Gene Symbol: Sncb
Description: synuclein, beta
Alias: AI838531, betaSYN, beta-synuclein
Species: mouse
Products:     Sncb

Top Publications

  1. Kahle P, Neumann M, Ozmen L, Muller V, Jacobsen H, Schindzielorz A, et al. Subcellular localization of wild-type and Parkinson's disease-associated mutant alpha -synuclein in human and transgenic mouse brain. J Neurosci. 2000;20:6365-73 pubmed
    ..Here we have investigated the localization of wild-type and mutant [A30P]alphaSYN as well as betaSYN at the cellular and subcellular level...
  2. Robertson D, Schmidt O, Ninkina N, Jones P, Sharkey J, Buchman V. Developmental loss and resistance to MPTP toxicity of dopaminergic neurones in substantia nigra pars compacta of gamma-synuclein, alpha-synuclein and double alpha/gamma-synuclein null mutant mice. J Neurochem. 2004;89:1126-36 pubmed
  3. Anwar S, Peters O, Millership S, Ninkina N, Doig N, Connor Robson N, et al. Functional alterations to the nigrostriatal system in mice lacking all three members of the synuclein family. J Neurosci. 2011;31:7264-74 pubmed publisher
  4. Burré J, Sharma M, Tsetsenis T, Buchman V, Etherton M, Südhof T. Alpha-synuclein promotes SNARE-complex assembly in vivo and in vitro. Science. 2010;329:1663-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, synucleins may function to sustain normal SNARE-complex assembly in a presynaptic terminal during aging. ..
  5. Greten Harrison B, Polydoro M, Morimoto Tomita M, Diao L, Williams A, Nie E, et al. αβγ-Synuclein triple knockout mice reveal age-dependent neuronal dysfunction. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:19573-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate that synucleins contribute importantly to the long-term operation of the nervous system and that alterations in their physiological function could contribute to the development of Parkinson's disease. ..
  6. Sopher B, Koszdin K, McClain M, Myrick S, Martinez R, Smith A, et al. Genomic organization, chromosome location, and expression analysis of mouse beta-synuclein, a candidate for involvement in neurodegeneration. Cytogenet Cell Genet. 2001;93:117-23 pubmed
    ..To facilitate study of beta-synuclein, we have cloned the mouse beta-synuclein gene (Sncb) and determined its genomic organization, size, and intron-exon structure...
  7. Connor Robson N, Peters O, Millership S, Ninkina N, Buchman V. Combinational losses of synucleins reveal their differential requirements for compensating age-dependent alterations in motor behavior and dopamine metabolism. Neurobiol Aging. 2016;46:107-12 pubmed publisher
  8. Ninkina N, Papachroni K, Robertson D, Schmidt O, Delaney L, O Neill F, et al. Neurons expressing the highest levels of gamma-synuclein are unaffected by targeted inactivation of the gene. Mol Cell Biol. 2003;23:8233-45 pubmed
    ..Nerve injury led to similar changes in sensory function in wild-type and mutant mice. Taken together, our data suggest that like alpha-synuclein, gamma-synuclein is dispensable for the development and function of the nervous system. ..
  9. Wang Y, Takeda A, Osaka H, Hara Y, Furuta A, Setsuie R, et al. Accumulation of beta- and gamma-synucleins in the ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase L1-deficient gad mouse. Brain Res. 2004;1019:1-9 pubmed
    ..Given that UCH-L1 deficiency results in axonal degeneration and spheroid formation, our findings suggest that beta- and gamma-synuclein participate in the pathogenesis of axonal swelling in gad mice. ..

More Information


  1. Chandra S, Fornai F, Kwon H, Yazdani U, Atasoy D, Liu X, et al. Double-knockout mice for alpha- and beta-synucleins: effect on synaptic functions. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004;101:14966-71 pubmed
    ..These results show that synucleins are not essential components of the basic machinery for neurotransmitter release but may contribute to the long-term regulation and/or maintenance of presynaptic function. ..
  2. Chandra S, Gallardo G, Fernandez Chacon R, Schlüter O, Sudhof T. Alpha-synuclein cooperates with CSPalpha in preventing neurodegeneration. Cell. 2005;123:383-96 pubmed
  3. Israeli E, Sharon R. Beta-synuclein occurs in vivo in lipid-associated oligomers and forms hetero-oligomers with alpha-synuclein. J Neurochem. 2009;108:465-74 pubmed publisher
    ..We show the in vivo occurrence of hetero-oligomers of alphaS and betaS and suggest that betaS expression inhibits PUFA-enhanced alphaS oligomerization by forming hetero-oligomers up to a quatramer that do not further propagate. ..
  4. Vargas K, Makani S, Davis T, Westphal C, Castillo P, Chandra S. Synucleins regulate the kinetics of synaptic vesicle endocytosis. J Neurosci. 2014;34:9364-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results categorize ?-synuclein with other familial PD genes known to regulate SV endocytosis, implicating this pathway in PD. ..
  5. Winner B, Regensburger M, Schreglmann S, Boyer L, Prots I, Rockenstein E, et al. Role of ?-synuclein in adult neurogenesis and neuronal maturation in the dentate gyrus. J Neurosci. 2012;32:16906-16 pubmed publisher
    ..The current work provides novel insights into the role of ?-synuclein in adult hippocampal neurogenesis. ..
  6. Akil O, Weber C, Park S, Ninkina N, Buchman V, Lustig L. Localization of synucleins in the mammalian cochlea. J Assoc Res Otolaryngol. 2008;9:452-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Whether overlapping roles of the other synucleins help compensate for the loss of gamma-synuclein remains to be determined. ..
  7. Hsu L, Mallory M, Xia Y, Veinbergs I, Hashimoto M, Yoshimoto M, et al. Expression pattern of synucleins (non-Abeta component of Alzheimer's disease amyloid precursor protein/alpha-synuclein) during murine brain development. J Neurochem. 1998;71:338-44 pubmed
  8. Ludtmann M, Angelova P, Ninkina N, Gandhi S, Buchman V, Abramov A. Monomeric Alpha-Synuclein Exerts a Physiological Role on Brain ATP Synthase. J Neurosci. 2016;36:10510-10521 pubmed
    ..The ability of monomeric ?-synuclein to enhance ATP synthase efficiency under physiological conditions may be of importance when ?-synuclein undergoes the misfolding and aggregation reported in PD. ..
  9. Vargas K, Schrod N, Davis T, Fernández Busnadiego R, Taguchi Y, Laugks U, et al. Synucleins Have Multiple Effects on Presynaptic Architecture. Cell Rep. 2017;18:161-173 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our results suggest that synucleins are important orchestrators of presynaptic terminal topography. ..
  10. Logan T, Bendor J, Toupin C, THORN K, Edwards R. ?-Synuclein promotes dilation of the exocytotic fusion pore. Nat Neurosci. 2017;20:681-689 pubmed publisher
    ..Remarkably, mutations that cause Parkinson's disease abrogate this property of ?-synuclein without impairing its ability to inhibit exocytosis when overexpressed, indicating a selective defect in normal function. ..
  11. Lambertsen K, Gramsbergen J, Sivasaravanaparan M, Ditzel N, Sevelsted Møller L, Oliván Viguera A, et al. Genetic KCa3.1-deficiency produces locomotor hyperactivity and alterations in cerebral monoamine levels. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e47744 pubmed publisher
    ..The tranquilizing effects of low-dose SKA-31 raise the possibility to use KCa3.1/KCa2 channels as novel pharmacological targets for the treatment of neuropsychiatric hyperactivity disorders. ..
  12. Thomas B, Mandir A, West N, Liu Y, Andrabi S, Stirling W, et al. Resistance to MPTP-neurotoxicity in ?-synuclein knockout mice is complemented by human ?-synuclein and associated with increased ?-synuclein and Akt activation. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e16706 pubmed publisher
    ..Together these findings provide new mechanistic insights on the role ?-synuclein in modulating neurodegenerative phenotypes by regulation of Akt-mediated cell survival signaling in vivo. ..
  13. Windisch M, Hutter Paier B, Rockenstein E, Hashimoto M, Mallory M, Masliah E. Development of a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease using anti-aggregatory beta-synuclein-derived peptides. J Mol Neurosci. 2002;19:63-9 pubmed
    ..Further smaller beta-synuclein-derived peptides have screened for antiaggregatory and neuroprotective potency in different tissue-culture systems. Preliminary data suggest some of them can be used as leads for further drug development. ..
  14. Lavedan C. The synuclein family. Genome Res. 1998;8:871-80 pubmed
    ..The present review offers a synopsis of the current state of knowledge of all synuclein family members in different species. ..