Gene Symbol: Ucn2
Description: urocortin 2
Alias: Ucn II, Ucn-2, ucn-II, urocortin-2, Urocortin II
Species: mouse
Products:     Ucn2

Top Publications

  1. Neufeld Cohen A, Tsoory M, Evans A, Getselter D, Gil S, Lowry C, et al. A triple urocortin knockout mouse model reveals an essential role for urocortins in stress recovery. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:19020-5 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings position the urocortins as essential factors in the stress-recovery process and suggest the tKO mouse line as a useful stress-sensitive mouse model. ..
  2. Ikeda K, Tojo K, Inada Y, Takada Y, Sakamoto M, Lam M, et al. Regulation of urocortin I and its related peptide urocortin II by inflammatory and oxidative stresses in HL-1 cardiomyocytes. J Mol Endocrinol. 2009;42:479-89 pubmed publisher
    ..On the contrary, Ucn II mRNA was increased by TNF-alpha alone and Ang II with tempol, and the TNF-alpha-induced increase in Ucn II mRNA ..
  3. Hao Z, Huang Y, Cleman J, Jovin I, Vale W, Bale T, et al. Urocortin2 inhibits tumor growth via effects on vascularization and cell proliferation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:3939-44 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Urocortin 2 (Ucn2) is a specific ligand for the CRFR2...
  4. Chen A, Brar B, Choi C, Rousso D, Vaughan J, Kuperman Y, et al. Urocortin 2 modulates glucose utilization and insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:16580-5 pubmed
    ..b>Urocortin 2 (Ucn 2), a member of the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) family, and its cognate type 2 CRF receptor (..
  5. Hsu S, Hsueh A. Human stresscopin and stresscopin-related peptide are selective ligands for the type 2 corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor. Nat Med. 2001;7:605-11 pubmed
    ..Thus SCP and SRP might represent endogenous ligands for maintaining homeostasis after stress, and could allow the design of drugs to ameliorate stress-related diseases. ..
  6. Breu J, Touma C, Holter S, Knapman A, Wurst W, Deussing J. Urocortin 2 modulates aspects of social behaviour in mice. Behav Brain Res. 2012;233:331-6 pubmed publisher
    b>Urocortin 2 (UCN2), a member of the corticotropin-releasing hormone family, is involved in the regulation of stress-related behaviours in rodents...
  7. Buckinx R, Bagyánszki M, Avula L, Adriaensen D, Van Nassauw L, Timmermans J. Expression of corticotropin-releasing factor and urocortins in the normal and Schistosoma mansoni-infected mouse ileum. Cell Tissue Res. 2015;359:453-463 pubmed publisher
    ..All UCNs were expressed in polymorphonuclear leukocytes. Furthermore, UCN2 and UCN3 were found in the musculature...
  8. Voltolini C, Battersby S, Novembri R, Torricelli M, Severi F, Petraglia F, et al. Urocortin 2 role in placental and myometrial inflammatory mechanisms at parturition. Endocrinology. 2015;156:670-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Ucn)2 involvement in placental and myometrial inflammatory pathways associated with parturition by evaluating: 1) Ucn2 and its receptor, CRH-receptor type 2 (CRH-R2), expression in laboring/nonlaboring human gestational tissues and in ..
  9. Tsatsanis C, Androulidaki A, Dermitzaki E, Charalampopoulos I, Spiess J, Gravanis A, et al. Urocortin 1 and Urocortin 2 induce macrophage apoptosis via CRFR2. FEBS Lett. 2005;579:4259-64 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, our data suggest that endogenous CRFR2 ligands exert an anti-inflammatory effect via induction of macrophage apoptosis. ..

More Information


  1. Lewis K, Li C, Perrin M, Blount A, Kunitake K, Donaldson C, et al. Identification of urocortin III, an additional member of the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) family with high affinity for the CRF2 receptor. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001;98:7570-5 pubmed
    ..factor (CRF) family of neuropeptides includes the mammalian peptides CRF, urocortin, and urocortin II, as well as piscine urotensin I and frog sauvagine...
  2. Hiramoto K, Yamate Y. Gp91phox-derived Reactive Oxygen Species/Urocortin 2/Corticotropin-releasing Hormone Receptor Type 2 Play an Important Role in Long-term Ultraviolet A Eye Irradiation-induced Photoaging. Photochem Photobiol. 2016;92:180-6 pubmed publisher
    ..The reactive oxygen species (ROS), gp91phox, corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), urocortin 2, and CRH receptor (CRHR) type 1 and type 2 levels in the brain and mast cell tryptase and histamine levels in ..
  3. Chen A, Perrin M, Brar B, Li C, Jamieson P, Digruccio M, et al. Mouse corticotropin-releasing factor receptor type 2alpha gene: isolation, distribution, pharmacological characterization and regulation by stress and glucocorticoids. Mol Endocrinol. 2005;19:441-58 pubmed
    ..affinities for binding to mCRFR2alpha: Ucn 3 binds mCRFR2alpha with approximately 11-fold lower affinity than Ucn 2, which displays an affinity similar to Ucn 1 (approximately 1 nm)...
  4. Chen A, Blount A, Vaughan J, Brar B, Vale W. Urocortin II gene is highly expressed in mouse skin and skeletal muscle tissues: localization, basal expression in corticotropin-releasing factor receptor (CRFR) 1- and CRFR2-null mice, and regulation by glucocorticoids. Endocrinology. 2004;145:2445-57 pubmed
    ..b>Ucn II is a specific ligand for the type 2 CRF receptor (CRFR)...
  5. Charles C, Jardine D, Rademaker M, Richards A. Urocortin 2 induces potent long-lasting inhibition of cardiac sympathetic drive despite baroreflex activation in conscious sheep. J Endocrinol. 2010;204:181-9 pubmed publisher
    ..However, little is known about possible interactions between UCN2 and the sympathetic nervous system. Accordingly, we have examined the effects of i.v...
  6. Yamagata S, Kageyama K, Akimoto K, Watanuki Y, Suda T, Daimon M. Regulation of corticotropin-releasing factor and urocortin 2/3 mRNA by leptin in hypothalamic N39 cells. Peptides. 2013;50:1-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The study identified mRNA expression of the leptin receptor (Ob-R) and its subtypes, CRF, and Ucn2/3 in mouse hypothalamic N39 cells...
  7. Chen A, Vaughan J, Vale W. Glucocorticoids regulate the expression of the mouse urocortin II gene: a putative connection between the corticotropin-releasing factor receptor pathways. Mol Endocrinol. 2003;17:1622-39 pubmed
    Peptides encoded by the urocortin II (Ucn II) gene were recently identified as new members of the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) family. Ucn II is a specific ligand for the type 2 CRF receptor...
  8. Li J, Qi D, Cheng H, Hu X, Miller E, Wu X, et al. Urocortin 2 autocrine/paracrine and pharmacologic effects to activate AMP-activated protein kinase in the heart. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:16133-8 pubmed publisher
    b>Urocortin 2 (Ucn2), a peptide of the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) family, binds with high affinity to type 2 CRF receptors (CRFR2) on cardiomyocytes and confers protection against ischemia/reperfusion...
  9. Tsatsanis C, Androulidaki A, Alissafi T, Charalampopoulos I, Dermitzaki E, Roger T, et al. Corticotropin-releasing factor and the urocortins induce the expression of TLR4 in macrophages via activation of the transcription factors PU.1 and AP-1. J Immunol. 2006;176:1869-77 pubmed
    ..Exposure of peritoneal macrophages and RAW 264.7 cells to CRF, UCN1, or UCN2 up-regulated TLR4 mRNA and protein levels...
  10. Deussing J, Breu J, Kühne C, Kallnik M, Bunck M, Glasl L, et al. Urocortin 3 modulates social discrimination abilities via corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor type 2. J Neurosci. 2010;30:9103-16 pubmed publisher
    ..expressed in specific nuclei of the rodent brain, at sites distinct from those expressing urocortin 1 and urocortin 2, the other endogenous ligands of corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor type 2 (CRH-R2)...
  11. Vaughan J, Donaldson C, Fischer W, Perrin M, Rivier J, Sawchenko P, et al. Posttranslational processing of human and mouse urocortin 2: characterization and bioactivity of gene products. Endocrinology. 2013;154:1553-64 pubmed publisher
    Mouse (m) and human (h) urocortin 2 (Ucn 2) were identified by molecular cloning strategies and the primary sequence of their mature forms postulated by analogy to closely related members of the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) ..
  12. Brar B, Jonassen A, Egorina E, Chen A, Negro A, Perrin M, et al. Urocortin-II and urocortin-III are cardioprotective against ischemia reperfusion injury: an essential endogenous cardioprotective role for corticotropin releasing factor receptor type 2 in the murine heart. Endocrinology. 2004;145:24-35; discussion 21-3 pubmed
    ..We emphasize an important endogenous cardioprotective role for CRFR2beta in the murine heart. ..
  13. Reyes T, Lewis K, Perrin M, Kunitake K, Vaughan J, Arias C, et al. Urocortin II: a member of the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) neuropeptide family that is selectively bound by type 2 CRF receptors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001;98:2843-8 pubmed
    Here we describe the cloning and initial characterization of a previously unidentified CRF-related neuropeptide, urocortin II (Ucn II)...
  14. Chen A, Zorrilla E, Smith S, Rousso D, Levy C, Vaughan J, et al. Urocortin 2-deficient mice exhibit gender-specific alterations in circadian hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and depressive-like behavior. J Neurosci. 2006;26:5500-10 pubmed
    ..b>Urocortin 2, a recently identified member of the corticotropin-releasing factor family, is expressed in discrete ..
  15. Reutenauer Patte J, Boittin F, Patthey Vuadens O, Ruegg U, Dorchies O. Urocortins improve dystrophic skeletal muscle structure and function through both PKA- and Epac-dependent pathways. Am J Pathol. 2012;180:749-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Herein, we demonstrate that daily s.c. injections of either Ucn 1 or Ucn 2 to 3-week-old dystrophic mdx(5Cv) mice for 2 weeks increased skeletal muscle mass and normalized plasma creatine ..
  16. Rademaker M, Charles C, Nicholls M, Richards A. Urocortin 2 inhibits furosemide-induced activation of renin and enhances renal function and diuretic responsiveness in experimental heart failure. Circ Heart Fail. 2009;2:532-40 pubmed publisher
    b>Urocortin 2 (Ucn2), a novel peptide with therapeutic potential in heart failure, and diuretics have opposing effects on renal function and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system...
  17. Kageyama K, Hasegawa G, Akimoto K, Yamagata S, Tamasawa N, Suda T. Differential regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone by corticotropin-releasing factor family peptides in hypothalamic N39 cells. Peptides. 2012;33:149-55 pubmed publisher
    ..CRF has a high affinity for CRF receptor type 1 (CRF(1) receptor). Both Ucn2 and Ucn3 have very high affinity for CRF receptor type 2 (CRF(2) receptor) with little or no binding affinity for ..
  18. Million M, Wang L, Stenzel Poore M, Coste S, Yuan P, Lamy C, et al. Enhanced pelvic responses to stressors in female CRF-overexpressing mice. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2007;292:R1429-38 pubmed
    ..CRF-OE mice, the CRF(1)/CRF(2) receptor antagonist astressin B and the selective CRF(2) receptor agonist mouse urocortin 2 (injected peripherally) prevented the enhanced defecation without affecting urine or locomotor responses to ..
  19. Tillinger A, Nostramo R, Kvetnansky R, Serova L, Sabban E. Stress-induced changes in gene expression of urocortin 2 and other CRH peptides in rat adrenal medulla: involvement of glucocorticoids. J Neurochem. 2013;125:185-92 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Urocortin 2 (Ucn2) has the highest basal gene expression and is increased by > 30-fold in response to single IMO and ..
  20. Fekete E, Zhao Y, Szucs A, Sabino V, Cottone P, Rivier J, et al. Systemic urocortin 2, but not urocortin 1 or stressin 1-A, suppresses feeding via CRF2 receptors without malaise and stress. Br J Pharmacol. 2011;164:1959-75 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, Ucn 1- and Ucn 2-induced anorexia was studied in fasted CRF(2) knockout (n= 11) and wild-type (n= 13) mice...
  21. Burns D, Rowland J, Canavan L, Murphy K, Brannock M, O Malley D, et al. Restoration of pharyngeal dilator muscle force in dystrophin-deficient (mdx) mice following co-treatment with neutralizing interleukin-6 receptor antibodies and urocortin 2. Exp Physiol. 2017;102:1177-1193 pubmed publisher
    ..2 mg kg-1 ) and corticotrophin-releasing factor receptor 2 agonist (urocortin 2; 30 ?g kg-1 ) over 2 weeks...