Gene Symbol: Vamp7
Description: vesicle-associated membrane protein 7
Alias: Sybl1, TI-VAMP, VAMP-7, vesicle-associated membrane protein 7, synaptobrevin like 1, tetanus neurotoxin-insensitive vesicle-associated membrane protein
Species: mouse
Products:     Vamp7

Top Publications

  1. Sato M, Yoshimura S, Hirai R, Goto A, Kunii M, Atik N, et al. The role of VAMP7/TI-VAMP in cell polarity and lysosomal exocytosis in vivo. Traffic. 2011;12:1383-93 pubmed publisher
    b>VAMP7 or tetanus neurotoxin-insensitive vesicle- associated membrane protein (TI-VAMP) has been proposed to regulate apical transport in polarized epithelial cells, axonal transport in neurons and lysosomal exocytosis...
  2. Pryor P, Mullock B, Bright N, Lindsay M, Gray S, Richardson S, et al. Combinatorial SNARE complexes with VAMP7 or VAMP8 define different late endocytic fusion events. EMBO Rep. 2004;5:590-5 pubmed
    ..we confirmed this result, but found that the same Q-SNAREs can combine with an alternative R-SNARE, namely VAMP7, for heterotypic fusion between late endosomes and lysosomes...
  3. Advani R, Yang B, Prekeris R, Lee K, Klumperman J, Scheller R. VAMP-7 mediates vesicular transport from endosomes to lysosomes. J Cell Biol. 1999;146:765-76 pubmed
    ..These data are consistent with a role for VAMP-7 in the vesicular transport of proteins from the early endosome to the lysosome. ..
  4. Cotrufo T, Perez Branguli F, Muhaisen A, Ros O, Andres R, Baeriswyl T, et al. A signaling mechanism coupling netrin-1/deleted in colorectal cancer chemoattraction to SNARE-mediated exocytosis in axonal growth cones. J Neurosci. 2011;31:14463-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data provide evidence of a new signaling mechanism that couples chemotropic Netrin-1/DCC axonal guidance and Sytx1/TI-VAMP SNARE proteins regulating membrane turnover and exocytosis. ..
  5. Newell Litwa K, Salazar G, Smith Y, Faundez V. Roles of BLOC-1 and adaptor protein-3 complexes in cargo sorting to synaptic vesicles. Mol Biol Cell. 2009;20:1441-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate that lysosomal and lysosome-related organelle biogenesis mechanisms regulate steady-state synaptic vesicle protein composition from shared early endosomes. ..
  6. Ohbayashi N, Yatsu A, Tamura K, Fukuda M. The Rab21-GEF activity of Varp, but not its Rab32/38 effector function, is required for dendrite formation in melanocytes. Mol Biol Cell. 2012;23:669-78 pubmed publisher
    ..By contrast, VPS9 mutants (D310A and Y350A) and a vesicle-associated membrane protein 7 (VAMP7)-binding-deficient mutant were unable to support forskolin-induced dendrite formation in Varp-deficient cells...
  7. Williams D, Pessin J. Mapping of R-SNARE function at distinct intracellular GLUT4 trafficking steps in adipocytes. J Cell Biol. 2008;180:375-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Using this approach, we confirm the requirement of VAMP2 and VAMP7 for insulin and osmotic shock trafficking from the vesicle storage sites, respectively, and fusion with the plasma ..
  8. Kent H, Evans P, Schäfer I, Gray S, Sanderson C, Luzio J, et al. Structural basis of the intracellular sorting of the SNARE VAMP7 by the AP3 adaptor complex. Dev Cell. 2012;22:979-88 pubmed publisher
    b>VAMP7 is involved in the fusion of late endocytic compartments with other membranes. One possible mechanism of VAMP7 delivery to these late compartments is via the AP3 trafficking adaptor...
  9. Burgo A, Sotirakis E, Simmler M, Verraes A, Chamot C, Simpson J, et al. Role of Varp, a Rab21 exchange factor and TI-VAMP/VAMP7 partner, in neurite growth. EMBO Rep. 2009;10:1117-24 pubmed publisher
    ..attachment protein receptor (SNARE) tetanus neurotoxin-insensitive vesicle-associated membrane protein (TI-VAMP/VAMP7) was previously shown to mediate an exocytic pathway involved in neurite growth, but its regulation is still ..

More Information


  1. Pryor P, Jackson L, Gray S, Edeling M, Thompson A, Sanderson C, et al. Molecular basis for the sorting of the SNARE VAMP7 into endocytic clathrin-coated vesicles by the ArfGAP Hrb. Cell. 2008;134:817-27 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that the clathrin-mediated endocytosis of the SNARE VAMP7 is directly mediated by Hrb, a clathrin adaptor and ArfGAP...
  2. Rao S, Huynh C, Proux Gillardeaux V, Galli T, Andrews N. Identification of SNAREs involved in synaptotagmin VII-regulated lysosomal exocytosis. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:20471-9 pubmed cell lysates between the plasma membrane t-SNAREs SNAP-23 and syntaxin 4 and the lysosomal v-SNARE TI-VAMP/VAMP7. Following cytosolic Ca2+ elevation, SDS-resistant complexes containing SNAP-23, syntaxin 4, and TI-VAMP/VAMP7 ..
  3. Borisovska M, Zhao Y, Tsytsyura Y, Glyvuk N, Takamori S, Matti U, et al. v-SNAREs control exocytosis of vesicles from priming to fusion. EMBO J. 2005;24:2114-26 pubmed
    ..We demonstrate that dynamics of fusion pore dilation are regulated by v-SNAREs, indicating their action throughout exocytosis from priming to fusion of vesicles. ..
  4. Ghosh D, Pinto S, Danglot L, Vandewauw I, Segal A, Van Ranst N, et al. VAMP7 regulates constitutive membrane incorporation of the cold-activated channel TRPM8. Nat Commun. 2016;7:10489 pubmed publisher
    ..lysosomal-associated membrane protein 1 (LAMP1), and provide evidence that vesicle-associated membrane protein 7 (VAMP7) mediates fusion of these vesicles with the plasma membrane...
  5. Colombo F, Racchetti G, Meldolesi J. Neurite outgrowth induced by NGF or L1CAM via activation of the TrkA receptor is sustained also by the exocytosis of enlargeosomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:16943-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The plasma membrane expansion, necessary for the process, was shown to be contributed by the VAMP7-dependent exocytosis of endocytic vesicles...
  6. Avetisov E, Kashchenko T, Tarastsova M. [Method of restoring binocular vision using colored light filters]. Vestn Oftalmol. 1984;:46-9 pubmed
  7. Braun V, Fraisier V, Raposo G, Hurbain I, Sibarita J, Chavrier P, et al. TI-VAMP/VAMP7 is required for optimal phagocytosis of opsonised particles in macrophages. EMBO J. 2004;23:4166-76 pubmed publisher
    ..late endocytic pathway, bearing the tetanus neurotoxin-insensitive vesicle-associated membrane protein (TI-VAMP/VAMP7), are recruited upon particle binding and undergo exocytosis before phagosome sealing in macrophages during Fc ..
  8. Larghi P, Williamson D, Carpier J, Dogniaux S, Chemin K, Bohineust A, et al. VAMP7 controls T cell activation by regulating the recruitment and phosphorylation of vesicular Lat at TCR-activation sites. Nat Immunol. 2013;14:723-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we found, by silencing approaches and genetically modified mice, that the vesicular SNARE VAMP7 was required for the recruitment of Lat-containing vesicles to TCR-activation sites...
  9. Wade N, Bryant N, Connolly L, Simpson R, Luzio J, Piper R, et al. Syntaxin 7 complexes with mouse Vps10p tail interactor 1b, syntaxin 6, vesicle-associated membrane protein (VAMP)8, and VAMP7 in b16 melanoma cells. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:19820-7 pubmed
    ..interactor 1b (mVti1b), alpha-synaptosome-associated protein (SNAP), vesicle-associated membrane protein (VAMP)8, VAMP7, and the protein phosphatase 1M regulatory subunit...
  10. D ESPOSITO M, Matarazzo M, Ciccodicola A, Strazzullo M, Mazzarella R, Quaderi N, et al. Differential expression pattern of XqPAR-linked genes SYBL1 and IL9R correlates with the structure and evolution of the region. Hum Mol Genet. 1997;6:1917-23 pubmed
    The recently discovered second pseudoautosomal region (XqPAR) contains at least two genes, IL9R and SYBL1. Recent findings show that, like XpPAR genes, IL9R escapes X inactivation and its Y allele is also expressed, but SYBL1 seems to ..
  11. Cotrufo T, Andrés R, Ros O, Perez Branguli F, Muhaisen A, Fuschini G, et al. Syntaxin 1 is required for DCC/Netrin-1-dependent chemoattraction of migrating neurons from the lower rhombic lip. Eur J Neurosci. 2012;36:3152-64 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate that a Sytx1/DCC interaction is required for Netrin-1 guidance of migrating neurons, thereby highlighting a relationship between guidance signaling and SNARE proteins that regulate membrane turnover. ..
  12. Bastow E, Last K, Golub S, Stow J, Stanley A, Fosang A. Evidence for lysosomal exocytosis and release of aggrecan-degrading hydrolases from hypertrophic chondrocytes, in vitro and in vivo. Biol Open. 2012;1:318-28 pubmed publisher
    ..We identify VAMP-8 and VAMP7 as v-SNARE proteins with potential roles in lysosomal exocytosis in hypertrophic chondrocytes, based on their ..
  13. Koseoglu S, Peters C, Fitch Tewfik J, Aisiku O, Danglot L, Galli T, et al. VAMP-7 links granule exocytosis to actin reorganization during platelet activation. Blood. 2015;126:651-60 pubmed publisher
    ..These studies demonstrate that VAMP-7 participates in both platelet granule secretion and spreading and suggest a mechanism whereby VAMP-7 links granule exocytosis with actin reorganization. ..
  14. Chiaruttini G, Piperno G, Jouve M, De Nardi F, Larghi P, Peden A, et al. The SNARE VAMP7 Regulates Exocytic Trafficking of Interleukin-12 in Dendritic Cells. Cell Rep. 2016;14:2624-36 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that intracellular IL-12 localizes in late endocytic vesicles marked by the SNARE VAMP7. Dendritic cells (DCs) from VAMP7-deficient mice are partially impaired in the multidirectional release of IL-12...
  15. Feldmann A, Amphornrat J, Sch nherr M, Winterstein C, M bius W, Ruhwedel T, et al. Transport of the major myelin proteolipid protein is directed by VAMP3 and VAMP7. J Neurosci. 2011;31:5659-72 pubmed publisher
    ..R-soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptor (R-SNARE) proteins VAMP3/cellubrevin and VAMP7/TI-VAMP in myelin membrane trafficking...
  16. Fraldi A, Annunziata F, Lombardi A, Kaiser H, Medina D, Spampanato C, et al. Lysosomal fusion and SNARE function are impaired by cholesterol accumulation in lysosomal storage disorders. EMBO J. 2010;29:3607-20 pubmed publisher
  17. Matarazzo M, Cuccurese M, Strazzullo M, Vacca M, Curci A, Miano M, et al. Human and mouse SYBL1 gene structure and expression. Gene. 1999;240:233-8 pubmed
    b>SYBL1 is a gene in the 320kb human pseudo-autosomal region at the terminus of Xq and Yq. In contrast to other pseudoautosomal genes, SYBL1 is inactivated on one X in every female cell, and is also inactive on the Y of male cells...
  18. Ward D, Pevsner J, Scullion M, Vaughn M, Kaplan J. Syntaxin 7 and VAMP-7 are soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptors required for late endosome-lysosome and homotypic lysosome fusion in alveolar macrophages. Mol Biol Cell. 2000;11:2327-33 pubmed
  19. Sieroslawska A, Rymuszka A. Evaluation of genotoxic potential of neurotoxin anatoxin-a with the use of umuC test. Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2010;31 Suppl 2:16-20 pubmed
    ..g. microcystin-LR. ..
  20. Siddiqi S, Mahan J, Siddiqi S, Gorelick F, Mansbach C. Vesicle-associated membrane protein 7 is expressed in intestinal ER. J Cell Sci. 2006;119:943-50 pubmed publisher
    ..The vesicle-associated membrane protein 7 (VAMP7) was found to be more concentrated on PCTVs compared with ER membranes...
  21. Hua Z, Leal Ortiz S, Foss S, Waites C, Garner C, Voglmaier S, et al. v-SNARE composition distinguishes synaptic vesicle pools. Neuron. 2011;71:474-87 pubmed publisher
    ..We now find that the v-SNARE tetanus toxin-insensitive vesicle-associated membrane protein (VAMP7) differs from other synaptic vesicle proteins in its distribution to the two pools, providing evidence that they ..
  22. Larimore J, Tornieri K, Ryder P, Gokhale A, Zlatic S, Craige B, et al. The schizophrenia susceptibility factor dysbindin and its associated complex sort cargoes from cell bodies to the synapse. Mol Biol Cell. 2011;22:4854-67 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings indicate a novel vesicle transport mechanism requiring BLOC-1 and AP-3 complexes for cargo sorting from neuronal cell bodies to neurites and nerve terminals...
  23. Best D, Sahlender D, Walther N, Peden A, Adams I. Sdmg1 is a conserved transmembrane protein associated with germ cell sex determination and germline-soma interactions in mice. Development. 2008;135:1415-25 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that changes that occur in the cell biology of embryonic Sertoli cells may facilitate the communication of male sex-determining decisions to the germ cells during embryonic development. ..
  24. Daste F, Galli T, Tareste D. Structure and function of longin SNAREs. J Cell Sci. 2015;128:4263-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we review the first decade of structure-function data on the three prototypical longin SNAREs: Ykt6, VAMP7 and Sec22b...
  25. Jang S, Kim Y, Cho Y, Suh P, Kim K, Oh B. Crystal structure of SEDL and its implications for a genetic disease spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:49863-9 pubmed
  26. Peters C, Michelson A, Flaumenhaft R. Granule exocytosis is required for platelet spreading: differential sorting of ?-granules expressing VAMP-7. Blood. 2012;120:199-206 pubmed publisher
  27. Pan T, Zhang R, Sudano D, Marie S, BONNEMANN C, Chu M. New molecular mechanism for Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy: a heterozygous in-frame deletion in the COL6A1 gene causes a severe phenotype. Am J Hum Genet. 2003;73:355-69 pubmed
    ..Our studies provide a biochemical insight into genotype-phenotype correlations in this group of disorders and establish that UCMD can be caused by dominantly acting mutations. ..
  28. Chae T, Kim S, Marz K, Hanson P, Walsh C. The hyh mutation uncovers roles for alpha Snap in apical protein localization and control of neural cell fate. Nat Genet. 2004;36:264-70 pubmed
    ..Apical localization of the SNARE Vamp7 is also disrupted...
  29. Schäfer I, Hesketh G, Bright N, Gray S, Pryor P, Evans P, et al. The binding of Varp to VAMP7 traps VAMP7 in a closed, fusogenically inactive conformation. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2012;19:1300-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Varp colocalizes with and binds to VAMP7, an R-SNARE that is involved in both endocytic and secretory pathways...
  30. Dennis M, Delevoye C, Acosta Ruiz A, Hurbain I, Romao M, Hesketh G, et al. BLOC-1 and BLOC-3 regulate VAMP7 cycling to and from melanosomes via distinct tubular transport carriers. J Cell Biol. 2016;214:293-308 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that the v-SNARE VAMP7 mediates fusion of melanosomes with tubular transport carriers that also carry the cargo protein TYRP1 and that ..
  31. Bal M, Leitz J, Reese A, Ramirez D, Durakoglugil M, Herz J, et al. Reelin mobilizes a VAMP7-dependent synaptic vesicle pool and selectively augments spontaneous neurotransmission. Neuron. 2013;80:934-46 pubmed publisher
    ..spontaneous neurotransmitter release is encoded at the level of vesicular SNARE machinery as it requires VAMP7 and SNAP-25 but not synaptobrevin2, VAMP4, or vti1a...
  32. Yatsu A, Ohbayashi N, Tamura K, Fukuda M. Syntaxin-3 is required for melanosomal localization of Tyrp1 in melanocytes. J Invest Dermatol. 2013;133:2237-46 pubmed publisher
    ..interacts with another target SNARE SNAP23 (synaptosome-associated protein of 23?kDa) and with vesicle SNARE VAMP7 (vesicle-associated membrane protein 7), which has been shown to be localized at Tyrp1-containing vesicles/..
  33. Itakura E, Kishi Itakura C, Mizushima N. The hairpin-type tail-anchored SNARE syntaxin 17 targets to autophagosomes for fusion with endosomes/lysosomes. Cell. 2012;151:1256-69 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings reveal a mechanism by which the SNARE protein is available to the completed autophagosome...
  34. Zylbersztejn K, Petkovic M, Burgo A, Deck M, Garel S, Marcos S, et al. The vesicular SNARE Synaptobrevin is required for Semaphorin 3A axonal repulsion. J Cell Biol. 2012;196:37-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Reconstitution of Sema3A receptor in nonneuronal cells revealed that Sema3A further inhibited the exocytosis of Syb2. Therefore, Sema3A-mediated signaling and axonal repulsion require Syb2-dependent vesicular traffic. ..
  35. Arantes R, Andrews N. A role for synaptotagmin VII-regulated exocytosis of lysosomes in neurite outgrowth from primary sympathetic neurons. J Neurosci. 2006;26:4630-7 pubmed
    ..factor attachment protein receptor tetanus neurotoxin insensitive vesicle-associated membrane protein (TI-VAMP)/VAMP7 was previously implicated in membrane fusion events mediating neurite outgrowth, but the participation of ..
  36. Pirooz S, He S, Zhang T, Zhang X, Zhao Z, Oh S, et al. UVRAG is required for virus entry through combinatorial interaction with the class C-Vps complex and SNAREs. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:2716-21 pubmed publisher the assembly of a fusogenic trans-SNARE complex involving vesicle-associated membrane protein (VAMP8), but not VAMP7. Indeed, UVRAG stimulates VAMP8 translocation to virus-bearing endosomes...
  37. Lei N, Franken L, Ruzehaji N, Offenhäuser C, Cowin A, Murray R. Flightless, secreted through a late endosome/lysosome pathway, binds LPS and dampens cytokine secretion. J Cell Sci. 2012;125:4288-96 pubmed publisher
    ..These results show secreted Flii binds to LPS and in doing so alters macrophage activation and cytokine secretion, suggesting that like the intracellular pool of Flii, secreted Flii also has the ability to alter inflammation. ..
  38. Wang Y, Tang B. SNAREs in neurons--beyond synaptic vesicle exocytosis (Review). Mol Membr Biol. 2006;23:377-84 pubmed
    ..TI-VAMP/VAMP7 is essential for neuronal morphogenesis and mediates the vesicular transport processes underlying neurite ..
  39. Schwenk R, Dirkx E, Coumans W, Bonen A, Klip A, Glatz J, et al. Requirement for distinct vesicle-associated membrane proteins in insulin- and AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)-induced translocation of GLUT4 and CD36 in cultured cardiomyocytes. Diabetologia. 2010;53:2209-19 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, there are VAMPs specifically involved in either GLUT4 traffic (VAMP7 mediates basal GLUT4 retention) or CD36 traffic (VAMP4 mediates insulin- and oligomycin/contraction-induced CD36 ..
  40. Hasan N, Corbin D, Hu C. Fusogenic pairings of vesicle-associated membrane proteins (VAMPs) and plasma membrane t-SNAREs--VAMP5 as the exception. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e14238 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate that VAMPs have differential membrane fusion capacities, and imply that with the exception of VAMP5, VAMPs are essentially redundant in mediating fusion with plasma membrane t-SNAREs. ..
  41. Meng J, Dolly J, Wang J. Selective cleavage of SNAREs in sensory neurons unveils protein complexes mediating peptide exocytosis triggered by different stimuli. Mol Neurobiol. 2014;50:574-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, unlike SNAP-25, syntaxin 1 and VAMP 1 are more suitable targets to abolish functional SNARE complexes and pain peptide release evoked by any stimuli. ..
  42. Danglot L, Zylbersztejn K, Petkovic M, Gauberti M, Meziane H, Combe R, et al. Absence of TI-VAMP/Vamp7 leads to increased anxiety in mice. J Neurosci. 2012;32:1962-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Tetanus neurotoxin-insensitive vesicular-associated membrane protein (TI-VAMP/VAMP7), a vesicular SNARE expressed in several cell types including neurons, was previously shown to play a major role ..