Gene Symbol: Cxcr2
Description: C-X-C motif chemokine receptor 2
Alias: Cmkar2, Il8rb, C-X-C chemokine receptor type 2, CXC-R2, CXCR-2, GRO/MGSA receptor, IL-8R B, chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 2, chemokine (C-X-C) receptor 2, high affinity interleukin-8 receptor B, interleukin 8 receptor, beta
Species: rat
Products:     Cxcr2

Top Publications

  1. Vanderbilt J, Mager E, Allen L, Sawa T, Wiener Kronish J, Gonzalez R, et al. CXC chemokines and their receptors are expressed in type II cells and upregulated following lung injury. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2003;29:661-8 pubmed
    ..TII cells also express CXCR2, the receptor for these chemokines...
  2. Gavard J, Hou X, Qu Y, Masedunskas A, Martin D, Weigert R, et al. A role for a CXCR2/phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase gamma signaling axis in acute and chronic vascular permeability. Mol Cell Biol. 2009;29:2469-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Rac1 through Src-related kinases, IL-8 specifically signals to Rac1 through its cognate G protein-linked receptor, CXCR2, and the stimulation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase gamma (PI3Kgamma) catalytic isoform, thereby providing a ..
  3. Li X, Chen Y, Chang Y, Li S, Zhao Z, Zhang H. CXCR2 is involved in pulmonary intravascular macrophage accumulation and angiogenesis in a rat model of hepatopulmonary syndrome. Clin Sci (Lond). 2017;131:159-168 pubmed publisher
    ..Two weeks post-surgery, the following groups were set up for 2 weeks of treatment: sham + normal saline, CBDL + CXCR2 antagonist SB225002, CBDL + tumour necrosis factor α (TNF-α) antagonist PTX and CBDL + normal saline groups...
  4. Svensson M, Irjala H, Svanborg C, Godaly G. Effects of epithelial and neutrophil CXCR2 on innate immunity and resistance to kidney infection. Kidney Int. 2008;74:81-90 pubmed publisher
    ..These results emphasize the importance of mCXCR2 for the innate defense against urinary tract infection. ..
  5. Xing D, Li P, Gong K, Yang Z, Yu H, Hage F, et al. Endothelial cells overexpressing interleukin-8 receptors reduce inflammatory and neointimal responses to arterial injury. Circulation. 2012;125:1533-41 pubmed publisher
    Interleukin-8 (IL8) receptors IL8RA and IL8RB on neutrophil membranes bind to IL8 and direct neutrophil recruitment to sites of inflammation, including acutely injured arteries...
  6. Li L, Huang L, Vergis A, Ye H, Bajwa A, Narayan V, et al. IL-17 produced by neutrophils regulates IFN-gamma-mediated neutrophil migration in mouse kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury. J Clin Invest. 2010;120:331-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Deficiency in IL-23, IL-17A, or IL-17 receptor (IL-17R) and mAb neutralization of CXCR2, the p19 subunit of IL-23, or IL-17A attenuated neutrophil infiltration in acute kidney IRI in mice...
  7. Rosenthal L, Amineva S, Szakaly R, Lemanske R, Gern J, Sorkness R. A rat model of picornavirus-induced airway infection and inflammation. Virol J. 2009;6:122 pubmed publisher
    ..05) lower airway levels of neutrophil chemoattractant CXCR2 ligands [cytokine-induced neutrophil chemoattractant-1 (CINC-1; CXCL1) and macrophage inflammatory protein-2 (MIP-..
  8. Gobl A, Huang M, Wang S, Zhou Y, Oberg K. Molecular cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding the rat interleukin-8 receptor. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1997;1326:171-7 pubmed
    ..IL-8R mRNA containing cells were predominately found in the mantle zone of the germinal center. These cells were identified as B lymphocytes using the OX-33 monoclonal antibody. ..
  9. Singh V, Jaiswal P, Tiwari P, Kapoor R, Mittal R. Association of chemokine gene variants with end stage renal disease in North Indian population. Transpl Immunol. 2013;28:189-92 pubmed publisher
    ..We tested association of four single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) viz. CCL2I/D, CCL2A2518G, CXCL12G801A and CXCR2(+1208)C/T among individuals with ESRD (end stage renal disease) and normal healthy controls from North Indian ..

More Information


  1. Suh J, Hahn W, Cho B. Polymorphisms of CXCL8 and its receptor CXCR2 contribute to the development and progression of childhood IgA nephropathy. J Interferon Cytokine Res. 2011;31:309-15 pubmed publisher
    Many studies have suggested that CXCL8 and CXCR2 play an important role in the pathogenesis of several types of renal diseases...
  2. Martin Manso G, Navarathna D, Galli S, Soto Pantoja D, Kuznetsova S, Tsokos M, et al. Endogenous thrombospondin-1 regulates leukocyte recruitment and activation and accelerates death from systemic candidiasis. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e48775 pubmed publisher
    ..synthase?, IL-6(high), TNF-?(high), IL-10(low)), release of the chemokines MIP-2, JE, MIP-1?, and RANTES, and CXCR2-driven polymorphonuclear leukocytes recruitment...
  3. Stevenson C, Coote K, Webster R, Johnston H, Atherton H, Nicholls A, et al. Characterization of cigarette smoke-induced inflammatory and mucus hypersecretory changes in rat lung and the role of CXCR2 ligands in mediating this effect. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2005;288:L514-22 pubmed
    ..In addition, a specific CXCR2 antagonist, SB-332235, effectively inhibited CS-induced neutrophilia in a dose-dependent manner, supporting this ..
  4. Barsante M, Cunha T, Allegretti M, Cattani F, Policani F, Bizzarri C, et al. Blockade of the chemokine receptor CXCR2 ameliorates adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats. Br J Pharmacol. 2008;153:992-1002 pubmed
    Chemokine receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2 may mediate influx of neutrophils in models of acute and chronic inflammation...
  5. Bhatia M, Hegde A. Treatment with antileukinate, a CXCR2 chemokine receptor antagonist, protects mice against acute pancreatitis and associated lung injury. Regul Pept. 2007;138:40-8 pubmed
    ..The hexapeptide antileukinate (Ac-RRWWCR-NH2) is a potent inhibitor of binding of CXC chemokines to the receptors (CXCR2)...
  6. Fu W, Yan J, Shi M, Ma D, Peng C, Li H. Suppression of liver regeneration affects hepatic graft survival in small-for-size liver transplantation in rats. Hepatol Res. 2013;43:300-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Downregulated expressions of Bcl-2, Bcl-XL, interleukin (IL)-6, IL-10, IP-10 and CXCR2, upregulated expression of tumor necrosis factor-?, and decreased levels of AP-1 and NF-?B were also found ..
  7. Javor J, Bucova M, Cervenova O, Kralinsky K, Sadova E, Suchánková M, et al. Genetic variations of interleukin-8, CXCR1 and CXCR2 genes and risk of acute pyelonephritis in children. Int J Immunogenet. 2012;39:338-45 pubmed publisher
    ..Variations within genes encoding the major chemokine interleukin-8 and its receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2 are therefore attractive candidates for participation in genetic predisposition to APN...
  8. Yi M, Jankov R, Belcastro R, Humes D, Copland I, Shek S, et al. Opposing effects of 60% oxygen and neutrophil influx on alveologenesis in the neonatal rat. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2004;170:1188-96 pubmed
    ..These data suggest that exposure of the neonatal lung to moderate hyperoxia may enhance postnatal lung growth, provided postnatal pulmonary inflammation is suppressed. ..
  9. Abu Nabah Y, Losada M, Estellés R, Mateo T, Company C, Piqueras L, et al. CXCR2 blockade impairs angiotensin II-induced CC chemokine synthesis and mononuclear leukocyte infiltration. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2007;27:2370-6 pubmed
    ..This study reports the inhibition of Ang-II-induced mononuclear cell recruitment by CXCR2 antagonism and the mechanisms involved. Ang-II (1 nmol/L, i.p...
  10. Andrew A, Gui J, Sanderson A, Mason R, Morlock E, Schned A, et al. Bladder cancer SNP panel predicts susceptibility and survival. Hum Genet. 2009;125:527-39 pubmed publisher
    ..8 95% CI 1.2-2.6) and decreased risk associated with the inflammatory response gene variant IL8RB (OR 0.6 95% CI 0.5-0.9) compared to wild-type...
  11. Hoth J, Wells J, Hiltbold E, McCall C, Yoza B. Mechanism of neutrophil recruitment to the lung after pulmonary contusion. Shock. 2011;35:604-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that CXCL1, CXCL2/3, and CXCR2 are involved in neutrophil recruitment to the lung after injury and that intercellular adhesion molecule 1 is ..
  12. Ludwig A, Ehlert J, Flad H, Brandt E. Identification of distinct surface-expressed and intracellular CXC-chemokine receptor 2 glycoforms in neutrophils: N-glycosylation is essential for maintenance of receptor surface expression. J Immunol. 2000;165:1044-52 pubmed
    ..Thus, although not directly involved in signaling, glycosylation appears to be required to maintain neutrophil responsiveness to CXC-chemokines during inflammation. ..
  13. Gelati M, Aplin A, Fogel E, Smith K, Nicosia R. The angiogenic response of the aorta to injury and inflammatory cytokines requires macrophages. J Immunol. 2008;181:5711-9 pubmed
    ..of cytokine receptor expression revealed selective loss in quiescent rings of the proangiogenic chemokine receptor CXCR2, which was expressed predominantly in aortic macrophages...
  14. Edman L, Mira H, Erices A, Malmersjö S, Andersson E, Uhlen P, et al. Alpha-chemokines regulate proliferation, neurogenesis, and dopaminergic differentiation of ventral midbrain precursors and neurospheres. Stem Cells. 2008;26:1891-900 pubmed publisher
    ..examined the function of two alpha-chemokines, chemokine ligand (CXCL) 6 and CXCL8, and their receptors, CXCR1 and CXCR2, in the developing rat ventral midbrain (VM)...
  15. Eriksson C, Eneslätt K, Ivanoff J, Rantapaa Dahlqvist S, Sundqvist K. Abnormal expression of chemokine receptors on T-cells from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Lupus. 2003;12:766-74 pubmed
    ..b>CXCR2 and CCR1 were increased in patients with active SLE compared with patients with inactive disease (P = 0...
  16. Bonecchi R, Facchetti F, Dusi S, Luini W, Lissandrini D, Simmelink M, et al. Induction of functional IL-8 receptors by IL-4 and IL-13 in human monocytes. J Immunol. 2000;164:3862-9 pubmed
    ..IL-13 and IL-4 strongly increased CXCR1 and CXCR2 chemokine receptor expression in human monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells...
  17. Svensson M, Yadav M, Holmqvist B, Lutay N, Svanborg C, Godaly G. Acute pyelonephritis and renal scarring are caused by dysfunctional innate immunity in mCxcr2 heterozygous mice. Kidney Int. 2011;80:1064-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Since murine CXCR2 (mCXCR2) is functionally similar to human CXCR1, we determined effects of gene heterozygosity on the ..
  18. Kang M, Li J, Kim J, Gong J, Kwak S, Park J, et al. Purple corn anthocyanins inhibit diabetes-associated glomerular monocyte activation and macrophage infiltration. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2012;303:F1060-9 pubmed publisher
    ..In the in vivo animal study, db/db mice were treated with 10 mg/kg PCA daily for 8 wk. PCA attenuated CXCR2 induction and the activation of Tyk2 and STAT1/3 in db/db mice...
  19. Mestas J, Burdick M, Reckamp K, Pantuck A, Figlin R, Strieter R. The role of CXCR2/CXCR2 ligand biological axis in renal cell carcinoma. J Immunol. 2005;175:5351-7 pubmed
    ..We hypothesized that the CXCR2/CXCR2 ligand biological axis represents a mechanism by which RCC cells promote angiogenesis and facilitate tumor ..
  20. Russo R, Guabiraba R, Garcia C, Barcelos L, Roffe E, Souza A, et al. Role of the chemokine receptor CXCR2 in bleomycin-induced pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2009;40:410-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Neutrophils are thought to be involved in the pathogenesis of lung fibrosis. We hypothesized that CXCR2-mediated neutrophil recruitment is essential for the cascade of events leading to bleomycin-induced pulmonary ..
  21. Marsh D, Flemming J. Inhibition of CXCR1 and CXCR2 chemokine receptors attenuates acute inflammation, preserves gray matter and diminishes autonomic dysreflexia after spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord. 2011;49:337-44 pubmed publisher
    ..5?mg?kg(-1) Reparixin; or (3) 15?mg?kg(-1) Reparixin. Reparixin is a small molecule, allosteric noncompetitive inhibitor of CXCR1 and CXCR2 chemokine receptors involved in inflammation.
  22. Romanini J, Mielcke T, Leal P, Figueiredo C, Calixto J, Morrone F, et al. The role of CXCR2 chemokine receptors in the oral squamous cell carcinoma. Invest New Drugs. 2012;30:1371-8 pubmed publisher
    This study evaluated the relevance of CXCR2 chemokine receptors in oral squamous cell carcinoma, by means of in vitro and in vivo approaches...
  23. Dunstan C, Salafranca M, Adhikari S, Xia Y, Feng L, Harrison J. Identification of two rat genes orthologous to the human interleukin-8 receptors. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:32770-6 pubmed
    ..We report the molecular cloning of two rat GCR genes (rat CXCR1-like and rat CXCR2) whose conceptualized amino acid sequences are approximately 70% identical to the human IL-8 A and B receptor ..
  24. Qiu Y, Zhu J, Bandi V, Atmar R, Hattotuwa K, Guntupalli K, et al. Biopsy neutrophilia, neutrophil chemokine and receptor gene expression in severe exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2003;168:968-75 pubmed
    ..COPD) to examine neutrophil recruitment and to determine neutrophil chemoattractant and CXC receptor (CXCR) 1 and CXCR2 gene expression associated with acute severe exacerbations...
  25. Holmes W, Lee J, Kuang W, Rice G, Wood W. Structure and functional expression of a human interleukin-8 receptor. Science. 1991;253:1278-80 pubmed
    ..The IL-8 receptor may be part of a subfamily of related G protein-coupled receptors that transduce signals for the IL-8 family of pro-inflammatory cytokines. ..
  26. Neri M, Bello S, Bonsignore A, Centini F, Fiore C, Földes Papp Z, et al. Myocardial expression of TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10 and MCP-1 after a single MDMA dose administered in a rat model. Curr Pharm Biotechnol. 2010;11:413-20 pubmed
    ..The rise of the selective cardioinhibitory cytokines may be interpreted as the adaptive response of jeopardized myocardium to the cardiac dysfunction resulting from MDMA injection. ..
  27. Zhou Y, Li R, Li M, Liu X, Zhu H, Ju Z, et al. Overexpression of GRK6 attenuates neuropathic pain via suppression of CXCR2 in rat dorsal root ganglion. Mol Pain. 2016;12: pubmed publisher
    ..reversed the hyperexcitability of DRG neurons innervating the hind paw and suppressed the enhanced expression of CXCR2 in DRGs of CCI rats...
  28. Marotta D, Costa R, Motta E, Fernandes E, Medeiros R, Quintão N, et al. Mechanisms underlying the nociceptive responses induced by platelet-activating factor (PAF) in the rat paw. Biochem Pharmacol. 2009;77:1223-35 pubmed
    ..strategies, namely the antineutrophil antibody, the selectin blocker fucoidin, the chemokine CXCR2 receptor antagonist SB225002, and the C5a receptor antibody anti-CD88...
  29. Levashova Z, Sharma N, Timofeeva O, Dome J, Perantoni A. ELR+-CXC chemokines and their receptors in early metanephric development. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2007;18:2359-70 pubmed
    ..In this study, ELR(+)-CXC chemokine family members CXCL2 and CXCL7, along with their preferred receptor CXCR2, were expressed at the earliest stages of metanephric development in the rat, and signaling through this receptor ..
  30. Richardson R, Pridgen B, Haribabu B, Snyderman R. Regulation of the human chemokine receptor CCR1. Cross-regulation by CXCR1 and CXCR2. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:9201-8 pubmed
    ..To study CCR1 cross-regulation, RBL cells co-expressing CCR1 and receptors for interleukin-8 (CXCR1, CXCR2, or a phosphorylation-deficient mutant of CXCR2, 331T) were produced...
  31. Yamanaka Y, Kaneko T, Yoshiba K, Kaneko R, Yoshiba N, Shigetani Y, et al. Expression of angiogenic factors in rat periapical lesions. J Endod. 2012;38:313-7 pubmed publisher
    ..for endothelial cells), Bcl-2, and real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis of VEGFR2, Bcl-2, CXCL1, and CXCR2 messenger RNA were performed...
  32. Brown C, Blaho V, Loiacono C. Susceptibility to experimental Lyme arthritis correlates with KC and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 production in joints and requires neutrophil recruitment via CXCR2. J Immunol. 2003;171:893-901 pubmed
    ..Infection of CXCR2(-/-) mice on either genetic background resulted in a significant decrease in the development of pathology, ..
  33. Burger M, Burger J, Hoch R, Oades Z, Takamori H, Schraufstatter I. Point mutation causing constitutive signaling of CXCR2 leads to transforming activity similar to Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus-G protein-coupled receptor. J Immunol. 1999;163:2017-22 pubmed
    The chemokine receptor CXCR2 is the closest homologue to Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus-G protein-coupled receptor (KSHV-GPCR), which is known to be constitutively activated and able to cause oncogenic transformation...
  34. Ajuebor M, Zagorski J, Kunkel S, Strieter R, Hogaboam C. Contrasting roles for CXCR2 during experimental colitis. Exp Mol Pathol. 2004;76:1-8 pubmed
    ..The chemokine receptor CXCR2 is highly expressed on neutrophils, and promotes neutrophil recruitment in several inflammatory diseases...
  35. Lee A, Dhaliwal R, Kantores C, Ivanovska J, Gosal K, McNamara P, et al. Rho-kinase inhibitor prevents bleomycin-induced injury in neonatal rats independent of effects on lung inflammation. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2014;50:61-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Treatment with Y-27632 or a CXCR2 antagonist, SB265610, also abrogated tissue neutrophil influx, while having no effect on macrophages...
  36. Eisele N, Lee Lewis H, Besch Williford C, Brown C, Anderson D. Chemokine receptor CXCR2 mediates bacterial clearance rather than neutrophil recruitment in a murine model of pneumonic plague. Am J Pathol. 2011;178:1190-200 pubmed publisher
    ..and we studied the susceptibility of C3H-HeN mice lacking the CXC chemokine KC or its receptor CXC receptor 2 (CXCR2) to pulmonary Y. pestis infection...
  37. Yang L, Xu G, Wang Y. Up-regulation of CXCL1 and CXCR2 contributes to remifentanil-induced hypernociception via modulating spinal NMDA receptor expression and phosphorylation in rats. Neurosci Lett. 2016;626:135-41 pubmed publisher
    ..To investigate effect of CXCL1 and its primary receptor CXCR2 on RIH, a selective CXCR2 antagonist SB225002 was administrated intrathecally after remifentanil exposure in rats...
  38. Tateda K, Moore T, Newstead M, Tsai W, Zeng X, Deng J, et al. Chemokine-dependent neutrophil recruitment in a murine model of Legionella pneumonia: potential role of neutrophils as immunoregulatory cells. Infect Immun. 2001;69:2017-24 pubmed
    ..In contrast, the blockade of CXC chemokine receptor 2 (CXCR2), a receptor for CXC chemokines, including KC and MIP-2, strikingly enhanced mortality; this effect coincided with ..
  39. Luu N, Rainger G, Nash G. Differential ability of exogenous chemotactic agents to disrupt transendothelial migration of flowing neutrophils. J Immunol. 2000;164:5961-9 pubmed
    ..Thus, transmigration may require presentation of the correct activators in the correct sequence, and inappropriate activation (e.g., by systemic activators) could cause pathological accumulation of neutrophils in the vessel lumen. ..
  40. Vallès A, Grijpink Ongering L, de Bree F, Tuinstra T, Ronken E. Differential regulation of the CXCR2 chemokine network in rat brain trauma: implications for neuroimmune interactions and neuronal survival. Neurobiol Dis. 2006;22:312-22 pubmed
    ..We studied the response of the chemokines CXCL1/CINC-1 and CXCL2/MIP-2 and their receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2 after controlled cortical impact injury in adult rats...
  41. Inagaki H, Maeda S, Lin K, Shimizu N, Saito T. rDLG6: a novel homolog of Drosophila DLG expressed in rat brain. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1999;265:462-8 pubmed
    ..GST pull-down assays showed that the PDZ domain of rDLG6 protein binds to the C-terminus of the AMPA (alpha-Amino-3-hydroxy-5-Methyl-isoxazole-4-Propionic Acid) receptor GluR2 subunit. ..
  42. Zernecke A, Weber K, Erwig L, Kluth D, Schroppel B, Rees A, et al. Combinatorial model of chemokine involvement in glomerular monocyte recruitment: role of CXC chemokine receptor 2 in infiltration during nephrotoxic nephritis. J Immunol. 2001;166:5755-62 pubmed
    ..Firm adhesion and sequestration of monocytes on activated MC was supported by the GRO-alpha receptor CXCR2 and to a lesser extent by CX(3)CR, whereas the MCP-1 receptor CCR2 contributed to their transendothelial ..
  43. Rzepka J, Haick A, Miura T. Virus-infected alveolar epithelial cells direct neutrophil chemotaxis and inhibit their apoptosis. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2012;46:833-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Multiple CXC chemokines that signal through CXCR2 were required for PMN chemotaxis toward medium from RCoV-infected AT1-like cells (RCoV-AT1)...
  44. Shibata F, Konishi K, Nakagawa H. Identification of a common receptor for three types of rat cytokine-induced neutrophil chemoattractants (CINCs). Cytokine. 2000;12:1368-73 pubmed
    ..In order to identify the receptor for CINCs, rat CXC chemokine receptor 2 (CXCR2) was cloned and expressed in HEK293 cells...
  45. Kerstetter A, Padovani Claudio D, Bai L, Miller R. Inhibition of CXCR2 signaling promotes recovery in models of multiple sclerosis. Exp Neurol. 2009;220:44-56 pubmed publisher
    ..Previous studies have demonstrated that the absence of the chemokine receptor CXCR2 results in both disruption of early oligodendrocyte development and long-term structural alterations in ..
  46. Filip A, Klug J, Cayli S, Fröhlich S, Henke T, Lacher P, et al. Ribosomal protein S19 interacts with macrophage migration inhibitory factor and attenuates its pro-inflammatory function. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:7977-85 pubmed publisher apoptotic cells, we explored whether it affects MIF function and inhibits its binding to receptors CD74 and CXCR2. Low doses of RPS19 were found to strongly inhibit MIF-CD74 interaction...
  47. Liu Y, Guo D, Tian L, Shang D, Zhao W, Li B, et al. Peripheral T cells derived from Alzheimer's disease patients overexpress CXCR2 contributing to its transendothelial migration, which is microglial TNF-alpha-dependent. Neurobiol Aging. 2010;31:175-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we showed that peripheral T cells derived from AD patients overexpress CXCR2 to enhance its transendothelial migration...
  48. Lee A, Wang G, Chan H, Chen F, Chang C, Yang C, et al. Electronegative low-density lipoprotein induces cardiomyocyte apoptosis indirectly through endothelial cell-released chemokines. Apoptosis. 2012;17:1009-18 pubmed publisher
    ..reduced by pretreating ECs with inhibitors of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) or CXC receptor 2 (CXCR2)...
  49. Wislez M, Fujimoto N, Izzo J, Hanna A, Cody D, Langley R, et al. High expression of ligands for chemokine receptor CXCR2 in alveolar epithelial neoplasia induced by oncogenic kras. Cancer Res. 2006;66:4198-207 pubmed
    CXCL8, a ligand for the chemokine receptor CXCR2, was recently reported to be a transcriptional target of Ras signaling, but its role in Ras-induced tumorigenesis has not been fully defined...
  50. De Paola M, Buanne P, Biordi L, Bertini R, Ghezzi P, Mennini T. Chemokine MIP-2/CXCL2, acting on CXCR2, induces motor neuron death in primary cultures. Neuroimmunomodulation. 2007;14:310-6 pubmed publisher
    ..We evaluated the expression of CXCR1 and CXCR2 and investigated the effect of CXCR2 activation by the agonist MIP-2 (CXCL2) on primary cultured motor neurons...
  51. Cugini D, Azzollini N, Gagliardini E, Cassis P, Bertini R, Colotta F, et al. Inhibition of the chemokine receptor CXCR2 prevents kidney graft function deterioration due to ischemia/reperfusion. Kidney Int. 2005;67:1753-61 pubmed
    ..We examined the involvement of granulocyte recruitment via the CXCR2 pathway in a rat model of 4 hours cold ischemia followed by kidney transplantation...
  52. Lippert U, Artuc M, Grützkau A, Moller A, Kenderessy Szabo A, Schadendorf D, et al. Expression and functional activity of the IL-8 receptor type CXCR1 and CXCR2 on human mast cells. J Immunol. 1998;161:2600-8 pubmed
    ..Expression of mRNA for both types of IL-8 receptors (CXCR1 and CXCR2) was demonstrated by PCR and of both proteins by flow cytometry...
  53. Gao W, Yang W, Liu Y, Tang X, Guo Y, Wang L, et al. Effect of acupuncture on CXCL8 receptors in rats suffering from embryo implantation failure. J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci. 2014;34:91-98 pubmed publisher
    To observe the effect of acupuncture on CXCL8 receptors (CXCR1 and CXCR2) in rat endometrium experiencing embryo implantation failure, 72 pregnant rats were randomly divided into four groups: normal group (N), embryo implantation failure ..
  54. Nagarkar D, Wang Q, Shim J, Zhao Y, Tsai W, Lukacs N, et al. CXCR2 is required for neutrophilic airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness in a mouse model of human rhinovirus infection. J Immunol. 2009;183:6698-707 pubmed publisher
    ..Using a mouse model of human RV infection, we sought to determine the requirement of CXCR2, the receptor for ELR-positive CXC chemokines, for RV-induced airway neutrophilia and hyperresponsiveness...