Gene Symbol: Gtf2a1l
Description: general transcription factor 2A subunit 1 like
Alias: Gtf2a1lf, TFIIA-alpha and beta-like factor, general transcription factor II A, 1-like factor, general transcription factor IIA, 1-like
Species: rat
Products:     Gtf2a1l

Top Publications

  1. Swaminathan S, Huentelman M, Corneveaux J, Myers A, Faber K, Foroud T, et al. Analysis of copy number variation in Alzheimer's disease in a cohort of clinically characterized and neuropathologically verified individuals. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e50640 pubmed publisher
    ..006, odds ratio = 3.986 (95% confidence interval 1.490-10.667)). A novel APP gene duplication was observed in one case sample. Further investigation of the identified genes in independent and larger samples is warranted. ..
  2. Catena R, Argentini M, Martianov I, Parello C, Brancorsini S, Parvinen M, et al. Proteolytic cleavage of ALF into alpha- and beta-subunits that form homologous and heterologous complexes with somatic TFIIA and TRF2 in male germ cells. FEBS Lett. 2005;579:3401-10 pubmed
    ..Our observations highlight how cleavage of ALF and coexpression with TFIIA and TRF2 increases the combinatorial possibilities for gene regulation at different developmental stages of spermatogenesis. ..
  3. Howe M, Mehmud Z, Saha S, Buratovich M, Stutius E, Schmidt H, et al. Transcription Factor IIA tau is associated with undifferentiated cells and its gene expression is repressed in primary neurons at the chromatin level in vivo. Stem Cells Dev. 2006;15:175-90 pubmed
    ..We conclude that TFIIA tau is associated with undifferentiated cells during development, yet is down-regulated at the chromatin level upon cellular differentiation. ..