Gene Symbol: Itgam
Description: integrin subunit alpha M
Alias: Cd11b, integrin alpha-M, integrin, alpha M
Species: rat
Products:     Itgam

Top Publications

  1. Tamatani T, Kotani M, Miyasaka M. Characterization of the rat leukocyte integrin, CD11/CD18, by the use of LFA-1 subunit-specific monoclonal antibodies. Eur J Immunol. 1991;21:627-33 pubmed
    ..They presumably represent the rat CD11b and CD11c, respectively...
  2. Ruppert M, Aigner S, Hubbe M, Yagita H, Altevogt P. The L1 adhesion molecule is a cellular ligand for VLA-5. J Cell Biol. 1995;131:1881-91 pubmed
    ..Given its rapid downregulation on lymphocytes after induction of cell proliferation, L1 may be important in integrin-mediated and activation-regulated cell-cell interactions. ..
  3. Hazenbos W, Gessner J, Hofhuis F, Kuipers H, Meyer D, Heijnen I, et al. Impaired IgG-dependent anaphylaxis and Arthus reaction in Fc gamma RIII (CD16) deficient mice. Immunity. 1996;5:181-8 pubmed
    ..These results indicate a prominent role for Fc gamma RIII in inflammatory and anaphylactic responses, making this receptor a potential target in immunotherapy...
  4. Lamagna C, Meda P, Mandicourt G, Brown J, Gilbert R, Jones E, et al. Dual interaction of JAM-C with JAM-B and alpha(M)beta2 integrin: function in junctional complexes and leukocyte adhesion. Mol Biol Cell. 2005;16:4992-5003 pubmed
    ..We demonstrate that the modulation of JAM-C localization in junctional complexes is a new regulatory mechanism for alpha(M)beta2-dependent adhesion of leukocytes. ..
  5. Serrano A, Gandillet A, Pearson S, Lacaud G, Kouskoff V. Contrasting effects of Sox17- and Sox18-sustained expression at the onset of blood specification. Blood. 2010;115:3895-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Conversely, Sox17 remained marginally expressed during blood specification. Overall, our data uncover contrasting effect and expression pattern for Sox18 and Sox17 at the onset of hematopoiesis specification. ..
  6. Tanga F, Raghavendra V, DeLeo J. Quantitative real-time RT-PCR assessment of spinal microglial and astrocytic activation markers in a rat model of neuropathic pain. Neurochem Int. 2004;45:397-407 pubmed
    ..Spinal lumbar mRNA levels of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), integrin alpha M (ITGAM), toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) and cluster determinant 14 (CD14) were assayed using real-time reverse ..
  7. Coombe D, Watt S, Parish C. Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18) and CD45 mediate the adhesion of hematopoietic progenitor cells to stromal cell elements via recognition of stromal heparan sulfate. Blood. 1994;84:739-52 pubmed
    ..The data suggest that heparan sulfate on the 3T3 cell surface is a ligand for both CD45 and Mac-1, but the two molecules recognize different heparan sulfate structural motifs. ..
  8. Zubiría M, Vidal Bravo J, Spinedi E, Giovambattista A. Relationship between impaired adipogenesis of retroperitoneal adipose tissue and hypertrophic obesity: role of endogenous glucocorticoid excess. J Cell Mol Med. 2014;18:1549-61 pubmed publisher
  9. Maiguel D, Faridi M, Wei C, Kuwano Y, Balla K, Hernandez D, et al. Small molecule-mediated activation of the integrin CD11b/CD18 reduces inflammatory disease. Sci Signal. 2011;4:ra57 pubmed publisher
    The integrin CD11b/CD18 (also known as Mac-1), which is a heterodimer of the ?(M) (CD11b) and ?(2) (CD18) subunits, is critical for leukocyte adhesion and migration and for immune functions...

More Information


  1. Parenti R, Cicirata F, Zappala A, Catania A, La Delia F, Cicirata V, et al. Dynamic expression of Cx47 in mouse brain development and in the cuprizone model of myelin plasticity. Glia. 2010;58:1594-609 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken as a whole the evidence suggests that Cx47 play a key role in myelination. ..
  2. Hirahashi J, Hishikawa K, Kaname S, Tsuboi N, Wang Y, Simon D, et al. Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18) links inflammation and thrombosis after glomerular injury. Circulation. 2009;120:1255-65 pubmed publisher
    ..These observations establish Mac-1 on neutrophils as a critical molecular link between inflammation and thrombosis and suggest it as an attractive target for antithrombotic therapy. ..
  3. Hu X, Zhang D, Pang H, Caudle W, Li Y, Gao H, et al. Macrophage antigen complex-1 mediates reactive microgliosis and progressive dopaminergic neurodegeneration in the MPTP model of Parkinson's disease. J Immunol. 2008;181:7194-204 pubmed
  4. Brookes Z, Reilly C, Lawton B, Brown N. Intravenous anesthesia inhibits leukocyte-endothelial interactions and expression of CD11b after hemorrhage. Shock. 2006;25:492-9 pubmed
    ..of leukocytes to the venular endothelium, mediated by increased expression of the Mac-1 integrin complex (CD18/CD11b) present on leukocytes. Anesthetic agents may possess anti-inflammatory properties...
  5. Chen Z, Zheng S, Yuan G, Ding C, Zhang Y, Zhao X, et al. Effects of intestinal lymph on expression of neutrophil adhesion factors and lung injury after trauma-induced shock. World J Gastroenterol. 2004;10:3221-4 pubmed intestinal lymph after trauma-induced shock (TIS) interferes with expression of neutrophil adhesion factors (CD11b and CD18) and causes lung injury...
  6. Wu H, Rodgers J, Perrard X, Perrard J, Prince J, Abe Y, et al. Deficiency of CD11b or CD11d results in reduced staphylococcal enterotoxin-induced T cell response and T cell phenotypic changes. J Immunol. 2004;173:297-306 pubmed
    The beta(2) integrin CD11a is involved in T cell-APC interactions, but the roles of CD11b, CD11c, and CD11d in such interactions have not been examined...
  7. Takai T, Ono M, Hikida M, Ohmori H, Ravetch J. Augmented humoral and anaphylactic responses in Fc gamma RII-deficient mice. Nature. 1996;379:346-9 pubmed
    ..Exploiting this property offers new therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of allergic and autoimmune disorders. ..
  8. Kina T, Ikuta K, Takayama E, Wada K, Majumdar A, Weissman I, et al. The monoclonal antibody TER-119 recognizes a molecule associated with glycophorin A and specifically marks the late stages of murine erythroid lineage. Br J Haematol. 2000;109:280-7 pubmed
    ..Further molecular and cellular analyses indicated that the TER-119 antigen is a molecule associated with cell-surface glycophorin A but not with glycophorin A itself. ..
  9. Fu H, Liu B, Frost J, Hong S, Jin M, Ostaszewski B, et al. Complement component C3 and complement receptor type 3 contribute to the phagocytosis and clearance of fibrillar A? by microglia. Glia. 2012;60:993-1003 pubmed publisher
    ..2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ..
  10. Mishra R, Kovalska J, Janda J, Vannucci L, Rajmon R, Horak V. Tumor progression is associated with increasing CD11b+ cells and CCL2 in Lewis rat sarcoma. Anticancer Res. 2015;35:703-11 pubmed
    ..Tumor progression was found to be associated with an increased number of leukocytes and increased proportion of CD11b+ cells in peripheral blood...
  11. Yue H, He X, Yan Z. [Expression of CD11b in the retinal microglia in chronic hypertension rat]. Zhonghua Yan Ke Za Zhi. 2009;45:356-60 pubmed
    To study the expression of CD11b in the retinal microglia in laser induced ocular hypertension (OHT) SD rat. It was an experimental study. OHT was induced by the coagulation of trabecular meshwork using 532-laser in sixty SD rats...
  12. Rupec R, Jundt F, Rebholz B, Eckelt B, Weindl G, Herzinger T, et al. Stroma-mediated dysregulation of myelopoiesis in mice lacking I kappa B alpha. Immunity. 2005;22:479-91 pubmed
    ..In summary, we show that cell-fate decisions leading to a premalignant hematopoietic disorder can be initiated by nonhematopoietic cells with inactive I kappa B alpha. ..
  13. Brown G, Taylor P, Reid D, Willment J, Williams D, Martinez Pomares L, et al. Dectin-1 is a major beta-glucan receptor on macrophages. J Exp Med. 2002;196:407-12 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, nonopsonic zymosan binding was unaffected by genetic CD11b deficiency or a blocking monoclonal antibody (mAb) against CR3, demonstrating that CR3 was not the beta-glucan ..
  14. Zimmerli C, Lee B, Palmer G, Gabay C, Adams R, Aurrand Lions M, et al. Adaptive immune response in JAM-C-deficient mice: normal initiation but reduced IgG memory. J Immunol. 2009;182:4728-36 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these data suggest that JAM-C deficiency affects the adaptive humoral immune response against pathogens, in addition to the innate immune system. ..
  15. Lionakis M, Lim J, Lee C, Murphy P. Organ-specific innate immune responses in a mouse model of invasive candidiasis. J Innate Immun. 2011;3:180-99 pubmed publisher
    ..Accumulation of Ly6c(int)CD11b(+) neutrophils predominated in all organs except the brain, where CD45(int)CD11b(+)CD11c(-) microglia were the ..
  16. Park H, Staehling Hampton K, Appleby M, Brunkow M, Habib T, Zhang Y, et al. A point mutation in the murine Hem1 gene reveals an essential role for Hematopoietic protein 1 in lymphopoiesis and innate immunity. J Exp Med. 2008;205:2899-913 pubmed publisher
  17. Coxon A, Rieu P, Barkalow F, Askari S, Sharpe A, von Andrian U, et al. A novel role for the beta 2 integrin CD11b/CD18 in neutrophil apoptosis: a homeostatic mechanism in inflammation. Immunity. 1996;5:653-66 pubmed
    In mice selectively deficient in CD11b/CD18, a beta 2 integrin, chemoattractant-induced leukocyte adhesion to microvascular endothelium in vivo was reduced...
  18. Ghasemzadeh M, Kaplan Z, Alwis I, Schoenwaelder S, Ashworth K, Westein E, et al. The CXCR1/2 ligand NAP-2 promotes directed intravascular leukocyte migration through platelet thrombi. Blood. 2013;121:4555-66 pubmed publisher
  19. Li T, Ramirez K, Palacios R. Distinct patterns of Fas cell surface expression during development of T- or B-lymphocyte lineages in normal, scid, and mutant mice lacking or overexpressing p53, bcl-2, or rag-2 genes. Cell Growth Differ. 1996;7:107-14 pubmed
  20. Jerke U, Rolle S, Dittmar G, Bayat B, Santoso S, Sporbert A, et al. Complement receptor Mac-1 is an adaptor for NB1 (CD177)-mediated PR3-ANCA neutrophil activation. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:7070-81 pubmed publisher
    ..The NB1 signaling complex that was precipitated from plasma membranes contained the transmembrane receptor Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18) as shown by MS/MS analysis and immunoblotting...
  21. Sanchez E, Nadig A, Richardson B, Freedman B, Kaufman K, Kelly J, et al. Phenotypic associations of genetic susceptibility loci in systemic lupus erythematosus. Ann Rheum Dis. 2011;70:1752-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Renal disorder was significantly correlated with the lupus risk allele in ITGAM (p=5.0 × 10(-6), OR 1.25, 95% CI 1.12 to 1.35) and in TNFSF4 (p=0.0013, OR 1.14, 95% CI 1.07 to 1.25)...
  22. Aigner S, Ruppert M, Hubbe M, Sammar M, Sthoeger Z, Butcher E, et al. Heat stable antigen (mouse CD24) supports myeloid cell binding to endothelial and platelet P-selectin. Int Immunol. 1995;7:1557-65 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest that HSA, in addition to the recently identified 160 kDa glycoprotein ligand on mouse neutrophils, belongs to a group of monospecific P-selectin ligands on myeloid cells. ..
  23. Tokodai K, Goto M, Inagaki A, Imura T, Nakanishi W, Satomi S. Expression of receptors for anaphylatoxins C3a and C5a on rat islet preparations. Transplant Proc. 2011;43:3179-80 pubmed publisher
    ..In the present study, we investigated this component in detail. C3aR, C5aR, and C5L2, together with CD11b and CD31, on freshly isolated islets (fresh group) and islets cultured with (cytokine group) or without (culture ..
  24. Choucair Jaafar N, Laporte V, Levy R, Poindron P, Lombard Y, Gies J. Complement receptor 3 (CD11b/CD18) is implicated in the elimination of ?-amyloid peptides. Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 2011;25:115-22 pubmed publisher
    ..the professional phagocytes of the brain and express phagocytic receptors such as complement receptor 3 (CR3 or CD11b/CD18)...
  25. Roberts L, Robinson C. Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection of human dendritic cells decreases integrin expression, adhesion and migration to chemokines. Immunology. 2014;141:39-51 pubmed publisher
    ..tuberculosis-infected DCs. A corresponding reduction in the ?L (CD11a) and ?M (CD11b) subunits that associate with integrin ?(2) was also observed...
  26. Sun W, Watanabe Y, Wang Z. Expression and significance of ICAM-1 and its counter receptors LFA-1 and Mac-1 in experimental acute pancreatitis of rats. World J Gastroenterol. 2006;12:5005-9 pubmed
    ..Upregulation of ICAM-1, LFA-1, Mac-1 and subsequent leukocyte infiltration appear to be significant events of pancreatic and pulmonary injuries in AP. ..
  27. Hynes R. Integrins: bidirectional, allosteric signaling machines. Cell. 2002;110:673-87 pubmed
    ..Long-range conformational changes couple these functions via allosteric equilibria. ..
  28. Zerria K, Bebbiche N, Barbouche M, Dellagi K, Fathallah D. Cloning of the rat CR3 alphaM (CD11b) subunit, expression and binding assay of recombinant isolated CD11b VA (A-domain) and ICAM-1 Ig modules. Arch Inst Pasteur Tunis. 2002;79:11-7 pubmed
    ..We have isolated cDNA clones-coding for the rat complement receptor type 3 (CR3) alphaM subunit (CD11b) from a cDNA library. The cDNA sequence showed respectively 89.4% and 74...
  29. Bai M, Grieshaber Bouyer R, Wang J, Schmider A, Wilson Z, Zeng L, et al. CD177 modulates human neutrophil migration through activation-mediated integrin and chemoreceptor regulation. Blood. 2017;130:2092-2100 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that CD177 signals in a β2 integrin-dependent manner to orchestrate a set of activation-mediated mechanisms that impair human neutrophil migration. ..
  30. Matsuzaki J, Tsuji T, Chamoto K, Takeshima T, Sendo F, Nishimura T. Successful elimination of memory-type CD8+ T cell subsets by the administration of anti-Gr-1 monoclonal antibody in vivo. Cell Immunol. 2003;224:98-105 pubmed
    ..Thus, we initially demonstrated that anti-Gr-1 mAb might become a good tool to investigate a precise role for memory-type CD8(+) T cells in vivo. ..
  31. Rosenkranz A, Coxon A, Maurer M, Gurish M, Austen K, Friend D, et al. Impaired mast cell development and innate immunity in Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18, CR3)-deficient mice. J Immunol. 1998;161:6463-7 pubmed
    Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18, CR3), a beta2 integrin expressed on leukocytes, is important in leukocyte migration...
  32. Malinin N, Zhang L, Choi J, Ciocea A, Razorenova O, Ma Y, et al. A point mutation in KINDLIN3 ablates activation of three integrin subfamilies in humans. Nat Med. 2009;15:313-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, allogeneic bone marrow transplantation was shown to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. ..
  33. Ding Z, Babensee J, Simon S, Lu H, Perrard J, Bullard D, et al. Relative contribution of LFA-1 and Mac-1 to neutrophil adhesion and migration. J Immunol. 1999;163:5029-38 pubmed
    ..Neutrophil extravasation in response to TNF-alpha in LFA-1-deficient mice dramatically decreased, whereas neutrophil extravasation in Mac-1-deficient mice markedly increased. ..
  34. Long K, Gomez F, Morris R, Newman S. Identification of heat shock protein 60 as the ligand on Histoplasma capsulatum that mediates binding to CD18 receptors on human macrophages. J Immunol. 2003;170:487-94 pubmed
    ..To identify the ligand(s) on Hc yeasts that is recognized by Mphi, purified human complement receptor type 3 (CR3, CD11b/CD18) was used to probe a Far Western blot of a detergent extract of Hc cell wall and cell membrane...
  35. Manitz M, Horst B, Seeliger S, Strey A, Skryabin B, Gunzer M, et al. Loss of S100A9 (MRP14) results in reduced interleukin-8-induced CD11b surface expression, a polarized microfilament system, and diminished responsiveness to chemoattractants in vitro. Mol Cell Biol. 2003;23:1034-43 pubmed
    ..stimulation of S100A9-deficient neutrophils with interleukin-8 in vitro failed to provoke an up-regulation of CD11b. Migration upon a chemotactic stimulus through an endothelial monolayer was markedly diminished in S100A9-..
  36. Kramerova I, Kudryashova E, Tidball J, Spencer M. Null mutation of calpain 3 (p94) in mice causes abnormal sarcomere formation in vivo and in vitro. Hum Mol Genet. 2004;13:1373-88 pubmed
    ..These studies suggest a role for C3 in myofibrillogenesis and sarcomere remodeling...