18. Li S, Bjelobaba I, Yan Z, Kucka M, Tomic M, Stojilkovic S. Expression and roles of pannexins in ATP release in the pituitary gland. Endocrinology. 2011;152:2342-52 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Pannexin 1 was more abundantly expressed in the anterior lobe, whereas pannexin 2 was more abundantly expressed in the ..
  19. Lemaire I, Falzoni S, Zhang B, Pellegatti P, Di Virgilio F. The P2X7 receptor and Pannexin-1 are both required for the promotion of multinucleated macrophages by the inflammatory cytokine GM-CSF. J Immunol. 2011;187:3878-87 pubmed publisher
    ..These data demonstrate that both P2X(7) and Panx-1 are required for GM-CSF promotion of MA fusion but likely act independently through different signaling pathway(s). ..
  20. Beckel J, Daugherty S, Tyagi P, Wolf Johnston A, Birder L, Mitchell C, et al. Pannexin 1 channels mediate the release of ATP into the lumen of the rat urinary bladder. J Physiol. 2015;593:1857-71 pubmed publisher
    ..v. administration did not. Intravesical instillation of small interfering RNA-containing liposomes decreased pannexin 1 expression in the rat urothelium in vivo and increased bladder capacity...
  21. Boassa D, Qiu F, Dahl G, SOSINSKY G. Trafficking dynamics of glycosylated pannexin 1 proteins. Cell Commun Adhes. 2008;15:119-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Rat pannexin 1 is glycosylated at N254 and this residue is important for plasma membrane targeting...
  22. Thompson R, Jackson M, Olah M, Rungta R, Hines D, Beazely M, et al. Activation of pannexin-1 hemichannels augments aberrant bursting in the hippocampus. Science. 2008;322:1555-9 pubmed publisher
    Pannexin-1 (Px1) is expressed at postsynaptic sites in pyramidal neurons, suggesting that these hemichannels contribute to dendritic signals associated with synaptic function...
  23. Dufresne J, Cyr D. Regulation of the pannexin-1 promoter in the rat epididymis. Biol Reprod. 2014;91:143 pubmed publisher
    ..b>PANX1 and PANX3 are expressed in the male rat reproductive tract and their levels are regulated by androgens in the ..
  24. Boassa D, Ambrosi C, Qiu F, Dahl G, Gaietta G, SOSINSKY G. Pannexin1 channels contain a glycosylation site that targets the hexamer to the plasma membrane. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:31733-43 pubmed
    ..We propose that N-glycosylation of Pannexin1 could be a significant mechanism for regulating the trafficking of these membrane proteins to the cell surface in different tissues. ..
  25. Murali S, Zhang M, Nurse C. Angiotensin II mobilizes intracellular calcium and activates pannexin-1 channels in rat carotid body type II cells via AT1 receptors. J Physiol. 2014;592:4747-62 pubmed publisher
  26. Negoro H, Urban Maldonado M, Liou L, Spray D, Thi M, Suadicani S. Pannexin 1 channels play essential roles in urothelial mechanotransduction and intercellular signaling. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e106269 pubmed publisher
    ..In other cell types, pannexin 1 (Panx1) channels provide a pathway for mechanically-induced ATP efflux and for ATP-induced ATP release through ..
  27. Bunse S, Locovei S, Schmidt M, Qiu F, Zoidl G, Dahl G, et al. The potassium channel subunit Kvbeta3 interacts with pannexin 1 and attenuates its sensitivity to changes in redox potentials. FEBS J. 2009;276:6258-70 pubmed publisher
    b>Pannexin 1 (Panx1), a member of the second gap junction protein family identified in vertebrates, appears to preferentially form non-junctional membrane channels...
  28. Weilinger N, Tang P, Thompson R. Anoxia-induced NMDA receptor activation opens pannexin channels via Src family kinases. J Neurosci. 2012;32:12579-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Pannexin-1 (Panx1) channels can be activated both by ischemia and NMDA receptors (NMDARs), but the mechanisms of Panx1 activation ..
  29. Zhang M, Piskuric N, Vollmer C, Nurse C. P2Y2 receptor activation opens pannexin-1 channels in rat carotid body type II cells: potential role in amplifying the neurotransmitter ATP. J Physiol. 2012;590:4335-50 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that CB type II cells may function as ATP amplifiers during chemotransduction via paracrine activation of P2Y2Rs and Panx-1 channels. ..
  30. Bhalla Gehi R, Penuela S, Churko J, Shao Q, Laird D. Pannexin1 and pannexin3 delivery, cell surface dynamics, and cytoskeletal interactions. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:9147-60 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we utilized Cx43-positive BICR-M1R(k) cells to stably express Panx1, Panx3, or Panx1-green fluorescent protein (GFP) to assess their trafficking, cell surface dynamics, and interplay ..
  31. Li S, Tomić M, Stojilkovic S. Characterization of novel Pannexin 1 isoforms from rat pituitary cells and their association with ATP-gated P2X channels. Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2011;174:202-10 pubmed publisher
    Our previous studies have showed that Pannexin 1 (Panx1), a member of a recently discovered family of gap junction proteins, is expressed in the pituitary gland...