Gene Symbol: Copg1
Description: coatomer protein complex, subunit gamma 1
Alias: Copg, coatomer subunit gamma-1, coatomer subunit gamma, gamma-1-COP, gamma-1-coat protein, gamma-COP, gamma-coat protein
Species: rat
Products:     Copg1

Top Publications

  1. Tsuji A, Sugyo A, Ogiu T, Sagara M, Kimura T, Ishikawa A, et al. Fine mapping of radiation susceptibility and gene expression analysis of LEC congenic rat lines. Genomics. 2005;86:271-9 pubmed
    ..We mapped seven positional candidate genes, Bmp10, Gpr73, Gp9, Cnbp, Copg, Rab7, and Rpn1, to an approximately 1.2-Mb region located between loci D4Got85 and D4Got148 on chromosome 4...
  2. Moelleken J, Malsam J, Betts M, Movafeghi A, Reckmann I, Meissner I, et al. Differential localization of coatomer complex isoforms within the Golgi apparatus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:4425-30 pubmed
    ..These differences suggest distinct functions for coatomer isoforms in a manner similar to clathrin/adaptor vesicles, where different adaptor proteins serve particular transport routes. ..
  3. Hehnly H, Xu W, Chen J, Stamnes M. Cdc42 regulates microtubule-dependent Golgi positioning. Traffic. 2010;11:1067-78 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results reveal that dynein and microtubule-dependent Golgi positioning is regulated by ARF1-, coatomer-, and ARHGAP21-dependent Cdc42 signaling. ..
  4. Bai M, Gad H, Turacchio G, Cocucci E, Yang J, Li J, et al. ARFGAP1 promotes AP-2-dependent endocytosis. Nat Cell Biol. 2011;13:559-67 pubmed publisher
    ..The role of ARFGAP1 in AP-2-regulated endocytosis has mechanistic parallels with its roles in COPI transport, as both its GAP activity and coat function contribute to promoting AP-2 transport. ..