Gene Symbol: TNNC2
Description: troponin C2, fast skeletal type
Alias: troponin C, skeletal muscle, fast skeletal muscle troponin C
Species: pig

Top Publications

  1. Lorkin P, Lehmann H. Malignant hyperthermia in pigs: a search for abnormalities in Ca2+ binding proteins. FEBS Lett. 1983;153:81-7 pubmed
    ..No differences between normal and abnormal pig muscle were found. Two-dimensional electrophoresis of red cell calmodulin from normal and abnormal pigs also failed to demonstrate a difference. ..
  2. Tian X, Chen Y, Ling F, Mei Y, Wang C, Luo Y, et al. [Cloning and expression of the pig fast skeletal muscle troponin C gene]. Yi Chuan. 2006;28:949-55 pubmed
    ..sequence tag (EST, accession number BM083186) was found to encode amino acid sequences with high homology to human TNNC2. In silico cloning obtained a 843 bp sequence which we named pig fast skeletal troponin C gene (TNNC2)...
  3. Li Y, Chen Y, Li J, Wang C, Liu X, Zhang H, et al. Molecular characterization, expression profile and polymorphisms of the porcine TNNC2 gene. Hereditas. 2008;145:274-82 pubmed publisher
    Fast skeletal troponin C (TNNC2) plays a key role in the regulation of muscle contraction, and modulates the Ca2+-activation characteristics of muscle fibers...