Gene Symbol: Wnt6
Description: wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 6
Alias: AA409270, Wnt-6, protein Wnt-6, wingless-related MMTV integration site 6
Species: mouse
Products:     Wnt6

Top Publications

  1. Urness L, Paxton C, Wang X, Schoenwolf G, Mansour S. FGF signaling regulates otic placode induction and refinement by controlling both ectodermal target genes and hindbrain Wnt8a. Dev Biol. 2010;340:595-604 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our results suggest that Wnt8a provides the link between FGF-induced formation of the pre-otic field and restriction of the otic placode to ectoderm adjacent to the hindbrain. ..
  2. Wang Q, Lu J, Zhang S, Wang S, Wang W, Wang B, et al. Wnt6 is essential for stromal cell proliferation during decidualization in mice. Biol Reprod. 2013;88:5 pubmed publisher
    ..Utilizing Wnt6-mutant mice, we show here that Wnt6 deficiency impairs stromal cell proliferation without much adverse effects on ..
  3. Parr B, Shea M, Vassileva G, McMahon A. Mouse Wnt genes exhibit discrete domains of expression in the early embryonic CNS and limb buds. Development. 1993;119:247-61 pubmed
    ..We discuss the significance of these patterns of restricted and partially overlapping domains of expression with respect to the putative function of Wnt signalling in early CNS and limb development. ..
  4. Uusitalo M, Heikkilä M, Vainio S. Molecular genetic studies of Wnt signaling in the mouse. Exp Cell Res. 1999;253:336-48 pubmed
  5. Porntaveetus T, Ohazama A, Choi H, Herz J, Sharpe P. Wnt signaling in the murine diastema. Eur J Orthod. 2012;34:518-24 pubmed publisher
    ..The expression of Wnt6 and Wnt11 was found in both tissues...
  6. Mohamed O, Dufort D, Clarke H. Expression and estradiol regulation of Wnt genes in the mouse blastocyst identify a candidate pathway for embryo-maternal signaling at implantation. Biol Reprod. 2004;71:417-24 pubmed
  7. Schaale K, Brandenburg J, Kispert A, Leitges M, Ehlers S, Reiling N. Wnt6 is expressed in granulomatous lesions of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected mice and is involved in macrophage differentiation and proliferation. J Immunol. 2013;191:5182-95 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we show that Wnt6 is expressed in granulomatous lesions in the lung of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected mice...
  8. Weber Hall S, Phippard D, Niemeyer C, Dale T. Developmental and hormonal regulation of Wnt gene expression in the mouse mammary gland. Differentiation. 1994;57:205-14 pubmed
    ..Finally, Wnt-2, Wnt-4 and Wnt-5b were shown to be regulated by ovarian hormones. These results suggest that Wnt genes have non-redundant roles in breast development and may be involved in the hormonal regulation of mammary growth...
  9. Noda T, Oki S, Kitajima K, Harada T, Komune S, Meno C. Restriction of Wnt signaling in the dorsal otocyst determines semicircular canal formation in the mouse embryo. Dev Biol. 2012;362:83-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Our stage-specific functional analysis suggests that strict regulation of canonical Wnt signaling in the dorsal otocyst orchestrates the process of semicircular canal formation...

Scientific Experts

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  1. Nusse R, Brown A, Papkoff J, Scambler P, Shackleford G, McMahon A, et al. A new nomenclature for int-1 and related genes: the Wnt gene family. Cell. 1991;64:231 pubmed
  2. Mackay D, Hu M, Li B, Rhéaume C, Dai X. The mouse Ovol2 gene is required for cranial neural tube development. Dev Biol. 2006;291:38-52 pubmed
    ..Collectively, our studies indicate that Ovol2 is a key regulator of neural development and reveal a previously unexplored role for Ovo genes in mammalian embryogenesis. ..
  3. Lilleväli K, Haugas M, Matilainen T, Pussinen C, Karis A, Salminen M. Gata3 is required for early morphogenesis and Fgf10 expression during otic development. Mech Dev. 2006;123:415-29 pubmed
    ..Inactivation of Gata3 leads also to a loss of Fgf10 expression in otic epithelium and auditory ganglion demonstrating that Gata3 is an important regulator of Fgf-signalling during otic development. ..
  4. Bayle J, Fitch J, Jacobsen K, Kumar R, Lafyatis R, Lemaire R. Increased expression of Wnt2 and SFRP4 in Tsk mouse skin: role of Wnt signaling in altered dermal fibrillin deposition and systemic sclerosis. J Invest Dermatol. 2008;128:871-81 pubmed
    ..Lesional skin from SSc patients also showed large increases in SFRP4 mRNA and protein levels in the deep dermis compared to healthy skin, suggesting that the Wnt pathway might regulate skin fibrosis in SSc. ..
  5. Purcell P, Joo B, Hu J, Tran P, Calicchio M, O Connell D, et al. Temporomandibular joint formation requires two distinct hedgehog-dependent steps. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:18297-302 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, these experiments establish that Hh signaling acts at two distinct steps in disk morphogenesis, condyle initiation, and disk-condyle separation and provide a molecular framework for future studies of the TMJ. ..
  6. Bradbury J, Niemeyer C, Dale T, Edwards P. Alterations of the growth characteristics of the fibroblast cell line C3H 10T1/2 by members of the Wnt gene family. Oncogene. 1994;9:2597-603 pubmed
    ..We conclude that at least some mesenchymal cells can respond to Wnt gene products. Our results are also the first report of biological effects of Wnt-6 and Wnt-7b. ..
  7. Stefater J, Lewkowich I, Rao S, Mariggi G, Carpenter A, Burr A, et al. Regulation of angiogenesis by a non-canonical Wnt-Flt1 pathway in myeloid cells. Nature. 2011;474:511-5 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate that resident myeloid cells can use a non-canonical, Wnt-Flt1 pathway to suppress angiogenic branching. ..
  8. Parr B, Cornish V, Cybulsky M, McMahon A. Wnt7b regulates placental development in mice. Dev Biol. 2001;237:324-32 pubmed
    ..Wnt7b also is required for normal organization of cells in the chorionic plate. Thus, Wnt7b signaling is central to the early stages of placental development in mammals. ..
  9. Weidenfeld J, Shu W, Zhang L, Millar S, Morrisey E. The WNT7b promoter is regulated by TTF-1, GATA6, and Foxa2 in lung epithelium. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:21061-70 pubmed
    ..Together, these results suggest that WNT7b gene expression in the lung epithelium is regulated in a combinatorial fashion by TTF-1, GATA6, and Foxa2. ..
  10. Carroll L, Capecchi M. Hoxc8 initiates an ectopic mammary program by regulating Fgf10 and Tbx3 expression and Wnt/β-catenin signaling. Development. 2015;142:4056-67 pubmed publisher
  11. Yamaguchi Y, Ogura S, Ishida M, Karasawa M, Takada S. Gene trap screening as an effective approach for identification of Wnt-responsive genes in the mouse embryo. Dev Dyn. 2005;233:484-95 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that the gene trap is an effective method for systematic identification of Wnt-responsive genes during embryogenesis. ..
  12. Vainio S, Heikkilä M, Kispert A, Chin N, McMahon A. Female development in mammals is regulated by Wnt-4 signalling. Nature. 1999;397:405-9 pubmed
    ..Wnt-4 may also be required for maintenance of the female germ line. Thus, the establishment of sexual dimorphism is under the control of both local and systemic signals. ..
  13. Vendrell V, Vázquez Echeverría C, López Hernández I, Alonso B, Martinez S, Pujades C, et al. Roles of Wnt8a during formation and patterning of the mouse inner ear. Mech Dev. 2013;130:160-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Further reduction of Wnt signalling by the inactivation of Wnt1 in a Wnt8a mutant background revealed a redundant requirement for both genes during morphogenesis of the dorsal portion of the otic vesicle...
  14. Veltmaat J, Van Veelen W, Thiery J, Bellusci S. Identification of the mammary line in mouse by Wnt10b expression. Dev Dyn. 2004;229:349-56 pubmed
    ..25 as a concise line of Wnt10b expression and a broader band of Wnt6 expression in the surface ectoderm, between the subaxillary and suprainguinal region of each flank...
  15. Golenia G, Gatie M, Kelly G. Frizzled gene expression and negative regulation of canonical WNT-β-catenin signaling in mouse F9 teratocarcinoma cells. Biochem Cell Biol. 2017;95:251-262 pubmed publisher
    ..The upregulation of Wnt6 and activation of β-catenin-TCF-LEF-dependent transcription is known to accompany differentiation, but the ..
  16. Liu H, Mohamed O, Dufort D, Wallace V. Characterization of Wnt signaling components and activation of the Wnt canonical pathway in the murine retina. Dev Dyn. 2003;227:323-34 pubmed
  17. Elms P, Siggers P, Napper D, Greenfield A, Arkell R. Zic2 is required for neural crest formation and hindbrain patterning during mouse development. Dev Biol. 2003;264:391-406 pubmed
    ..This work provides the first genetic evidence that the Zic genes are involved in neural crest production and the first demonstration that Zic2 functions during hindbrain patterning. ..
  18. Lupiáñez D, Kraft K, Heinrich V, Krawitz P, Brancati F, Klopocki E, et al. Disruptions of topological chromatin domains cause pathogenic rewiring of gene-enhancer interactions. Cell. 2015;161:1012-1025 pubmed publisher
    ..limb malformations are caused by deletions, inversions, or duplications altering the structure of the TAD-spanning WNT6/IHH/EPHA4/PAX3 locus. Using CRISPR/Cas genome editing, we generated mice with corresponding rearrangements...
  19. Krawetz R, Kelly G. Coordinate Galpha13 and Wnt6-beta-catenin signaling in F9 embryonal carcinoma cells is required for primitive endoderm differentiation. Biochem Cell Biol. 2009;87:567-80 pubmed publisher
  20. Yu X, Wang Y, Jiang M, Bierie B, Roy Burman P, Shen M, et al. Activation of beta-Catenin in mouse prostate causes HGPIN and continuous prostate growth after castration. Prostate. 2009;69:249-62 pubmed publisher
  21. Loureiro J. The Wnts. Curr Biol. 1999;9:R4 pubmed
  22. Ikeya M, Takada S. Wnt signaling from the dorsal neural tube is required for the formation of the medial dermomyotome. Development. 1998;125:4969-76 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that Wnt-1 and Wnt-3a signalings actually regulate the formation of the medial compartment of the dermomyotome and the early part of myogenesis. ..
  23. Suomalainen M, Thesleff I. Patterns of Wnt pathway activity in the mouse incisor indicate absence of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in the epithelial stem cells. Dev Dyn. 2010;239:364-72 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that epithelial stem cells in the mouse incisors are not regulated directly by Wnt/beta-catenin signaling. ..
  24. Luukko K, Løes S, Furmanek T, Fjeld K, Kvinnsland I, Kettunen P. Identification of a novel putative signaling center, the tertiary enamel knot in the postnatal mouse molar tooth. Mech Dev. 2003;120:270-6 pubmed
    ..Moreover, our results suggest that Slit1 signaling may be involved in the regulation of molar tooth shape by regulating epithelial cell proliferation and formation of EFA of the crown. ..
  25. Andl T, Reddy S, Gaddapara T, Millar S. WNT signals are required for the initiation of hair follicle development. Dev Cell. 2002;2:643-53 pubmed
    ..This phenotype indicates that activation of WNT signaling in the skin precedes, and is required for, localized expression of regulatory genes and initiation of hair follicle placode formation. ..
  26. Kimura T, Nakamura T, Murayama K, Umehara H, Yamano N, Watanabe S, et al. The stabilization of beta-catenin leads to impaired primordial germ cell development via aberrant cell cycle progression. Dev Biol. 2006;300:545-53 pubmed
    ..Our results show that the suppression of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling is a prerequisite for the normal development of PGCs. ..
  27. Legrand J, Roy E, Ellis J, Francois M, Brooks A, Khosrotehrani K. STAT5 Activation in the Dermal Papilla Is Important for Hair Follicle Growth Phase Induction. J Invest Dermatol. 2016;136:1781-1791 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that STAT5 activation acts as a mesenchymal switch to trigger natural anagen entry in postdevelopmental hair follicle cycling. ..
  28. Hayes C, Rump A, Cadman M, Harrison M, Evans E, Lyon M, et al. A high-resolution genetic, physical, and comparative gene map of the doublefoot (Dbf) region of mouse chromosome 1 and the region of conserved synteny on human chromosome 2q35. Genomics. 2001;78:197-205 pubmed
    ..These genes include those encoding known developmental signaling molecules such as WNT proteins and IHH, and we provide evidence that these genes are candidates for the Dbf mutation. ..
  29. Yuan G, Regel I, Lian F, Friedrich T, Hitkova I, Hofheinz R, et al. WNT6 is a novel target gene of caveolin-1 promoting chemoresistance to epirubicin in human gastric cancer cells. Oncogene. 2013;32:375-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show expression of WNT6 in GC patient specimens, human GC cell lines and in a mouse model of GC...
  30. Schmidt C, Stoeckelhuber M, McKinnell I, Putz R, Christ B, Patel K. Wnt 6 regulates the epithelialisation process of the segmental plate mesoderm leading to somite formation. Dev Biol. 2004;271:198-209 pubmed
    ..b>Wnt6 is a good candidate as a somite epithelialisation factor from the ectoderm since it is expressed in this tissue...
  31. Gavin B, McMahon J, McMahon A. Expression of multiple novel Wnt-1/int-1-related genes during fetal and adult mouse development. Genes Dev. 1990;4:2319-32 pubmed
    ..All new Wnt family members are expressed in adult tissues, particularly in brain and lung. These data support the view that the Wnt-1/int-1 family constitutes a large family of signaling peptides with diverse roles in mouse development. ..
  32. Okubo T, Pevny L, Hogan B. Sox2 is required for development of taste bud sensory cells. Genes Dev. 2006;20:2654-9 pubmed
  33. Liu X, Lu R, Wu S, Sun J. Salmonella regulation of intestinal stem cells through the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway. FEBS Lett. 2010;584:911-6 pubmed publisher
    ..The numbers of stem cells and proliferative cells increased in the intestine infected with Salmonella expressing AvrA. Our study provides insights into bacterial infection and stem cell maintenance. ..
  34. Zhang Y, Tomann P, Andl T, Gallant N, Huelsken J, Jerchow B, et al. Reciprocal requirements for EDA/EDAR/NF-kappaB and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathways in hair follicle induction. Dev Cell. 2009;17:49-61 pubmed publisher
    ..These data reveal a complex interplay and interdependence of Wnt/beta-catenin and EDA/EDAR/NF-kappaB signaling pathways in initiation and maintenance of primary hair follicle placodes...
  35. Sarkar L, Sharpe P. Expression of Wnt signalling pathway genes during tooth development. Mech Dev. 1999;85:197-200 pubmed
    ..Wnt-5a and MFrzb1 show strong expression in the dental papilla mesenchyme. ..
  36. Krawetz R, Kelly G. Wnt6 induces the specification and epithelialization of F9 embryonal carcinoma cells to primitive endoderm. Cell Signal. 2008;20:506-17 pubmed
    ..Here, we identified Wnt6 as a gene up-regulated in F9 cells in response to RA and show that Wnt6 expressing cells or cells exposed to Wnt6 ..
  37. Beaton H, Andrews D, Parsons M, Murphy M, Gaffney A, Kavanagh D, et al. Wnt6 regulates epithelial cell differentiation and is dysregulated in renal fibrosis. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2016;311:F35-45 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we describe the functional characterization of Wnt6, whose expression is progressively lost in diabetic nephropathy and animal models of acute tubular injury and renal ..
  38. Schmeckpeper J, Verma A, Yin L, Beigi F, Zhang L, Payne A, et al. Inhibition of Wnt6 by Sfrp2 regulates adult cardiac progenitor cell differentiation by differential modulation of Wnt pathways. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2015;85:215-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Sfrp2 binding to Wnt6 and inhibition of Wnt6 canonical pathway was essential for the inhibition of CPC proliferation...
  39. Gavin B, McMahon A. Differential regulation of the Wnt gene family during pregnancy and lactation suggests a role in postnatal development of the mammary gland. Mol Cell Biol. 1992;12:2418-23 pubmed
    ..We propose that Wnt-mediated signalling is involved in normal regulation of mammary development and that inappropriate expression of Wnt-1, Wnt-3, and possibly other family members can interfere with these signalling pathways. ..
  40. Takase H, Nusse R. Paracrine Wnt/β-catenin signaling mediates proliferation of undifferentiated spermatogonia in the adult mouse testis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:E1489-97 pubmed publisher
    ..Signaling is likely initiated by Wnt6, which is uniquely expressed by neighboring Sertoli cells, the only somatic cells in the seminiferous tubule that ..
  41. Hwang J, Kelly G. GATA6 and FOXA2 regulate Wnt6 expression during extraembryonic endoderm formation. Stem Cells Dev. 2012;21:3220-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Our previous work on how primitive endoderm develops revealed that the Wnt6 gene is upregulated by RA, leading to the activation of the canonical WNT-?-catenin pathway...
  42. Landin M, Shabestari M, Babaie E, Reseland J, Osmundsen H. Gene Expression Profiling during Murine Tooth Development. Front Genet. 2012;3:139 pubmed publisher
    ..Bioinformatic analysis associated the 87 genes with multiple biological functions. Around 35 genes were associated with 15 transcription factors. ..
  43. Smolich B, Papkoff J. Regulated expression of Wnt family members during neuroectodermal differentiation of P19 embryonal carcinoma cells: overexpression of Wnt-1 perturbs normal differentiation-specific properties. Dev Biol. 1994;166:300-10 pubmed
    ..These data suggest that Wnt-1 itself can induce some aspects of early neuroectodermal differentiation and, furthermore, that the correct timing of Wnt-1 expression is necessary for proper RA-induced expression of the neural phenotype. ..
  44. Burrus L, McMahon A. Biochemical analysis of murine Wnt proteins reveals both shared and distinct properties. Exp Cell Res. 1995;220:363-73 pubmed
    ..Whereas addition of suramin to COS cell cultures significantly increases the levels of all six Wnts in the medium, the addition of heparin only influences the levels of Wnt-1, Wnt-6, and Wnt-7b. ..
  45. Cawthorn W, Bree A, Yao Y, Du B, Hemati N, Martinez Santibañez G, et al. Wnt6, Wnt10a and Wnt10b inhibit adipogenesis and stimulate osteoblastogenesis through a ?-catenin-dependent mechanism. Bone. 2012;50:477-89 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we identify Wnt6 and Wnt10a as additional Wnt family members that, like Wnt10b, are downregulated during development of white ..
  46. Tanaka K, Okabayashi K, Asashima M, Perrimon N, Kadowaki T. The evolutionarily conserved porcupine gene family is involved in the processing of the Wnt family. Eur J Biochem. 2000;267:4300-11 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate that the porc gene family encodes the multitransmembrane ER proteins, which are evolutionarily well conserved and involved in processing the Wnt family. ..
  47. Reddy S, Andl T, Bagasra A, Lu M, Epstein D, Morrisey E, et al. Characterization of Wnt gene expression in developing and postnatal hair follicles and identification of Wnt5a as a target of Sonic hedgehog in hair follicle morphogenesis. Mech Dev. 2001;107:69-82 pubmed
    ..These results identify candidates for several key follicular signals and suggest that WNT and SHH signaling pathways interact to regulate hair follicle morphogenesis. ..
  48. Otto A, Schmidt C, Luke G, Allen S, Valasek P, Muntoni F, et al. Canonical Wnt signalling induces satellite-cell proliferation during adult skeletal muscle regeneration. J Cell Sci. 2008;121:2939-50 pubmed publisher
    ..By contrast, exposure of satellite cells to Wnt4 or Wnt6 diminishes this process...
  49. Laurikkala J, Pispa J, Jung H, Nieminen P, Mikkola M, Wang X, et al. Regulation of hair follicle development by the TNF signal ectodysplasin and its receptor Edar. Development. 2002;129:2541-53 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, we suggest that Eda and Edar are associated with the onset of ectodermal patterning and that ectodysplasin/edar signaling also regulates the morphogenesis of hair follicles. ..
  50. Liu H, Grosse A, Iwatsuki K, Mishina Y, Gumucio D, Mistretta C. Separate and distinctive roles for Wnt5a in tongue, lingual tissue and taste papilla development. Dev Biol. 2012;361:39-56 pubmed publisher
  51. Wright K, Mahoney Rogers A, Zhang J, Shim K. Cooperative and independent functions of FGF and Wnt signaling during early inner ear development. BMC Dev Biol. 2015;15:33 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, our data suggest that although specification of the otic placode may be globally regulated by FGF signaling, otic specification of cells in which both FGF and Wnt signaling are active may be more tightly regulated. ..
  52. Itäranta P, Lin Y, Peräsaari J, Roël G, Destree O, Vainio S. Wnt-6 is expressed in the ureter bud and induces kidney tubule development in vitro. Genesis. 2002;32:259-68 pubmed
    ..Wnt-6 also induces a secondary axis in early Xenopus embryos. We conclude that Wnt-6 is a candidate for the ureter epithelium-derived signal that leads to activation of kidney tubulogenesis via Wnt-4. ..
  53. Naylor M, Ormandy C. Mouse strain-specific patterns of mammary epithelial ductal side branching are elicited by stromal factors. Dev Dyn. 2002;225:100-5 pubmed
    ..Regardless of underlying mechanism, transplantation without regard to the genetic background of the stromal donor, whether inbred or mixed, will compromise experiments with side branching and associated gene expression endpoints. ..