Gene Symbol: LOC110527145
Description: parapinopsin-like
Alias: pp2, vispp, parapinopsin-like, visible light sensitive parapinopsin
Species: rainbow trout

Top Publications

  1. Koyanagi M, Wada S, Kawano Yamashita E, Hara Y, Kuraku S, Kosaka S, et al. Diversification of non-visual photopigment parapinopsin in spectral sensitivity for diverse pineal functions. BMC Biol. 2015;13:73 pubmed publisher
    ..Spectroscopic analyses of the recombinant pigments of the two teleost parapinopsins PP1 and PP2 revealed that PP1 is a UV-sensitive pigment, similar to lamprey parapinopsin, but PP2 is a blue-sensitive pigment, ..

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