Gene Symbol: Bpifa1
Description: BPI fold containing family A, member 1
Alias: Plunc, BPI fold-containing family A member 1, ES cell-related protein, palate lung and nasal epithelium clone protein, palate, lung and nasal epithelium associated, palate, lung, and nasal epithelium carcinoma associated protein, palate, lung, and nasal epithelium expressed transcript, protein Plunc
Species: rat
Products:     Bpifa1

Top Publications

  1. Sung Y, Moon C, Yoo J, Moon C, Pearse D, Pevsner J, et al. Plunc, a member of the secretory gland protein family, is up-regulated in nasal respiratory epithelium after olfactory bulbectomy. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:12762-9 pubmed
    ..We isolated the rat homologue of plunc, a murine gene highly expressed in lung and nasopharyngeal regions, by this method...
  2. Lindahl M, Ståhlbom B, Tagesson C. Identification of a new potential airway irritation marker, palate lung nasal epithelial clone protein, in human nasal lavage fluid with two-dimensional electrophoresis and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight. Electrophoresis. 2001;22:1795-800 pubmed
    ..ESTs) determined after post-source decay (PSD) identified the protein as palate lung and nasal epithelial clone (PLUNC)...
  3. Liu Y, Bartlett J, Di M, Bomberger J, Chan Y, Gakhar L, et al. SPLUNC1/BPIFA1 contributes to pulmonary host defense against Klebsiella pneumoniae respiratory infection. Am J Pathol. 2013;182:1519-31 pubmed publisher
    ..The short palate, lung, nasal epithelium clone (PLUNC) 1 (SPLUNC1) protein is a member of the bactericidal/permeability-increasing (BPI) fold-containing (BPIF) protein ..
  4. Hobbs C, Blanchard M, Alijevic O, Tan C, Kellenberger S, Bencharit S, et al. Identification of the SPLUNC1 ENaC-inhibitory domain yields novel strategies to treat sodium hyperabsorption in cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cultures. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2013;305:L990-L1001 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the robust inhibition of ENaC by the S18 peptide suggests that this peptide may be suitable for treating CF lung disease. ..