Gene Symbol: Hrh2
Description: histamine receptor H 2
Alias: H2R, histamine H2 receptor, HH2R, gastric receptor I
Species: rat
Products:     Hrh2

Top Publications

  1. Azuma H, Sawada S, Takeuchi S, Higashiyama K, Kakigi A, Takeda T. Expression of mRNA encoding the H1, H2, and H3 histamine receptors in the rat cochlea. Neuroreport. 2003;14:423-5 pubmed
    ..This is the first evidence of H1, H2, and H3 histamine receptor mRNA in the rat cochlea. These findings support the suggestion that histamine may play a physiological role in the cochlea. ..
  2. Simonin F, Karcher P, Boeuf J, Matifas A, Kieffer B. Identification of a novel family of G protein-coupled receptor associated sorting proteins. J Neurochem. 2004;89:766-75 pubmed
    ..Another member of the family, GASP-2, also interacts with the carboxyl-terminal tail of several GPCRs. Therefore, GASP proteins may represent an important protein family regulating GPCR physiology. ..
  3. Fukushima Y, Matsui T, Saitoh T, Ichinose M, Tateishi K, Shindo T, et al. Unique roles of G protein-coupled histamine H2 and gastrin receptors in growth and differentiation of gastric mucosa. Eur J Pharmacol. 2004;502:243-52 pubmed
    Disruption of histamine H2 receptor and gastrin receptor had different effects growth of gastric mucosa: hypertrophy and atrophy, respectively...
  4. Zeng Z, Shen L, Li X, Luo T, Wei X, Zhang J, et al. Disruption of histamine H2 receptor slows heart failure progression through reducing myocardial apoptosis and fibrosis. Clin Sci (Lond). 2014;127:435-48 pubmed publisher
    b>Histamine H2 receptor (H2R) blockade has been reported to be beneficial for patients with chronic heart failure (CHF), but the mechanisms involved are not entirely clear...
  5. Dai H, Kaneko K, Kato H, Fujii S, Jing Y, Xu A, et al. Selective cognitive dysfunction in mice lacking histamine H1 and H2 receptors. Neurosci Res. 2007;57:306-13 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, our results demonstrate that both H1 and H2 receptors are involved in learning and memory processes for which the frontal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus interact. ..
  6. Sprogar S, Kriznar I, Drevensek M, Vaupotic T, Drevensek G. Famotidine, a H2 receptor antagonist, decreases the late phase of orthodontic tooth movement in rats. Inflamm Res. 2008;57 Suppl 1:S31-2 pubmed publisher
  7. Bonini J, da Silva W, Da Silveira C, Köhler C, Izquierdo I, Cammarota M. Histamine facilitates consolidation of fear extinction. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2011;14:1209-17 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our data indicate that the hippocampal histaminergic system modulates the consolidation of fear extinction through a mechanism involving the H2-dependent activation of ERK signalling. ..
  8. Tamaddonfard E, Erfanparast A, Farshid A, Khalilzadeh E. Interaction between histamine and morphine at the level of the hippocampus in the formalin-induced orofacial pain in rats. Pharmacol Rep. 2011;63:423-32 pubmed
    ..In addition, both histamine H(1) and H(2) receptors, as well as opioid receptors may be involved in the interaction between histamine and morphine in producing analgesia. ..
  9. Yu C, Li L, Xia Q, Tang Y. Expression and localization of histamine H1, H2, and H3 receptors in rat olfactory epithelium. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. 2017;101:102-106 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this study was to investigate the expression and distribution of histamine H1, H2, and H3 receptors in rat olfactory epithelium...

More Information


  1. Traiffort E, Ruat M, Arrang J, Leurs R, Piomelli D, Schwartz J. Expression of a cloned rat histamine H2 receptor mediating inhibition of arachidonate release and activation of cAMP accumulation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1992;89:2649-53 pubmed
    A DNA, cloned after screening a rat genomic bank with probes derived from the sequence of a putative dog histamine H2 receptor [Gantz, I., Schäffer, M., Delvalle, J., Logsdon, C., Campbell, V., Uhler, M. & Yamada, T. (1991) Proc...
  2. Kurtz K, Moor A, Souza Smith F, Breslin J. Involvement of H1 and H2 receptors and soluble guanylate cyclase in histamine-induced relaxation of rat mesenteric collecting lymphatics. Microcirculation. 2014;21:593-605 pubmed publisher
    ..NO synthesis does not appear to contribute to the histamine-induced response. However, sGC is critical for the histamine-induced decrease in tone and contributes to the drop in CF. ..
  3. Zhang X, Yu L, Zhuang Q, Peng S, Zhu J, Wang J. Postsynaptic mechanisms underlying the excitatory action of histamine on medial vestibular nucleus neurons in rats. Br J Pharmacol. 2013;170:156-69 pubmed publisher
    ..These results highlight an active role of postsynaptic mechanisms in the modulation by central histaminergic systems of vestibular functions and suggest potential targets for clinical treatment of vestibular disorders. ..
  4. Luo T, Chen B, Zhao Z, He N, Zeng Z, Wu B, et al. Histamine H2 receptor activation exacerbates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury by disturbing mitochondrial and endothelial function. Basic Res Cardiol. 2013;108:342 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we investigated whether activation of the histamine H2 receptor (H2R) exacerbates myocardial I/R injury by increasing mitochondrial and endothelial permeability...
  5. Gianlorenço A, Serafim K, Canto de Souza A, Mattioli R. Emotional memory consolidation impairment induced by histamine is mediated by H1 but not H2 receptors. Brain Res Bull. 2012;89:197-202 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the H(2) antagonist RA, at the dose used in this study, did not affect memory consolidation and failed to revert histamine-induced impairment...
  6. Kim T, Yoon H, Lim C, Kim E, Kim M, Koh Y. The role of endogenous histamine on the pathogenesis of the lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced, acute lung injury: a pilot study. Inflammation. 2005;29:72-80 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, endogenous histamine might be involved in the recruitment of neutrophils and protein leaks in LPS-induced ALI via the H2 receptors. ..
  7. Lozada A, Munyao N, Sallmen T, Lintunen M, Leurs R, Lindsberg P, et al. Postischemic regulation of central histamine receptors. Neuroscience. 2005;136:371-9 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest that central histamine receptor expression and ligand binding are altered in brain ischemia in distinct areas, and may participate in neuroprotection and/or ischemia-associated neuronal damage. ..
  8. Kobayashi T, Tonai S, Ishihara Y, Koga R, Okabe S, Watanabe T. Abnormal functional and morphological regulation of the gastric mucosa in histamine H2 receptor-deficient mice. J Clin Invest. 2000;105:1741-9 pubmed
    To clarify the physiological roles of histamine H2 receptor (H2R), we have generated histamine H2R-deficient mice by gene targeting...
  9. Pagotto R, Monzón C, Moreno M, Pignataro O, Mondillo C. Proliferative effect of histamine on MA-10 Leydig tumor cells mediated through HRH2 activation, transient elevation in cAMP production, and increased extracellular signal-regulated kinase phosphorylation levels. Biol Reprod. 2012;87:150 pubmed publisher
    ..supports a role for HA as a local regulator of steroidogenesis via functional H? and H? receptor subtypes (HRH1 and HRH2, respectively) present in Leydig cells...
  10. Ruat M, Traiffort E, Arrang J, Leurs R, Schwartz J. Cloning and tissue expression of a rat histamine H2-receptor gene. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1991;179:1470-8 pubmed
    ..have screened a rat genomic library using DNA probes derived from the sequence of a recently cloned canine histamine H2 receptor (Gantz et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 1991, 88, 429-433)...