Gene Symbol: Wnt8b
Description: wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 8B
Alias: protein Wnt-8b, wingless related MMTV integration site 8b
Species: mouse
Products:     Wnt8b

Top Publications

  1. Varlet I, Collignon J, Robertson E. nodal expression in the primitive endoderm is required for specification of the anterior axis during mouse gastrulation. Development. 1997;124:1033-44 pubmed
    ..Thus we conclude that the action of nodal, a TGFbeta-related growth factor expressed in the primitive endoderm, is critical for patterning of the anterior aspects of the A-P axis. ..
  2. Liu H, Mohamed O, Dufort D, Wallace V. Characterization of Wnt signaling components and activation of the Wnt canonical pathway in the murine retina. Dev Dyn. 2003;227:323-34 pubmed
  3. Varlet I, Collignon J, Norris D, Robertson E. Nodal signaling and axis formation in the mouse. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 1997;62:105-13 pubmed
  4. Roy A, Gonzalez Gomez M, Pierani A, Meyer G, Tole S. Lhx2 regulates the development of the forebrain hem system. Cereb Cortex. 2014;24:1361-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Since all components of the forebrain hem system have been identified across several vertebrate species, the mechanisms that regulate them may have played a fundamental role in driving key aspects of forebrain evolution. ..
  5. Richardson M, Redmond D, Watson C, Mason J. Mouse Wnt8B is expressed in the developing forebrain and maps to chromosome 19. Mamm Genome. 1999;10:923-5 pubmed
  6. Smith R, Huang Y, Tian T, Vojtasova D, Mesalles Naranjo O, Pollard S, et al. The Transcription Factor Foxg1 Promotes Optic Fissure Closure in the Mouse by Suppressing Wnt8b in the Nasal Optic Stalk. J Neurosci. 2017;37:7975-7993 pubmed publisher
    ..i>Foxg1-/- mutant mice have microphthalmic eyes with a large ventral coloboma. We found Wnt8b expression upregulated in the Foxg1-/- optic stalk and hypothesized that, similar to what is ..
  7. Zhang T, Hoffman B, Ruiz de Algara T, Helgason C. SAGE reveals expression of Wnt signalling pathway members during mouse prostate development. Gene Expr Patterns. 2006;6:310-24 pubmed
    ..These studies provide the first evidence that Wnt pathway members are expressed in the developing prostate. Functional analyses are now required to establish the biological significance of this observation. ..
  8. Caronia Brown G, Anderegg A, Awatramani R. Expression and functional analysis of the Wnt/beta-catenin induced mir-135a-2 locus in embryonic forebrain development. Neural Dev. 2016;11:9 pubmed publisher
    ..All together, our data suggests the existence of a Wnt/miR-135a auto-regulatory loop, which could serve to limit the extent, the duration and/or intensity of the Wnt and, possibly, the TGF?/BMP pathways. ..
  9. Hasenpusch Theil K, Watson J, Theil T. Direct Interactions Between Gli3, Wnt8b, and Fgfs Underlie Patterning of the Dorsal Telencephalon. Cereb Cortex. 2017;27:1137-1148 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that Fgf signaling is required for Wnt8b enhancer activity in the cortical hem, whereas Wnt/β-catenin signaling represses Fgf17 forebrain enhancer ..

More Information


  1. Uusitalo M, Heikkilä M, Vainio S. Molecular genetic studies of Wnt signaling in the mouse. Exp Cell Res. 1999;253:336-48 pubmed
  2. Kitamura K, Yanazawa M, Sugiyama N, Miura H, Iizuka Kogo A, Kusaka M, et al. Mutation of ARX causes abnormal development of forebrain and testes in mice and X-linked lissencephaly with abnormal genitalia in humans. Nat Genet. 2002;32:359-69 pubmed
    ..The present report is, to our knowledge, the first to use phenotypic analysis of a knockout mouse to identify a gene associated with an X-linked human brain malformation...
  3. Paek H, Antoine M, Diaz F, Hebert J. Increased ?-catenin activity in the anterior neural plate induces ectopic mid-hindbrain characteristics. Dev Dyn. 2012;241:242-6 pubmed publisher
  4. Mohamed O, Dufort D, Clarke H. Expression and estradiol regulation of Wnt genes in the mouse blastocyst identify a candidate pathway for embryo-maternal signaling at implantation. Biol Reprod. 2004;71:417-24 pubmed
  5. Fotaki V, Larralde O, Zeng S, McLaughlin D, Nichols J, Price D, et al. Loss of Wnt8b has no overt effect on hippocampus development but leads to altered Wnt gene expression levels in dorsomedial telencephalon. Dev Dyn. 2010;239:284-296 pubmed publisher
    Wnt signalling proteins regulate many aspects of animal development. We have investigated the function of mouse Wnt8b during forebrain development...
  6. Fuccillo M, Rutlin M, Fishell G. Removal of Pax6 partially rescues the loss of ventral structures in Shh null mice. Cereb Cortex. 2006;16 Suppl 1:i96-102 pubmed
    ..Together, our findings are consistent with Pax6 function being required for aspects of Gli3-mediated telencephalic patterning. ..
  7. Tole S, Gutin G, Bhatnagar L, Remedios R, Hebert J. Development of midline cell types and commissural axon tracts requires Fgfr1 in the cerebrum. Dev Biol. 2006;289:141-51 pubmed
  8. Bluske K, Kawakami Y, Koyano Nakagawa N, Nakagawa Y. Differential activity of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in the embryonic mouse thalamus. Dev Dyn. 2009;238:3297-309 pubmed publisher
    ..Analysis of mice with enhanced or reduced Shh signal showed that Axin2 expression is similar to controls. These results suggest that differential Wnt signaling may play a role in patterning the thalamus independent of Shh signaling. ..
  9. Godbole G, Roy A, Shetty A, Tole S. Novel functions of LHX2 and PAX6 in the developing telencephalon revealed upon combined loss of both genes. Neural Dev. 2017;12:19 pubmed publisher
  10. Miller S, Summerhurst K, Rünker A, Kerjan G, Friedel R, Chedotal A, et al. Expression of Plxdc2/TEM7R in the developing nervous system of the mouse. Gene Expr Patterns. 2007;7:635-44 pubmed
    ..expression in the embryonic brain with the much more restricted expression of the related gene Plxdc1 and with members of the Wnt family (Wnt3a, Wnt5a and Wnt8b) that show a striking overlap with Plxdc2 expression in certain areas.
  11. Paek H, Gutin G, Hebert J. FGF signaling is strictly required to maintain early telencephalic precursor cell survival. Development. 2009;136:2457-65 pubmed publisher
  12. Hansen G, Tackles D, Schwartz C, Justice M. A mouse chromosome 19 genetic map including the Lvis1 viral insertion site. Genomics. 1999;56:228-31 pubmed
    ..relative to 20 gene and microsatellite markers, 3 of which have not been mapped in the mouse (Nfkb2, Nlz, and Wnt8b)...
  13. Theil T, Aydin S, Koch S, Grotewold L, Ruther U. Wnt and Bmp signalling cooperatively regulate graded Emx2 expression in the dorsal telencephalon. Development. 2002;129:3045-54 pubmed
    ..These results establish Emx2 as a direct transcriptional target of Wnt and Bmp signalling and provide insights into a genetic hierarchy involving Gli3, Emx2 and Bmp and Wnt genes in the control of dorsal telencephalic development. ..
  14. Vyas A, Saha B, Lai E, Tole S. Paleocortex is specified in mice in which dorsal telencephalic patterning is severely disrupted. J Comp Neurol. 2003;466:545-53 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, our in vitro data reveal that, if mechanisms outside the lateral telencephalon are involved in the specification of the paleocortex, they must act extremely early, prior to E10.5. ..
  15. Lickert H, Kispert A, Kutsch S, Kemler R. Expression patterns of Wnt genes in mouse gut development. Mech Dev. 2001;105:181-4 pubmed
    ..5. Wnt11 is highly expressed at the gastro-esophageal junctions, while Wnt4 is found in the epithelium lining the pyloric region of the stomach but not in the epithelium of the prospective gland region. ..
  16. Theil T. Gli3 is required for the specification and differentiation of preplate neurons. Dev Biol. 2005;286:559-71 pubmed
  17. Martinez Ferre A, Martinez S. The development of the thalamic motor learning area is regulated by Fgf8 expression. J Neurosci. 2009;29:13389-400 pubmed publisher
    ..This region specializes to permit the development of adaptive control of the motor function in the vertebrate brain. ..
  18. Ueta E, Kurome M, Teshima Y, Kodama M, Otsuka Y, Naruse I. Altered signaling pathway in the dysmorphogenesis of telencephalon in the Gli3 depressed mouse embryo, Pdn/Pdn. Congenit Anom (Kyoto). 2008;48:74-80 pubmed publisher
    ..From these genes, we further investigated Gli3, Emx2, Wnt8b and Wnt7b gene expressions using real-time PCR and WISH, and depression of these gene expression amounts and ..
  19. Loureiro J. The Wnts. Curr Biol. 1999;9:R4 pubmed
  20. Ji W, Herron B, Jones J, Jenkins N, Gilbert D, Copeland N, et al. Identification of genes within the Krd deletion on mouse chromosome 19. Mamm Genome. 1999;10:399-401 pubmed
  21. Lee S, Tole S, Grove E, McMahon A. A local Wnt-3a signal is required for development of the mammalian hippocampus. Development. 2000;127:457-67 pubmed
    ..Thus, Wnt-3a signaling is crucial for the normal growth of the hippocampus. We suggest that the coordination of growth with patterning may be a general role for Wnts during vertebrate development. ..
  22. Amaniti E, Hasenpusch Theil K, Li Z, Magnani D, Kessaris N, Mason J, et al. Gli3 is required in Emx1+ progenitors for the development of the corpus callosum. Dev Biol. 2013;376:113-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, these data demonstrate a crucial role for Gli3 in cortical progenitors to control CC formation and indicate how defects in CSB formation affect the positioning of callosal guidepost cells. ..
  23. Liu W, Lagutin O, Swindell E, Jamrich M, Oliver G. Neuroretina specification in mouse embryos requires Six3-mediated suppression of Wnt8b in the anterior neural plate. J Clin Invest. 2010;120:3568-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Ectopic rostral expansion of Wnt8b expression was the major response to Six3 deletion and the leading cause for the specific lack of neuroretina, as ..
  24. Visel A, Taher L, Girgis H, May D, Golonzhka O, Hoch R, et al. A high-resolution enhancer atlas of the developing telencephalon. Cell. 2013;152:895-908 pubmed publisher
    ..These data provide a primary resource for investigating gene regulatory mechanisms of telencephalon development and enable studies of the role of distant-acting enhancers in neurodevelopmental disorders. ..
  25. Ashique A, Choe Y, Karlen M, May S, Phamluong K, Solloway M, et al. The Rfx4 transcription factor modulates Shh signaling by regional control of ciliogenesis. Sci Signal. 2009;2:ra70 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data indicate that Rfx4 is a regionally specific transcriptional regulator of ciliogenesis and thus is also a regionally specific modulator of Shh signaling during development of the central nervous system. ..
  26. Neumann P, Koch S, Hilgarth R, Perez Chanona E, Denning P, Jobin C, et al. Gut commensal bacteria and regional Wnt gene expression in the proximal versus distal colon. Am J Pathol. 2014;184:592-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Several Wnt agonists (Wnt5a, Wnt8b, and Wnt11), the Wnt receptor frizzled family receptor 3, and the Wnt inhibitory factor 1 were differentially ..
  27. Storm E, Garel S, Borello U, Hebert J, Martinez S, McConnell S, et al. Dose-dependent functions of Fgf8 in regulating telencephalic patterning centers. Development. 2006;133:1831-44 pubmed
    ..In addition, alterations in the expression of Bmp4, Wnt8b, Nkx2.1 and Shh are associated with abnormal development of dorsal and ventral structures...
  28. Muzio L, Di Benedetto B, DiBenedetto B, Stoykova A, Boncinelli E, Gruss P, et al. Emx2 and Pax6 control regionalization of the pre-neuronogenic cortical primordium. Cereb Cortex. 2002;12:129-39 pubmed
  29. Yu X, Wang Y, Jiang M, Bierie B, Roy Burman P, Shen M, et al. Activation of beta-Catenin in mouse prostate causes HGPIN and continuous prostate growth after castration. Prostate. 2009;69:249-62 pubmed publisher
  30. Muzio L, Mallamaci A. Foxg1 confines Cajal-Retzius neuronogenesis and hippocampal morphogenesis to the dorsomedial pallium. J Neurosci. 2005;25:4435-41 pubmed
    ..Remarkably, in the absence of Foxg1, additional inactivation of the medial fates promoter Emx2, although not suppressing cortical specification, conversely rescues overproduction of Reelin(on) neurons. ..
  31. da Silva F, Rocha A, Motamedi F, Massa F, Basboga C, Morrison H, et al. Coronary Artery Formation Is Driven by Localized Expression of R-spondin3. Cell Rep. 2017;20:1745-1754 pubmed publisher
    ..These results identify a mechanism through which localized expression of RSPO3 induces proliferation of the coronary arteries at their stems and permits their formation. ..
  32. Wilde J, Siegenthaler J, Dent S, Niswander L. Diencephalic Size Is Restricted by a Novel Interplay Between GCN5 Acetyltransferase Activity and Retinoic Acid Signaling. J Neurosci. 2017;37:2565-2579 pubmed publisher
  33. Geng X, Acosta S, Lagutin O, Gil H, Oliver G. Six3 dosage mediates the pathogenesis of holoprosencephaly. Development. 2016;143:4462-4473 pubmed
    ..Consistent with these results, in vivo activation of the Shh signaling pathway rescued the semilobar phenotype but not the alobar phenotype. Our findings show that variations in Six3 dosage result in different forms of HPE. ..
  34. Tole S, Ragsdale C, Grove E. Dorsoventral patterning of the telencephalon is disrupted in the mouse mutant extra-toes(J). Dev Biol. 2000;217:254-65 pubmed
    ..Our findings suggest that in dorsal telencephalon Gli3 is needed to repress ventral telencephalic identity. ..
  35. Merki E, Zamora M, Raya A, Kawakami Y, Wang J, Zhang X, et al. Epicardial retinoid X receptor alpha is required for myocardial growth and coronary artery formation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005;102:18455-60 pubmed
  36. Barber M, Arai Y, Morishita Y, Vigier L, Causeret F, Borello U, et al. Migration Speed of Cajal-Retzius Cells Modulated by Vesicular Trafficking Controls the Size of Higher-Order Cortical Areas. Curr Biol. 2015;25:2466-78 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings thus identify novel roles for neuronal migration and VAMP3-dependent vesicular trafficking in cortical wiring. ..
  37. Sakurai Y, Kurokawa D, Kiyonari H, Kajikawa E, Suda Y, Aizawa S. Otx2 and Otx1 protect diencephalon and mesencephalon from caudalization into metencephalon during early brain regionalization. Dev Biol. 2010;347:392-403 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, the medial pallium requires Otx1 and Otx2 for its development later than E9.5, and the Otx2 expression in diencepalon and mesencephalon later than E9.5 is also directed by an enhancer other than FM1 and FM2 enhancers. ..
  38. Agalliu D, Takada S, Agalliu I, McMahon A, Jessell T. Motor neurons with axial muscle projections specified by Wnt4/5 signaling. Neuron. 2009;61:708-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, two dorsoventral signaling pathways, mediated by Shh and Wnt4/5, are required to establish an early binary divergence in motor neuron columnar identity. ..
  39. Reddy S, Andl T, Bagasra A, Lu M, Epstein D, Morrisey E, et al. Characterization of Wnt gene expression in developing and postnatal hair follicles and identification of Wnt5a as a target of Sonic hedgehog in hair follicle morphogenesis. Mech Dev. 2001;107:69-82 pubmed
    ..These results identify candidates for several key follicular signals and suggest that WNT and SHH signaling pathways interact to regulate hair follicle morphogenesis. ..
  40. Weidenfeld J, Shu W, Zhang L, Millar S, Morrisey E. The WNT7b promoter is regulated by TTF-1, GATA6, and Foxa2 in lung epithelium. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:21061-70 pubmed
    ..Together, these results suggest that WNT7b gene expression in the lung epithelium is regulated in a combinatorial fashion by TTF-1, GATA6, and Foxa2. ..
  41. Dabdoub A, Donohue M, Brennan A, Wolf V, Montcouquiol M, Sassoon D, et al. Wnt signaling mediates reorientation of outer hair cell stereociliary bundles in the mammalian cochlea. Development. 2003;130:2375-84 pubmed
    ..We propose that Wnt signaling across the region of developing outer hair cells gives rise to planar polarity in the mammalian cochlea. ..
  42. Herron B, Bryda E, Heverly S, Collins D, Flaherty L. Scraggly, a new hair loss mutation on mouse chromosome 19. Mamm Genome. 1999;10:864-9 pubmed
    ..Allelism tests between sgl and asebia (ab), another hair loss mutation on mouse Chr 19, showed that these genes were separate and distinct. ..
  43. Martynoga B, Morrison H, Price D, Mason J. Foxg1 is required for specification of ventral telencephalon and region-specific regulation of dorsal telencephalic precursor proliferation and apoptosis. Dev Biol. 2005;283:113-27 pubmed
  44. Solloway M, Robertson E. Early embryonic lethality in Bmp5;Bmp7 double mutant mice suggests functional redundancy within the 60A subgroup. Development. 1999;126:1753-68 pubmed
    ..These findings are discussed with respect to potential mechanisms underlying cooperative signaling by multiple members of the TGF-beta superfamily. ..
  45. Lako M, Lindsay S, Bullen P, Wilson D, Robson S, Strachan T. A novel mammalian wnt gene, WNT8B, shows brain-restricted expression in early development, with sharply delimited expression boundaries in the developing forebrain. Hum Mol Genet. 1998;7:813-22 pubmed
    ..previously described cloning, subchromosomal localization and preliminary structural characterization of the human WNT8B gene, the first mammalian Wnt8b gene to be reported...
  46. Muzio L, Mallamaci A. Emx1, emx2 and pax6 in specification, regionalization and arealization of the cerebral cortex. Cereb Cortex. 2003;13:641-7 pubmed
  47. Fotaki V, Price D, Mason J. Wnt/?-catenin signaling is disrupted in the extra-toes (Gli3(Xt/Xt) ) mutant from early stages of forebrain development, concomitant with anterior neural plate patterning defects. J Comp Neurol. 2011;519:1640-57 pubmed publisher
    ..This is accompanied by a severe reduction in expression of Wnt7b and Wnt8b at the lateral edges of the anterior neural plate that will give rise to the pallium...
  48. Liu W. Focus on molecules: Wnt8b: a suppressor of early eye and retinal progenitor formation. Exp Eye Res. 2012;101:113-4 pubmed publisher
  49. Ang S, Stump R, Lovicu F, McAvoy J. Spatial and temporal expression of Wnt and Dickkopf genes during murine lens development. Gene Expr Patterns. 2004;4:289-95 pubmed
    ..In situ hybridisation showed that Wnt5a, Wnt5b, Wnt7a, Wnt7b, Wnt8a and Wnt8b genes are expressed throughout the early lens primordia. At embryonic day 14.5 (E14...
  50. Hanashima C, Fernandes M, Hebert J, Fishell G. The role of Foxg1 and dorsal midline signaling in the generation of Cajal-Retzius subtypes. J Neurosci. 2007;27:11103-11 pubmed
  51. Rash B, Grove E. Shh and Gli3 regulate formation of the telencephalic-diencephalic junction and suppress an isthmus-like signaling source in the forebrain. Dev Biol. 2011;359:242-50 pubmed publisher
    ..That optional signaling centers are actively repressed in normal development is a striking new insight into the processes of vertebrate brain development. ..