Gene Symbol: Mmp3
Description: matrix metallopeptidase 3
Alias: stromelysin-1, MMP-3, PTR1 protein, SL-1, matrix metalloproteinase-3, transin-1
Species: rat
Products:     Mmp3

Top Publications

  1. Sung J, Park S, Lee C, Um J, Lee H, Kim J, et al. Proteolytic cleavage of extracellular secreted {alpha}-synuclein via matrix metalloproteinases. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:25216-24 pubmed
    ..The present study suggests that the extracellularly secreted alpha-synuclein could be processed via the activation of MMP-3 in a selective manner. ..
  2. Krippl P, Langsenlehner U, Renner W, Yazdani Biuki B, Köppel H, Leithner A, et al. The 5A/6A polymorphism of the matrix metalloproteinase 3 gene promoter and breast cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2004;10:3518-20 pubmed
    The matrix metalloproteinase 3 (MMP3), also known as stromelysin-I, is a key-player for carcinogenesis and tumor growth...
  3. Sole S, Petegnief V, Gorina R, Chamorro A, Planas A. Activation of matrix metalloproteinase-3 and agrin cleavage in cerebral ischemia/reperfusion. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2004;63:338-49 pubmed
    ..In addition, the finding that MMP-3 cleaves brain agrin strongly suggests that ischemia-induced MMP-3 activation causes agrin cleavage. ..
  4. Kim H, Fillmore H, Reeves T, Phillips L. Elevation of hippocampal MMP-3 expression and activity during trauma-induced synaptogenesis. Exp Neurol. 2005;192:60-72 pubmed
    ..Notably, these effects are both transcriptional and translational and are correlated with functionally active enzyme. ..
  5. Levin J, Giese A, Boetzel K, Israel L, Högen T, Nübling G, et al. Increased alpha-synuclein aggregation following limited cleavage by certain matrix metalloproteinases. Exp Neurol. 2009;215:201-8 pubmed publisher
  6. Choi D, Hwang O, Lee K, Lee J, Beal M, Kim Y. DJ-1 cleavage by matrix metalloproteinase 3 mediates oxidative stress-induced dopaminergic cell death. Antioxid Redox Signal. 2011;14:2137-50 pubmed publisher
    ..We have shown previously and herein that the active form of matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP3) was accumulated in dopamine-producing CATH.a cells in the presence of MPP(+)...
  7. Sage E, Reed M, Funk S, Truong T, Steadele M, Puolakkainen P, et al. Cleavage of the matricellular protein SPARC by matrix metalloproteinase 3 produces polypeptides that influence angiogenesis. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:37849-57 pubmed
    ..One of these peptides containing KHGK also demonstrated a concentration-dependent effect on angiogenesis. ..
  8. Choi D, Kim Y, Kim Y, Joh T, Beal M, Kim Y. Role of matrix metalloproteinase 3-mediated alpha-synuclein cleavage in dopaminergic cell death. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:14168-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Our previous results showed that an endopeptidase, matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP3), was induced and activated in dopaminergic (DA) cells upon stress conditions...
  9. Hirata H, Okayama N, Naito K, Inoue R, Yoshihiro S, Matsuyama H, et al. Association of a haplotype of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-1 and MMP-3 polymorphisms with renal cell carcinoma. Carcinogenesis. 2004;25:2379-84 pubmed
    ..95, CI = 1.31-2.91). These findings suggest that this haplotype of MMP-1 and MMP-3 variants may be associated with the risk of developing RCC. ..

More Information


  1. Leong D, Gu X, Li Y, Lee J, Laudier D, Majeska R, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase-3 in articular cartilage is upregulated by joint immobilization and suppressed by passive joint motion. Matrix Biol. 2010;29:420-6 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that biomechanical forces have the potential to combat cartilage destruction and can be critical in developing effective therapeutic strategies. ..
  2. Park J, Shin K, Kim Y. Polymorphism of matrix metalloproteinase-3 promoter gene as a risk factor for coronary artery lesions in Kawasaki disease. J Korean Med Sci. 2005;20:607-11 pubmed
    ..0036). However, no significant differences in the allele and genotype distributions of the MMP-9 polymorphism were observed. These findings suggest that MMP-3 6A/6A genotype may be an independent risk factor for CAL formation in KD. ..
  3. Zheng L, Amano K, Iohara K, Ito M, Imabayashi K, Into T, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase-3 accelerates wound healing following dental pulp injury. Am J Pathol. 2009;175:1905-14 pubmed publisher
    ..These results provide suggestive evidence that MMP-3 released from endothelial cells and/or endothelial progenitor cells in injured pulp plays critical roles in angiogenesis and pulp wound healing. ..
  4. Boyan B, Schwartz Z. 1,25-Dihydroxy vitamin D3 is an autocrine regulator of extracellular matrix turnover and growth factor release via ERp60-activated matrix vesicle matrix metalloproteinases. Cells Tissues Organs. 2009;189:70-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Chondrocytes secrete 1,25(OH)(2)D(3), which acts directly on MV-membranes via ERp60, releasing MMPs. MMP-specific ECM components are hydrolyzed, resulting in release and activation of growth factors that can act back on the cells. ..
  5. Horne B, Camp N, Carlquist J, Muhlestein J, Kolek M, Nicholas Z, et al. Multiple-polymorphism associations of 7 matrix metalloproteinase and tissue inhibitor metalloproteinase genes with myocardial infarction and angiographic coronary artery disease. Am Heart J. 2007;154:751-8 pubmed
  6. Manicourt D, Bevilacqua M, Righini V, Famaey J, Devogelaer J. Comparative effect of nimesulide and ibuprofen on the urinary levels of collagen type II C-telopeptide degradation products and on the serum levels of hyaluronan and matrix metalloproteinases-3 and -13 in patients with flare-up of osteoarthritis. Drugs R D. 2005;6:261-71 pubmed
    ..Patients with flare-up of their osteoarthritis disease process exhibit enhanced levels of markers of joint inflammation and cartilage collagen breakdown, which were markedly decreased by nimesulide but not by ibuprofen. ..
  7. Russo L, Peano B, Trivedi S, Cavalcanto T, Olenchock B, Caruso J, et al. Regulated expression of matrix metalloproteinases, inflammatory mediators, and endometrial matrix remodeling by 17beta-estradiol in the immature rat uterus. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2009;7:124 pubmed publisher
  8. Huang W, Ao P, Li J, Wu T, Xu L, Deng Z, et al. Autophagy Protects Advanced Glycation End Product-Induced Apoptosis and Expression of MMP-3 and MMP-13 in Rat Chondrocytes. Biomed Res Int. 2017;2017:6341919 pubmed publisher
    ..We therefore demonstrated that autophagy is linked with AGE-related pathology in rat chondrocytes and plays a protective role in AGE-induced apoptosis and expression of MMP-3 and MMP-13. ..
  9. Chien E, Ji H, Feltovich H, Clark K. Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-3 in the rat cervix during pregnancy and in response to prostaglandin E2. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2005;192:309-17 pubmed
  10. Lombardi F, Belletti S, Battezzati P, Pacciolla R, Biondi M. MMP-1 and MMP-3 polymorphism and arrhythmia recurrence after electrical cardioversion in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation. J Cardiovasc Med (Hagerstown). 2011;12:37-42 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that genetic factors contribute to determine arrhythmic recurrence rate in persistent atrial fibrillation. ..
  11. Yurube T, Nishida K, Suzuki T, Kaneyama S, Zhang Z, Kakutani K, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-3 gene up-regulation in a rat tail compression loading-induced disc degeneration model. J Orthop Res. 2010;28:1026-32 pubmed publisher
    ..This model should prove useful for investigating the pathomechanism and for evaluating molecular therapies for degenerative disc disease. ..
  12. Ahmed A, El Nahas A, Johnson T. Changes in matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in kidney transplant recipients. Exp Clin Transplant. 2012;10:332-43 pubmed
    ..Some of these changes originate from implantation. ..
  13. Jalal F, Yang Y, Thompson J, Lopez A, Rosenberg G. Myelin loss associated with neuroinflammation in hypertensive rats. Stroke. 2012;43:1115-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Neuroinflammation is an important factor in white matter damage and Ol death, and studies using this new model can be performed to assess agents to block inflammation. ..
  14. Zhang Y, Li W, Yao L, Zhao X, Wang B, Li H, et al. Expression changes and roles of matrix metalloproteinases in a rat model of traumatic deep vein thrombosis. Chin J Traumatol. 2010;13:188-92 pubmed
    ..MMPs may affect the process of TDVT through transcription regulation of the fibrinolysis-anti-fibrinolytic system during the course of thrombosis and thrombus resolution. ..
  15. Liang Q, Xi Z, Bian Q, Cui X, Li C, Hou W, et al. Herb formula "Fufangqishe-Pill" prevents upright posture-induced intervertebral disc degeneration at the lumbar in rats. J Pharmacol Sci. 2010;113:23-31 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that FFQSP prevents lumbar IVD degeneration induced by upright posture. FFQSP is a promising medicine for lumbar IVD degeneration disease. ..
  16. Nishino K, Yamanouchi K, Naito K, Tojo H. Matrix metalloproteinases regulate mesonephric cell migration in developing XY gonads which correlates with the inhibition of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3 by Sry. Dev Growth Differ. 2002;44:35-43 pubmed
    ..These findings are an important clue for the elucidation of testicular formation in developing gonads. ..
  17. Lin C, Yang W, Chung M, Lee P. Functional polymorphisms in matrix metalloproteinases-1, -3, -9 are associated with arteriovenous fistula patency in hemodialysis patients. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2010;5:1805-14 pubmed publisher
    ..001). Specific genotypes of MMP-1, MMP-3 and MMP-9 with lower transcriptional activity are associated with higher frequencies of AVF failure, which may result from more accumulation of extracellular matrix, leading to AVF stenosis. ..
  18. Zhang X, Volpe E, Gandhi N, Schaumburg C, Siemasko K, Pangelinan S, et al. NK cells promote Th-17 mediated corneal barrier disruption in dry eye. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e36822 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results show that the NK IELs are involved in the acute immune response to desiccation-induced dry eye by activating DC, which in turn coordinate generation of the pathogenic Th-17 response. ..
  19. Ishrat T, Pillai B, Ergul A, Hafez S, Fagan S. Candesartan reduces the hemorrhage associated with delayed tissue plasminogen activator treatment in rat embolic stroke. Neurochem Res. 2013;38:2668-77 pubmed publisher
    ..An activation of MMP-9 alone is insufficient to cause increased hemorrhage in embolic stroke. Combination therapy with acute candesartan plus tPA may be beneficial in ameliorating tPA-induced hemorrhage after embolic stroke. ..
  20. Ward S, Wakamatsu T, Dogru M, Ibrahim O, Kaido M, Ogawa Y, et al. The role of oxidative stress and inflammation in conjunctivochalasis. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2010;51:1994-2002 pubmed publisher
    ..Increased tear inflammation seemed to coexist with loss of conjunctival epithelial cohesiveness and increased collagenolytic activity, which may explain the conjunctival laxity observed in patients with conjunctivochalasis...
  21. McClain J, Phillips L, Fillmore H. Increased MMP-3 and CTGF expression during lipopolysaccharide-induced dopaminergic neurodegeneration. Neurosci Lett. 2009;460:27-31 pubmed publisher
    ..The temporal changes in MMP-3 and CTGF expression corresponded to the neurodegenerative phase of this model, suggesting that these two proteins may participate in neuroinflammation-induced DA neurotoxicity. ..
  22. Lievre A, Milet J, Carayol J, Le Corre D, Milan C, Pariente A, et al. Genetic polymorphisms of MMP1, MMP3 and MMP7 gene promoter and risk of colorectal adenoma. BMC Cancer. 2006;6:270 pubmed
    Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) have been shown to play a role in colorectal cancer (CRC). More recently, MMP1, MMP3 and MMP7 functional gene promoter polymorphisms have been found to be associated with CRC occurrence and prognosis...
  23. Chen W, Lin K, Chen C, Liao H, Wang H, Li W, et al. Autoantibody and biopsy grading are associated with expression of ICAM-1, MMP-3, and TRAIL in salivary gland mononuclear cells of Chinese patients with Sjogren's syndrome. J Rheumatol. 2009;36:989-96 pubmed publisher
  24. Popov Y, Sverdlov D, Bhaskar K, Sharma A, Millonig G, Patsenker E, et al. Macrophage-mediated phagocytosis of apoptotic cholangiocytes contributes to reversal of experimental biliary fibrosis. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2010;298:G323-34 pubmed publisher
  25. Nishida K, Kuchiiwa S, Oiso S, Futagawa T, Masuda S, Takeda Y, et al. Up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-3 in the dorsal root ganglion of rats with paclitaxel-induced neuropathy. Cancer Sci. 2008;99:1618-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, the up-regulation of MMP-3 and following macrophage activation caused in the dorsal root ganglion might be a significant event to trigger a series of reactions developing paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathic pain. ..
  26. Tan Q, Jiang J, Luo D. [Effects of matrix metalloproteinase-3, osteopontin, and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in the formation of cataract]. Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2006;31:737-41 pubmed
    ..121, -0.289; P=0.516, 0.114). Increased expression of MMP-3 and OPN and the expression imbalance between MMP-3 and TIMP-1 may play a critical role in the pathogenesis of anterior subcapsular cataract. ..
  27. Umenishi F, Yasumitsu H, Ashida Y, Yamauti J, Umeda M, Miyazaki K. Purification and properties of extracellular matrix-degrading metallo-proteinase overproduced by Rous sarcoma virus-transformed rat liver cell line, and its identification as transin. J Biochem. 1990;108:537-43 pubmed
    ..Analysis of its partial amino acid sequence and amino acid composition showed that the 57k proenzyme was identical or closely related to the putative protein transin, a rat homologue of stromelysin. ..
  28. Saghizadeh M, Brown D, Castellon R, Chwa M, Huang G, Ljubimova J, et al. Overexpression of matrix metalloproteinase-10 and matrix metalloproteinase-3 in human diabetic corneas: a possible mechanism of basement membrane and integrin alterations. Am J Pathol. 2001;158:723-34 pubmed
    ..MMP-10 overexpressed in the diabetic corneal epithelium seems to be the major contributor to the observed changes in DR corneas. Such alterations may bring about epithelial adhesive abnormalities clinically seen in diabetic corneas. ..
  29. Ribbens C, Martin y Porras M, Franchimont N, Kaiser M, Jaspar J, Damas P, et al. Increased matrix metalloproteinase-3 serum levels in rheumatic diseases: relationship with synovitis and steroid treatment. Ann Rheum Dis. 2002;61:161-6 pubmed
    ..They are normal in SLE, systemic sclerosis, and vasculitides as well as in non-rheumatic inflammatory controls, but are significantly increased by steroids. These data strongly suggest that serum MMP-3 reflects synovial inflammation. ..
  30. Yin J, Ren K, Huang Y, Gao G, Nong L, Xu N. Exploration about changes of IL-10, NF-?B and MMP-3 in a rat model of cervical spondylosis. Mol Immunol. 2018;93:184-188 pubmed publisher
    ..And, compared with the control group, MMP-3 was significantly higher in test group at one-month (P<0.05). Cervical degeneration may accompanied with the changes of IL-10, NF-?B and MMP-3. ..
  31. Randall L, Hall R. Temperospatial expression of matrix metalloproteinases 1, 2, 3, and 9 during early tooth development. Connect Tissue Res. 2002;43:205-11 pubmed
    ..Later on, during the cap stage, differential expression was observed; of note was the expression of MMP 3 within the enamel knot...
  32. Wang M, Qin X, Mudgett J, Ferguson T, Senior R, Welgus H. Matrix metalloproteinase deficiencies affect contact hypersensitivity: stromelysin-1 deficiency prevents the response and gelatinase B deficiency prolongs the response. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999;96:6885-9 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that stromelysin-1 and gelatinase B serve important functions in CHS. Stromelysin-1 is required for initiation of the response, whereas gelatinase B plays a critical role in its resolution. ..
  33. Zheng X, Chopp M, Lu Y, Buller B, Jiang F. MiR-15b and miR-152 reduce glioma cell invasion and angiogenesis via NRP-2 and MMP-3. Cancer Lett. 2013;329:146-54 pubmed publisher
    ..In vitro tube formation assay data showed that miR-15b reduced tube formation. A preliminary pathway study indicated that miR-15b and miR-152 deactivated the MEK-ERK pathway via NRP-2 and MMP-3 in 9L cells, respectively. ..
  34. Mendes O, Kim H, Stoica G. Expression of MMP2, MMP9 and MMP3 in breast cancer brain metastasis in a rat model. Clin Exp Metastasis. 2005;22:237-46 pubmed
    In order to study the expression of MMP2, MMP3 and MMP9 in breast cancer brain metastasis, we used a syngeneic rat model of distant metastasis of ENU1564, a carcinogen-induced mammary adenocarcinoma cell line...
  35. Koyama Y, Tanaka K. Endothelins stimulate the production of stromelysin-1 in cultured rat astrocytes. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2008;371:659-63 pubmed publisher
    ..These results show that activation of astrocytic ET receptors stimulates the production of stromelysin-1, suggesting a role for ETs in stromelysin production in brain pathologies. ..
  36. Ahmed A, Schizas N, Li J, Ahmed M, Ostenson C, Salo P, et al. Type 2 diabetes impairs tendon repair after injury in a rat model. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2012;113:1784-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Further our data suggest that therapeutic modulation of collagens or MMPs might be targets for new regenerative approaches in operated, injured, or maybe also degenerative tendon diseases in diabetes. ..
  37. Kao T, Peng Y, Tsou H, Salter D, Lee H. Nerve growth factor promotes expression of novel genes in intervertebral disc cells that regulate tissue degradation: Laboratory investigation. J Neurosurg Spine. 2014;21:653-61 pubmed publisher
    ..increased expression of chitinase 3-like 1 (Chi3l1), lipocalin 2 (Lcn2), and matrix metalloproteinase-3 (Mmp3) following NGF stimulation of rat IVD cells in vitro...
  38. Takahara T, Zhang L, Yata Y, Xue F, Minemura M, Sato H, et al. Modulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in hepatic stellate cells by three-dimensional type I collagen: its activation and signaling pathway. Hepatol Res. 2003;26:318-326 pubmed
    ..CONCLUSIONS: MMP-9 expression and activation is induced in HSCs by 3D-gel and this observed collagen-dependent induction of MMP-9 requires ERK1,2 activity. ..
  39. Kremer R, Best L, Savulescu D, Gavish M, Nagler R. Pleural fluid analysis of lung cancer vs benign inflammatory disease patients. Br J Cancer. 2010;102:1180-4 pubmed publisher
    ..The relative simplicity in analysing these markers in any routine hospital laboratory may result in its acceptance as a new diagnostic tool. ..
  40. Meraz Cruz N, Beltran Montoya J, Estrada Gutierrez G, Vadillo Ortega F. [Identification of extracellular matrix metalloprotease 3 in the fetal membrane of the rat and its possible implication in the rupture of chorioamniotic membranes]. Ginecol Obstet Mex. 2006;74:671-7 pubmed
    ..It is possible that the physiological function of this enzyme is implied, of a main way, in the process of rupture of corioamniotic membranes during the childbirth. ..
  41. Naito T, Tanihata Y, Nishimura H, Tanaka T, Higuchi C, Taguchi T, et al. Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 associated with ets-1 proto-oncogene in rat tubulointerstitial cells. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2005;20:2333-48 pubmed
    ..The Ets-1 transcriptional factor may participate in IL-1beta-mediated MMP-9 expression in tubulointerstitial cells. ..
  42. Li Y, McTiernan C, Feldman A. Proinflammatory cytokines regulate tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases and disintegrin metalloproteinase in cardiac cells. Cardiovasc Res. 1999;42:162-72 pubmed
  43. Miyata S, Nakatani Y, Hayashi N, Nakashima T. Matrix-degrading enzymes tissue plasminogen activator and matrix metalloprotease-3 in the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial system. Brain Res. 2005;1058:1-9 pubmed
  44. Babaei S, Bayat M. Pentoxifylline Accelerates Wound Healing Process by Modulating Gene Expression of MMP-1, MMP-3, and TIMP-1 in Normoglycemic Rats. J Invest Surg. 2015;28:196-201 pubmed publisher
    ..There was a significant increase in TIMP-1 gene expression. Systemic administration of PTX significantly accelerated the wound healing process in NG rats. ..
  45. Hartmann B, Staedtler F, Hartmann N, Meingassner J, Firat H. Gene expression profiling of skin and draining lymph nodes of rats affected with cutaneous contact hypersensitivity. Inflamm Res. 2006;55:322-34 pubmed
    ..In addition to previously reported transcript changes, the present findings suggest/support that plasma cells, mast cells, and a specific IFN-gamma pathway play a substantial role in the pathogenesis of ACD. ..
  46. Matrisian L, Leroy P, Ruhlmann C, Gesnel M, Breathnach R. Isolation of the oncogene and epidermal growth factor-induced transin gene: complex control in rat fibroblasts. Mol Cell Biol. 1986;6:1679-86 pubmed
    ..The protein sequence encoded by the last four exons of the transin gene shows some homology to two regions of the heme-binding protein hemopexin. ..
  47. Naito T, Razzaque M, Nazneen A, Liu D, Nihei H, Koji T, et al. Renal expression of the Ets-1 proto-oncogene during progression of rat crescentic glomerulonephritis. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2000;11:2243-55 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that overexpression of the ets-1 proto-oncogene by phenotypically altered renal cells might be associated with the pathogenesis of rat crescentic glomerulonephritis. ..
  48. Gantus M, Nasciutti L, Cruz C, Persechini P, Martinez A. Modulation of extracellular matrix components by metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors during degeneration and regeneration of rat sural nerve. Brain Res. 2006;1122:36-46 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that the modifications of ECM components, which are favorable for nerve regeneration, are correlated with changes on the balance between MMPs and TIMPs. ..
  49. Chou L, Wang J, Chang P, Hsieh Y. Hyaluronan modulates accumulation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha, inducible nitric oxide synthase, and matrix metalloproteinase-3 in the synovium of rat adjuvant-induced arthritis model. Arthritis Res Ther. 2011;13:R90 pubmed publisher
    ..factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha), inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), and matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP3) in the synovial tissues at the early phase of arthritic inflammation...
  50. Yang H, Gao F, Li X, Wang J, Liu H, Zheng Z. TGF-β1 antagonizes TNF-α induced up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase 3 in nucleus pulposus cells: role of the ERK1/2 pathway. Connect Tissue Res. 2015;56:461-8 pubmed publisher
    ..has been shown to have a catabolic effect on intervertebral disc degeneration (IVDD), including increasing MMP3 expression and subsequent extracellular matrix (ECM) degradation...
  51. Sternlicht M, Lochter A, Sympson C, Huey B, Rougier J, Gray J, et al. The stromal proteinase MMP3/stromelysin-1 promotes mammary carcinogenesis. Cell. 1999;98:137-46 pubmed
    ..Here we report that phenotypically normal mammary epithelial cells with tetracycline-regulated expression of MMP3/stromelysin-1 (Str1) form epithelial glandular structures in vivo without Str1 but form invasive mesenchymal-like ..
  52. Lee M, Hadi M, Hallden G, Aponte G. Peptide YY and neuropeptide Y induce villin expression, reduce adhesion, and enhance migration in small intestinal cells through the regulation of CD63, matrix metalloproteinase-3, and Cdc42 activity. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:125-36 pubmed
  53. Leigh D, Abreu E, Derwin K. Changes in gene expression of individual matrix metalloproteinases differ in response to mechanical unloading of tendon fascicles in explant culture. J Orthop Res. 2008;26:1306-12 pubmed publisher
    ..However, changes in both MMP3 and MMP13 gene expression are rapid, dramatic, sustained, and changing during at least the first 48 h of unloaded ..
  54. Pauly T, Ratliff M, Pietrowski E, Neugebauer R, Schlicksupp A, Kirsch J, et al. Activity-dependent shedding of the NMDA receptor glycine binding site by matrix metalloproteinase 3: a PUTATIVE mechanism of postsynaptic plasticity. PLoS ONE. 2008;3:e2681 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, our data indicate that MMPs, and in particular MMP-3, are involved in the activity dependent alteration of NMDA receptor structure at postsynaptic membrane specializations in the CNS...
  55. Gerger A, Langsenlehner U, Renner W, Weitzer W, Eder T, Yazdani Biuki B, et al. A multigenic approach to predict breast cancer risk. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2007;104:159-64 pubmed
    ..CART analysis of the data identified the heterozygous vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and matrix metalloproteinase 3 (MMP3) genotype and homozygous cyclooxygenase-2 (PTGS2) mutant as the initial splits, indicating that ..
  56. Wright J, Meighan P, Brown T, Wiediger R, Sorg B, Harding J. Habituation-induced neural plasticity in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex mediated by MMP-3. Behav Brain Res. 2009;203:27-34 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that elevations in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex MMP-3 expression contribute to this simplest form of learning and may be a mechanism underlying spontaneous recovery. ..
  57. Hase N, Ozeki N, Hiyama T, Yamaguchi H, Kawai R, Kondo A, et al. Products of dentin matrix protein-1 degradation by interleukin-1β-induced matrix metalloproteinase-3 promote proliferation of odontoblastic cells. Biosci Trends. 2015;9:228-36 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our current study demonstrates the sequential involvement of Wnt5, MMP-3, DMP-1 expression, and DMP-1 degradation products by MMP-3, in effecting IL-1β-induced proliferation of ESC-derived odontoblast-like cells. ..
  58. Eguchi T, Kubota S, Kawata K, Mukudai Y, Uehara J, Ohgawara T, et al. Novel transcription-factor-like function of human matrix metalloproteinase 3 regulating the CTGF/CCN2 gene. Mol Cell Biol. 2008;28:2391-413 pubmed publisher
    b>Matrix metalloproteinase 3 (MMP3) is well known as a secretory endopeptidase that degrades extracellular matrices. Recent reports indicated the presence of MMPs in the nucleus (A. J. Kwon et al., FASEB J...
  59. Bradbury P, Zhai R, Hopkins J, Kulke M, Heist R, Singh S, et al. Matrix metalloproteinase 1, 3 and 12 polymorphisms and esophageal adenocarcinoma risk and prognosis. Carcinogenesis. 2009;30:793-8 pubmed publisher
    ..A total of 313 EA cases and 455 age and gender frequency-matched controls were genotyped for MMP1 1G/2G, MMP3 6A/5A, MMP12 -82A/G and MMP12 1082A/G...
  60. Sanders J, van Goor H, Hanemaaijer R, Kallenberg C, Stegeman C. Renal expression of matrix metalloproteinases in human ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2004;19:1412-9 pubmed
    ..Expression of glomerular and interstitial MMP-2, -3, -9 and TIMP-1 is increased in active ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis and correlates with inflammatory activity. ..
  61. Knaś M, Wołosik K, Zalewska A, Mikucka Niczyporuk A, Kasacka I, Niczyporuk M. The skin remodeling in type 1 diabetes and insulin resistance animal models. Physiol Res. 2015;64:875-81 pubmed
    The skin matrix metalloproteinase 3, tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase 2 and collagen III content changes in type 1 diabetes and insulin resistance treated with insulin and metformin were studied...
  62. Nakai K, Kawato T, Morita T, Iinuma T, Kamio N, Zhao N, et al. Angiotensin II induces the production of MMP-3 and MMP-13 through the MAPK signaling pathways via the AT(1) receptor in osteoblasts. Biochimie. 2013;95:922-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, our findings suggest that Ang II does not influence the plasminogen/plasmin pathway in osteoblasts. ..
  63. Tas F, Duranyildiz D, Oguz H, Disci R, Kurul S, Yasasever V, et al. Serum matrix metalloproteinase-3 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in patients with malignant melanoma. Med Oncol. 2005;22:39-44 pubmed
    ..However, much research still continues in this field and exciting new knowledge will ultimately emerge. ..
  64. Kim K, Park K, Chun K, Chung W. Honokiol inhibits the progression of collagen-induced arthritis by reducing levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and matrix metalloproteinases and blocking oxidative tissue damage. J Pharmacol Sci. 2010;114:69-78 pubmed
    ..Thus, honokiol is an attractive candidate for an anti-arthritic agent. ..
  65. Lee J, Na W, Choi H, Lee K, Ju B, Yune T. Jmjd3 mediates blood-spinal cord barrier disruption after spinal cord injury by regulating MMP-3 and MMP-9 expressions. Neurobiol Dis. 2016;95:66-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our findings suggest that Jmjd3 regulation may serve as a potential therapeutic intervention for preserving BSCB integrity following SCI. ..
  66. Manicourt D, Fujimoto N, Obata K, Thonar E. Levels of circulating collagenase, stromelysin-1, and tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases 1 in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Relationship to serum levels of antigenic keratan sulfate and systemic parameters of inflammation. Arthritis Rheum. 1995;38:1031-9 pubmed
  67. Cozzolino M, Biondi M, Galassi A, Turri O, Brancaccio D, Gallieni M. Matrix metalloproteinase-1 and matrix metalloproteinase-3 gene promoter polymorphisms are associated with mortality in haemodialysis patients. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2009;24:2207-12 pubmed publisher
    ..MMP1 and MMP3 contribute to the enlargement and instability of atherosclerotic plaque, respectively...
  68. De Couto Pita A, Borda E, Ganzinelli S, Passafaro D, Sterin Borda L. Cholinoceptor modulation on nitric oxide regulates prostaglandin E(2) and metalloproteinase-3 production in experimentally induced inflammation of rat dental pulp. J Endod. 2009;35:529-36 pubmed publisher
    ..The capacity of pilocarpine to prevent iNOS activity, PGE(2), and MMP-3 by acting on mAChR mutation induced by pulpitis might be useful therapeutically as a local treatment. ..
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    ..elegans MMPs are structurally closely related with those of mammalian MMPs. ..
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