Gene Symbol: Casp7
Description: caspase 7
Alias: caspase-7
Species: rat
Products:     Casp7

Top Publications

  1. Henshall D, Skradski S, Meller R, Araki T, Minami M, Schindler C, et al. Expression and differential processing of caspases 6 and 7 in relation to specific epileptiform EEG patterns following limbic seizures. Neurobiol Dis. 2002;10:71-87 pubmed
    ..These data highlight differences in expression and activation of caspases 6 and 7 in response to identifiable seizure patterns, focusing potential therapeutic targets for neuroprotection in epilepsy. ..
  2. Lakhani S, Masud A, Kuida K, Porter G, Booth C, Mehal W, et al. Caspases 3 and 7: key mediators of mitochondrial events of apoptosis. Science. 2006;311:847-51 pubmed
    ..We generated mice deficient in the two effectors, caspase 3 and caspase 7, which died immediately after birth with defects in cardiac development...
  3. Seo S, Chen Y, Ivanovska I, Ranger A, Hong S, Dawson V, et al. BAD is a pro-survival factor prior to activation of its pro-apoptotic function. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:42240-9 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that BAD is more than an inert death factor in healthy cells; it is also a pro-survival factor, prior to its role in promoting cell death. ..
  4. Prasad S, Kojic L, Wen Y, Chen Z, Xiong W, Jia W, et al. Retinal gene expression after central retinal artery ligation: effects of ischemia and reperfusion. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2010;51:6207-19 pubmed publisher
    ..To investigate the morphologic and molecular consequences of 30- and 90-minute central retinal artery ligation (CRAL)-induced retinal ischemia, followed by 3 and 12 hours of reperfusion, and to identify potential targets for therapy...
  5. Yang B, Harris K, Jain S, Nicholson M. Caspase-7, Fas and FasL in long-term renal ischaemia/reperfusion and immunosuppressive injuries in rats. Am J Nephrol. 2007;27:397-408 pubmed
    ..Caspase-7, associated with caspase-3, apoptosis and inflammation, might be involved in long-term I/R and immunosuppressive injury, at least in part through the Fas-signalling pathway. ..
  6. Lee S, Choi Y, Choi J, Kim M, Kim J, Jung D, et al. Polymorphisms in the caspase genes and the risk of lung cancer. J Thorac Oncol. 2010;5:1152-8 pubmed publisher
    ..In individual polymorphism analysis, the CASP7 rs2227310C>G and CASP9 rs4645981C>T were associated with 1.40-fold and 1...
  7. Berube C, Boucher L, Ma W, Wakeham A, Salmena L, Hakem R, et al. Apoptosis caused by p53-induced protein with death domain (PIDD) depends on the death adapter protein RAIDD. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005;102:14314-20 pubmed
    ..Our findings suggest that caspase-2 contributes to PIDD-mediated cell death, but that it is not the sole effector of this pathway. ..
  8. Bishayee A, Mandal A, Thoppil R, Darvesh A, Bhatia D. Chemopreventive effect of a novel oleanane triterpenoid in a chemically induced rodent model of breast cancer. Int J Cancer. 2013;133:1054-63 pubmed publisher
    ..AMR-Me could be developed as a chemopreventive drug to reduce the risk of human breast cancer that remains a devastating disease. ..
  9. Woo S, An S, Lee H, Jin H, Seo S, Yoo D, et al. A truncated form of p23 down-regulates telomerase activity via disruption of Hsp90 function. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:30871-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data aid in determining the mechanism underlying the regulation of telomerase activity by the chaperone complex during caspase-dependent cell death. ..

More Information


  1. Yacobi K, Tsafriri A, Gross A. Luteinizing hormone-induced caspase activation in rat preovulatory follicles is coupled to mitochondrial steroidogenesis. Endocrinology. 2007;148:1717-26 pubmed
    ..Thus, this study reveals a linkage between two seemingly distinct processes in which LH-induced caspase activation in cultured rat preovulatory follicles is coupled to mitochondrial steroidogenesis via P450scc. ..
  2. Cowan K, Leung W, Mar C, Bhattacharjee R, Zhu Y, Rabinovitch M. Caspases from apoptotic myocytes degrade extracellular matrix: a novel remodeling paradigm. FASEB J. 2005;19:1848-50 pubmed
    ..Our results reveal a previously undescribed function for apoptotic cells and a novel paradigm whereby removal of cells is coordinated with degradation of excess extracellular matrix during remodeling in development and disease. ..
  3. Ribeil J, Zermati Y, Vandekerckhove J, Cathelin S, Kersual J, Dussiot M, et al. Hsp70 regulates erythropoiesis by preventing caspase-3-mediated cleavage of GATA-1. Nature. 2007;445:102-5 pubmed
    ..These effects are abrogated by the transduction of a caspase-resistant GATA-1 mutant. Thus, in erythroid precursors undergoing terminal differentiation, Hsp70 prevents active caspase-3 from cleaving GATA-1 and inducing apoptosis. ..
  4. Haidara K, Marion M, Gascon Barre M, Denizeau F, Averill Bates D. Implication of caspases and subcellular compartments in tert-butylhydroperoxide induced apoptosis. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2008;229:65-76 pubmed publisher
    ..This study demonstrates that caspase-9 and caspase-12 are activated in t-BHP-induced apoptosis in hepatocytes. We highlight the importance of subcellular compartments such as mitochondria, ER and nuclei in the apoptotic process. ..
  5. Strasser A, Jost P, Nagata S. The many roles of FAS receptor signaling in the immune system. Immunity. 2009;30:180-92 pubmed publisher
    ..This review describes current understanding of Fas-induced apoptosis signaling and proposes experimental strategies for future advances. ..
  6. Gamblin T, Chen F, Zambrano A, Abraha A, Lagalwar S, Guillozet A, et al. Caspase cleavage of tau: linking amyloid and neurofibrillary tangles in Alzheimer's disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100:10032-7 pubmed
  7. Kumar S. Caspase function in programmed cell death. Cell Death Differ. 2007;14:32-43 pubmed
    ..In this article, I will specifically focus on caspases that function primarily in cell death execution. In particular, the physiological function of caspases in apoptosis is discussed using examples from the worm, fly and mammals. ..
  8. Lakshmanan A, Harima M, Suzuki K, Soetikno V, Nagata M, Nakamura T, et al. The hyperglycemia stimulated myocardial endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress contributes to diabetic cardiomyopathy in the transgenic non-obese type 2 diabetic rats: a differential role of unfolded protein response (UPR) signaling proteins. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2013;45:438-47 pubmed publisher
  9. Teixeira V, Jacq L, Lasbleiz S, Hilliquin P, Oliveira C, Cornelis F, et al. Genetic and expression analysis of CASP7 gene in a European Caucasian population with rheumatoid arthritis. J Rheumatol. 2008;35:1912-8 pubmed
    To study the possible role of the caspase 7 (CASP7) gene in susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in a European Caucasian population...
  10. Pennarun B, Meijer A, de Vries E, Kleibeuker J, Kruyt F, de Jong S. Playing the DISC: turning on TRAIL death receptor-mediated apoptosis in cancer. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2010;1805:123-40 pubmed publisher
    ..These insights will direct rational design of drug combinations with TRAIL receptor ligands to maximize DISC signaling. ..
  11. Chen Y, Yang S, Hueng D, Syu J, Liao C, Wu Y. Cordycepin induces apoptosis of C6 glioma cells through the adenosine 2A receptor-p53-caspase-7-PARP pathway. Chem Biol Interact. 2014;216:17-25 pubmed publisher
    ..These may provide a new strategy of cordycepin for glioma therapy in the future. ..
  12. Iglesias Guimarais V, Gil Guiñón E, Gabernet G, García Belinchón M, Sánchez Osuna M, Casanelles E, et al. Apoptotic DNA degradation into oligonucleosomal fragments, but not apoptotic nuclear morphology, relies on a cytosolic pool of DFF40/CAD endonuclease. J Biol Chem. 2012;287:7766-79 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, the cytosolic levels of DFF40/CAD are determinants in achieving a complete apoptotic phenotype, including oligonucleosomal DNA degradation. ..
  13. de la Cadena S, Hernández Fonseca K, Camacho Arroyo I, Massieu L. Glucose deprivation induces reticulum stress by the PERK pathway and caspase-7- and calpain-mediated caspase-12 activation. Apoptosis. 2014;19:414-27 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we show that calpain and caspase-7 are soon activated after GD and mediate caspase-12 activation and neuronal death. ..
  14. Larner S, McKinsey D, Hayes R, W Wang K. Caspase 7: increased expression and activation after traumatic brain injury in rats. J Neurochem. 2005;94:97-108 pubmed
    ..It has been suggested that caspase 7, an apoptosis executioner implicated in cell death proteolysis, is redundant to the main executioner caspase 3 ..
  15. Demon D, Van Damme P, Vanden Berghe T, Deceuninck A, Van Durme J, Verspurten J, et al. Proteome-wide substrate analysis indicates substrate exclusion as a mechanism to generate caspase-7 versus caspase-3 specificity. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2009;8:2700-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, specific cleavage by caspase-7 relies on excluding recognition by caspase-3 and not on increasing binding for caspase-7. ..
  16. Young J, Gouw L, Propp S, Sopher B, Taylor J, Lin A, et al. Proteolytic cleavage of ataxin-7 by caspase-7 modulates cellular toxicity and transcriptional dysregulation. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:30150-60 pubmed
    ..Our results, thus, suggest that proteolytic processing of ataxin-7 by caspase-7 may contribute to SCA7 disease pathogenesis. ..
  17. Lamkanfi M, Moreira L, Makena P, Spierings D, Boyd K, Murray P, et al. Caspase-7 deficiency protects from endotoxin-induced lymphocyte apoptosis and improves survival. Blood. 2009;113:2742-5 pubmed publisher
    ..These results reveal for the first time a nonredundant role for caspase-7 in vivo and identify caspase-7 inhibition as a component of the mechanism by which caspase inhibitors protect from endotoxin-induced mortality. ..
  18. Choudhury S, Bhootada Y, Gorbatyuk O, Gorbatyuk M. Caspase-7 ablation modulates UPR, reprograms TRAF2-JNK apoptosis and protects T17M rhodopsin mice from severe retinal degeneration. Cell Death Dis. 2013;4:e528 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, decline in activated PARP1 was detected in T17M RHO CASP-7 retina. Altogether, our findings indicate that the targeting of caspase-7 in T17M RHO mice could be a feasible therapeutic strategy for advanced stages of ADRP...
  19. Xia G, Zou Y, Wang Y, Xia Q, Lu B, Wang T, et al. Neural stem cells grafts decrease neural apoptosis associated with caspase-7 downregulation and BDNF upregulation in rats following spinal cord hemisection. Cell Mol Neurobiol. 2013;33:1013-22 pubmed publisher
    ..The present finding therefore provided crucial evidence to explain neuroprotective effect of NSCs grafts in hemisected spinal cord, which is associated with BDNF upregulation and caspase-7 downregulation. ..
  20. Lin Y, Lai T, Chang C, Chen C, Huang M, Yang C, et al. Targeting the XIAP/caspase-7 complex selectively kills caspase-3-deficient malignancies. J Clin Invest. 2013;123:3861-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Because CASP3/DR cancer cells rely heavily on the activity of caspase-7 (CASP7) to initiate apoptosis, inhibition of activated CASP7 (p19/p12-CASP7) by X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (..
  21. Chung L, Ng Y. Age-related alterations in expression of apoptosis regulatory proteins and heat shock proteins in rat skeletal muscle. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2006;1762:103-9 pubmed
    ..The increased expression of the HSPs suggests a relationship between HSPs and the aging-related apoptotic process. ..
  22. Prisciandaro L, Geier M, Chua A, Butler R, Cummins A, Sander G, et al. Probiotic factors partially prevent changes to caspases 3 and 7 activation and transepithelial electrical resistance in a model of 5-fluorouracil-induced epithelial cell damage. Support Care Cancer. 2012;20:3205-10 pubmed publisher
  23. Park K, Kang E, Jeon Y, Kim N, Kim N, Yoo H, et al. Identification of novel regulators of apoptosis using a high-throughput cell-based screen. Mol Cells. 2007;23:170-4 pubmed
    ..We conclude that a subcellular image-based apoptotic screen is useful for identifying genes with proapoptotic activity. ..