Gene Symbol: Yes1
Description: YES proto-oncogene 1, Src family tyrosine kinase
Alias: Yes, p61-Yes, tyrosine-protein kinase Yes, Yamaguchi sarcoma viral (v-yes) oncogene homolog 1, proto-oncogene c-Yes, proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase Yes, viral oncogene yes homolog
Species: mouse
Products:     Yes1

Top Publications

  1. DeFatta R, De Benedetti A. Translational upregulation of yes accompanies eIF4E-mediated oncogenic transformation. Int J Oncol. 2003;23:1709-13 pubmed
    ..Among these mRNAs, we now report the isolation of a clone corresponding to the src-like kinase yes. The yes mRNA contains a long 5'UTR with characteristic features of a typical translationally repressed transcript...
  2. Samarakoon R, Higgins S, Higgins C, Higgins P. TGF-beta1-induced plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 expression in vascular smooth muscle cells requires pp60(c-src)/EGFR(Y845) and Rho/ROCK signaling. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2008;44:527-38 pubmed publisher
  3. Ridgway R, Serrels B, Mason S, Kinnaird A, Muir M, Patel H, et al. Focal adhesion kinase is required for ?-catenin-induced mobilization of epidermal stem cells. Carcinogenesis. 2012;33:2369-76 pubmed publisher
    ..This provides the first evidence of cross-talk between integrin and Wnt signalling pathways in the control of epidermal stem cells and the early events associated with skin carcinogenesis. ..
  4. Thomas S, Brugge J. Cellular functions regulated by Src family kinases. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol. 1997;13:513-609 pubmed
  5. Versteeg H, Hoedemaeker I, Diks S, Stam J, Spaargaren M, van Bergen en Henegouwen P, et al. Factor VIIa/tissue factor-induced signaling via activation of Src-like kinases, phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, and Rac. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:28750-6 pubmed
    ..that factor VIIa (the natural ligand for TF) induces the activation of the Src family members c-Src, Lyn, and Yes, and subsequently phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K), followed by stimulation of c-Akt/protein kinase B as well ..
  6. Kitase Y, Shuler C. Palatal adhesion is dependent on Src family kinases and p38MAPK. Int J Dev Biol. 2014;58:335-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Src, Fyn and Yes subfamily members were expressed in the palatal tissue...
  7. Ballif B, Arnaud L, Arthur W, Guris D, Imamoto A, Cooper J. Activation of a Dab1/CrkL/C3G/Rap1 pathway in Reelin-stimulated neurons. Curr Biol. 2004;14:606-10 pubmed
    ..C3G and Rap1 regulate adhesion of fibroblasts and other cell types. Regulation of Crk/CrkL, C3G, and Rap1 by Reelin may be involved in coordinating neuron migrations during brain development. ..
  8. Bunda S, Heir P, Srikumar T, Cook J, Burrell K, Kano Y, et al. Src promotes GTPase activity of Ras via tyrosine 32 phosphorylation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:E3785-94 pubmed publisher
  9. Jin H, Lanning N, Carter Su C. JAK2, but not Src family kinases, is required for STAT, ERK, and Akt signaling in response to growth hormone in preadipocytes and hepatoma cells. Mol Endocrinol. 2008;22:1825-41 pubmed publisher
    ..robustly activates JAK2, STATs 3 and 5a/b, ERKs 1 and 2, and Akt in murine embryonic fibroblasts derived from Src/Yes/ Fyn triple-knockout embryos that lack known Src kinases...

More Information


  1. Smith C, Mittaud P, Prescott E, Fuhrer C, Burden S. Src, Fyn, and Yes are not required for neuromuscular synapse formation but are necessary for stabilization of agrin-induced clusters of acetylcholine receptors. J Neurosci. 2001;21:3151-60 pubmed
    Mice deficient in src and fyn or src and yes move and breathe poorly and die perinatally, consistent with defects in neuromuscular function...
  2. Tai G, Hohenstein P, Davies J. FAK-Src signalling is important to renal collecting duct morphogenesis: discovery using a hierarchical screening technique. Biol Open. 2013;2:416-23 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate the utility of the screen by using it to identify the FAK-Src-pathway signalling as being important for collecting duct development, specifically for the cell proliferation on which this development depends. ..
  3. Klages S, Adam D, Eiseman E, Fargnoli J, Dymecki S, Desiderio S, et al. Molecular cloning and analysis of cDNA encoding the murine c-yes tyrosine protein kinase. Oncogene. 1993;8:713-9 pubmed
    The cellular yes (c-yes) gene is a member of the class of proto-oncogenes that encode non-receptor tyrosine protein kinases...
  4. Sprowl J, Ong S, Gibson A, Hu S, Du G, Lin W, et al. A phosphotyrosine switch regulates organic cation transporters. Nat Commun. 2016;7:10880 pubmed publisher
    ..Mechanistic studies showed that these TKIs inhibit the Src family kinase Yes1, which was found to be essential for OCT2 tyrosine phosphorylation and function...
  5. Alexandropoulos K, Cheng G, Baltimore D. Proline-rich sequences that bind to Src homology 3 domains with individual specificities. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1995;92:3110-4 pubmed
    ..The rules governing in vivo usage of particular sites by particular SH3 domains are not clear, but one binding orientation may be more specific than another. ..
  6. Zheng Y, Peng M, Wang Z, Asara J, Tyner A. Protein tyrosine kinase 6 directly phosphorylates AKT and promotes AKT activation in response to epidermal growth factor. Mol Cell Biol. 2010;30:4280-92 pubmed publisher
    ..Using Src, Yes, and Fyn null mouse embryonic fibroblasts (SYF cells), we show that PTK6 phosphorylates AKT in a Src family kinase-..
  7. Ballif B, Arnaud L, Cooper J. Tyrosine phosphorylation of Disabled-1 is essential for Reelin-stimulated activation of Akt and Src family kinases. Brain Res Mol Brain Res. 2003;117:152-9 pubmed
  8. Arnaud L, Ballif B, Forster E, Cooper J. Fyn tyrosine kinase is a critical regulator of disabled-1 during brain development. Curr Biol. 2003;13:9-17 pubmed
    ..When fyn copy number is reduced, src, but not yes, becomes important, reflecting a partial redundancy between fyn and src...
  9. Verma R, Wharram B, Kovari I, Kunkel R, Nihalani D, Wary K, et al. Fyn binds to and phosphorylates the kidney slit diaphragm component Nephrin. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:20716-23 pubmed
    ..Nephrin fractionated in detergent-resistant glomerular membrane fractions with Fyn and Yes. Fyn directly bound Nephrin via its SH3 domain, and Fyn directly phosphorylated Nephrin...
  10. Zhang X, Meyn M, Smithgall T. c-Yes tyrosine kinase is a potent suppressor of ES cell differentiation and antagonizes the actions of its closest phylogenetic relative, c-Src. ACS Chem Biol. 2014;9:139-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we used ES cells to test the hypothesis that c-Src and its closest phylogenetic relative, c-Yes, act in biological opposition despite their strong homology...
  11. Sun Y, Ma Y, Huang J, Chen K, McGarrigle D, Huang X. Requirement of SRC-family tyrosine kinases in fat accumulation. Biochemistry. 2005;44:14455-62 pubmed
    ..We show that fibroblast cells deficient of three ubiquitously expressed Src-family members (Src, Yes, and Fyn), SYF cells, are refractory to hormonally induced fat accumulation...
  12. Liang Y, Dong Y, Zhao J, Li W. YES1 activation elicited by heat stress is anti-apoptotic in mouse pachytene spermatocytes. Biol Reprod. 2013;89:131 pubmed publisher
    ..Herein, YES1, a nonreceptor protein tyrosine kinase, was found to be significantly up-regulated in pachytene spermatocytes (PS) ..
  13. Gavard J, Patel V, Gutkind J. Angiopoietin-1 prevents VEGF-induced endothelial permeability by sequestering Src through mDia. Dev Cell. 2008;14:25-36 pubmed publisher
    ..This ultimately deprives VEGF receptors of an essential molecule required for promoting the disruption of endothelial cell-cell contacts and paracellular permeability. ..
  14. Abrami L, Kunz B, van der Goot F. Anthrax toxin triggers the activation of src-like kinases to mediate its own uptake. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:1420-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Consistently, we found that uptake of the anthrax toxin and processing of the lethal factor substrate MEK1 are inhibited by silencing of src and fyn, as well as in src and fyn knockout cells. ..
  15. Elbediwy A, Vincent Mistiaen Z, Spencer Dene B, Stone R, Boeing S, Wculek S, et al. Integrin signalling regulates YAP and TAZ to control skin homeostasis. Development. 2016;143:1674-87 pubmed publisher
    ..When columnar epithelial tumours lose their apical domain and become invasive, YAP/TAZ becomes nuclear and tumour growth becomes sensitive to the Src inhibitor Dasatinib...
  16. Giannatselis H, Calder M, Watson A. Ouabain stimulates a Na+/K+-ATPase-mediated SFK-activated signalling pathway that regulates tight junction function in the mouse blastocyst. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e23704 pubmed publisher
    ..We investigated the expression of SRC family kinase (SFK) members, Src and Yes, during preimplantation development and determined whether SFK activity is required for blastocyst formation...
  17. Eliceiri B, Paul R, Schwartzberg P, Hood J, Leng J, Cheresh D. Selective requirement for Src kinases during VEGF-induced angiogenesis and vascular permeability. Mol Cell. 1999;4:915-24 pubmed
    ..mice lacking individual Src family kinases (SFKs) showed normal angiogenesis, mice deficient in pp60c-src or pp62c-yes showed no VEGF-induced vascular permeability (VP), yet fyn-/- mice displayed normal VP...
  18. Luton F, Verges M, Vaerman J, Sudol M, Mostov K. The SRC family protein tyrosine kinase p62yes controls polymeric IgA transcytosis in vivo. Mol Cell. 1999;4:627-32 pubmed
    ..Analysis of p62yes knockout mice revealed a dramatic reduction in the association of tyrosine kinase activity with the pIgR and in transcytosis of pIgA. We conclude that p62yes controls pIgA transcytosis in vivo. ..
  19. Fowler K, Newson A, MacDonald A, Kalitsis P, Lyu M, Kozak C, et al. Chromosomal localization of mouse Cenpa gene. Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1997;79:298-301 pubmed
    ..A (Cenpa) probe, we have localized the gene to the proximal region of mouse Chromosome 5, between the known Il6 and Yes1 loci near [Adra2C-D5H4S43-Hdh]...
  20. Pijuan Galitó S, Tamm C, Annerén C. Serum Inter-α-inhibitor activates the Yes tyrosine kinase and YAP/TEAD transcriptional complex in mouse embryonic stem cells. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:33492-502 pubmed publisher
    We have previously demonstrated that the Src family kinase Yes, the Yes-associated protein (YAP) and TEA domain TEAD2 transcription factor pathway are activated by leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and contribute to mouse embryonic stem (..
  21. Riento K, Frick M, Schafer I, Nichols B. Endocytosis of flotillin-1 and flotillin-2 is regulated by Fyn kinase. J Cell Sci. 2009;122:912-8 pubmed publisher
    ..EGF-induced flotillin internalisation, and EGF-induced internalisation does not occur in SYF cells lacking Src, Yes and Fyn. Expression of Fyn, but not Src or Yes, restores EGF-induced internalisation in SYF cells...
  22. Guy C, Muthuswamy S, Cardiff R, Soriano P, Muller W. Activation of the c-Src tyrosine kinase is required for the induction of mammary tumors in transgenic mice. Genes Dev. 1994;8:23-32 pubmed attributed to its ability to associate with and to activate a number of c-Src family tyrosine kinases (c-Src, c-Yes, and Fyn)...
  23. Acevedo L, Barillas S, Weis S, Gothert J, Cheresh D. Semaphorin 3A suppresses VEGF-mediated angiogenesis yet acts as a vascular permeability factor. Blood. 2008;111:2674-80 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings define a novel role for Sema3A both as a selective inhibitor of VEGF-mediated angiogenesis and a potent inducer of VP. ..
  24. Fuhrer D, Yang Y. Complex formation of JAK2 with PP2A, P13K, and Yes in response to the hematopoietic cytokine interleukin-11. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1996;224:289-96 pubmed
    ..We present evidence here for the IL-11 induced association of PP2A, P13K, and Yes to JAK2...
  25. Ishino M, Ohba T, Sasaki H, Sasaki T. Molecular cloning of a cDNA encoding a phosphoprotein, Efs, which contains a Src homology 3 domain and associates with Fyn. Oncogene. 1995;11:2331-8 pubmed
    ..In an in vitro kinase assay with the PCC4 cell lysate, Efs became phosphorylated on tyrosine residues and coprecipitated with p59fyn and p62yes; the result suggests that Efs is a physiological substrate of these PTKs. ..
  26. Huang J, Sakai R, Furuichi T. The docking protein Cas links tyrosine phosphorylation signaling to elongation of cerebellar granule cell axons. Mol Biol Cell. 2006;17:3187-96 pubmed
    ..These findings demonstrate that Cas acts as a key scaffold that links the proteins associated with tyrosine phosphorylation signaling pathways to the granule cell axon elongation. ..
  27. Kleber S, Sancho Martinez I, Wiestler B, Beisel A, Gieffers C, Hill O, et al. Yes and PI3K bind CD95 to signal invasion of glioblastoma. Cancer Cell. 2008;13:235-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Binding of CD95 Ligand to CD95 on glioblastoma cells recruits the Src family member Yes and the p85 subunit of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase to CD95, which signal invasion via the glycogen synthase ..
  28. Liu W, Monahan K, Pfefferle A, Shimamura T, Sorrentino J, Chan K, et al. LKB1/STK11 inactivation leads to expansion of a prometastatic tumor subpopulation in melanoma. Cancer Cell. 2012;21:751-64 pubmed publisher
    ..LKB1 deficiency resulted in increased phosphorylation of the SRC family kinase (SFK) YES, increased expression of WNT target genes, and expansion of a CD24(+) cell population, which showed increased ..
  29. Kuo G, Arnaud L, Kronstad O Brien P, Cooper J. Absence of Fyn and Src causes a reeler-like phenotype. J Neurosci. 2005;25:8578-86 pubmed
    ..This implies that Src and Fyn are needed for Reelin-dependent events during brain development...
  30. Sandilands E, Brunton V, Frame M. The membrane targeting and spatial activation of Src, Yes and Fyn is influenced by palmitoylation and distinct RhoB/RhoD endosome requirements. J Cell Sci. 2007;120:2555-64 pubmed
    ..We show here that although two other ubiquitous Src family kinases (SFKs) Yes and Fyn also require intact actin filaments for peripheral membrane targeting, they display distinct spatial ..
  31. Hebert B, Bergeron J, Tijssen P, Potworowski E. Protein tyrosine kinases transcribed in a murine thymic medullary epithelial cell line. Gene. 1994;143:257-60 pubmed
    ..Among the 13 distinct PTK catalytic domains identified in E-5 cells, two were novel: they were encoded by eteck, a member of the eph sub-family of PTKs, and thy, a member of the src sub-family of PTKs. ..
  32. Ohkawa Y, Momota H, Kato A, Hashimoto N, Tsuda Y, Kotani N, et al. Ganglioside GD3 Enhances Invasiveness of Gliomas by Forming a Complex with Platelet-derived Growth Factor Receptor α and Yes Kinase. J Biol Chem. 2015;290:16043-58 pubmed publisher
    ..astrocytes exhibited increased cell growth and invasion activities along with elevated phosphorylation of Akt and Yes kinase...
  33. Tamm C, Böwer N, Annerén C. Regulation of mouse embryonic stem cell self-renewal by a Yes-YAP-TEAD2 signaling pathway downstream of LIF. J Cell Sci. 2011;124:1136-44 pubmed publisher
    The cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase Yes has previously been shown to have an important role in maintaining mouse and human embryonic stem (ES) self-renewal through an unknown pathway downstream of leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and one or ..
  34. Greenberg R, Bernstein A, Benezra M, Gelman I, Taliana L, Masur S. FAK-dependent regulation of myofibroblast differentiation. FASEB J. 2006;20:1006-8 pubmed
    ..FAK activation could contribute to regulating myofibroblast differentiation, thereby ameliorating fibrosis. ..
  35. Scheppke L, Aguilar E, Gariano R, Jacobson R, Hood J, Doukas J, et al. Retinal vascular permeability suppression by topical application of a novel VEGFR2/Src kinase inhibitor in mice and rabbits. J Clin Invest. 2008;118:2337-46 pubmed publisher
    ..VEGF injection or laser-induced vascular permeability failed to augment retinal vascular permeability in Src-/- and Yes-/- mice (Src and Yes are ubiquitously expressed Src kinase family members; Src-/- and Yes-/- mice lacking ..
  36. Dymecki S, Niederhuber J, Desiderio S. Specific expression of a tyrosine kinase gene, blk, in B lymphoid cells. Science. 1990;247:332-6 pubmed
    ..In the mouse and among cell lines, blk is specifically expressed in the B cell lineage. The tyrosine kinase encoded by blk may function in a signal transduction pathway that is restricted to B lymphoid cells. ..
  37. Slanina H, König A, Hebling S, Hauck C, Frosch M, Schubert Unkmeir A. Entry of Neisseria meningitidis into mammalian cells requires the Src family protein tyrosine kinases. Infect Immun. 2010;78:1905-14 pubmed publisher
    ..meningitidis into brain endothelial cells. ..
  38. Chen S, Khanna R, Bessette D, Samayawardhena L, Pallen C. Protein tyrosine phosphatase-alpha complexes with the IGF-I receptor and undergoes IGF-I-stimulated tyrosine phosphorylation that mediates cell migration. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2009;297:C133-9 pubmed publisher
  39. Imamura T, Huang J, Dalle S, Ugi S, Usui I, Luttrell L, et al. beta -Arrestin-mediated recruitment of the Src family kinase Yes mediates endothelin-1-stimulated glucose transport. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:43663-7 pubmed
    ..To determine which Src family kinase member was involved, we microinjected anti-c-Src, -c-Fyn, or -c-Yes antibody into these cells and found that only anti-c-Yes antibody blocked GLUT4 translocation (70% decreased)...
  40. Bi Y, Mukhopadhyay D, Drinane M, Ji B, Li X, Cao S, et al. Endocytosis of collagen by hepatic stellate cells regulates extracellular matrix dynamics. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2014;307:C622-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Primary human HSCs, LX2, or mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) [wild-type; c-abl(-/-); or Yes, Src, and Fyn knockout mice (YSF(-/-))] were incubated with fluorescent-labeled collagen or gelatin...
  41. Stein P, Vogel H, Soriano P. Combined deficiencies of Src, Fyn, and Yes tyrosine kinases in mutant mice. Genes Dev. 1994;8:1999-2007 pubmed
    Three members of the Src family of tyrosine kinases, src, fyn, and yes, are broadly expressed throughout mouse development...
  42. McGinnis L, Albertini D, Kinsey W. Localized activation of Src-family protein kinases in the mouse egg. Dev Biol. 2007;306:241-54 pubmed
    ..proteins, an antibody to the activated form of Src-family PTKs was used to localize activated Src, Fyn or Yes. Activated Src-family kinases were found to be strongly associated with the meiotic spindle at all stages of ..
  43. Klinghoffer R, Sachsenmaier C, Cooper J, Soriano P. Src family kinases are required for integrin but not PDGFR signal transduction. EMBO J. 1999;18:2459-71 pubmed
    ..We have generated mouse embryos harboring functional null mutations of the ubiquitously expressed SFKs Src, Yes and Fyn. This triple mutation leads to severe developmental defects and lethality by E9.5...
  44. Suzuki A, Kadota N, Hara T, Nakagami Y, Izumi T, Takenawa T, et al. Meltrin alpha cytoplasmic domain interacts with SH3 domains of Src and Grb2 and is phosphorylated by v-Src. Oncogene. 2000;19:5842-50 pubmed
    ..The SH3 domains of Src and Yes bound strongly, but that of Abl or phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase p85 subunit did not...
  45. Kao T, Palmesino E, Kania A. SRC family kinases are required for limb trajectory selection by spinal motor axons. J Neurosci. 2009;29:5690-700 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, our findings demonstrate that SFKs are essential for motor axon guidance and suggest that they play an important role in relaying ephrin:Eph signals that mediate the selection of motor axon trajectory in the limb. ..
  46. Godeny M, Sayeski P. ANG II-induced cell proliferation is dually mediated by c-Src/Yes/Fyn-regulated ERK1/2 activation in the cytoplasm and PKCzeta-controlled ERK1/2 activity within the nucleus. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2006;291:C1297-307 pubmed
    ..Here, we investigated the signaling events leading to ANG II-induced ERK1/2 activation using a c-Src/Yes/Fyn tyrosine kinase-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) cell line stably transfected with the AT(1)R (SYF/AT(..
  47. Larsen N, Womack J, Kirkpatrick B. Seven genes from human chromosome 18 map to chromosome 24 in the bovine. Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1996;73:184-6 pubmed
    ..These STSs were used for synteny mapping, and all seven genes were syntenic with markers of bovine chromosome (BTA) 24. The concordance with BTA 24 was at least 96.5% for all genes. ..
  48. Sperber B, Boyle Walsh E, Engleka M, Gadue P, Peterson A, Stein P, et al. A unique role for Fyn in CNS myelination. J Neurosci. 2001;21:2039-47 pubmed
    ..Src, but there was no significant reduction of myelin content in null mutants lacking the Fyn-related kinases Src, Yes, or Lyn...
  49. Samarakoon R, Chitnis S, Higgins S, Higgins C, Krepinsky J, Higgins P. Redox-induced Src kinase and caveolin-1 signaling in TGF-?1-initiated SMAD2/3 activation and PAI-1 expression. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e22896 pubmed publisher
    ..The markedly increased PPM1A levels in triple Src kinase (c-Src, Yes, Fyn)-null fibroblasts are consistent with reductions in both SMAD3 phosphorylation and PAI-1 expression in ..