Gene Symbol: Rtn1
Description: reticulon 1
Alias: Nsp, reticulon-1, neuroendocrine-specific protein
Species: mouse
Products:     Rtn1

Top Publications

  1. Schafer G, Crabbe J, Wiren K. Identification of neuroendocrine-specific protein as an ethanol-regulated gene with mRNA differential display. Mamm Genome. 1998;9:979-82 pubmed
    ..sequence analysis of this product revealed >85% nucleotide identity to human neuroendocrine-specific protein (NSP) gene...
  2. Schafer G, Crabbe J, Wiren K. Ethanol-regulated gene expression of neuroendocrine specific protein in mice: brain region and genotype specificity. Brain Res. 2001;897:139-49 pubmed
    b>Neuroendocrine specific protein or reticulon 1 (NSP/RTN1) was identified as a putative ethanol-regulated gene using mRNA differential display in mice genetically selected for severe ethanol withdrawal (withdrawal seizure-prone, WSP)...
  3. Vyas A, Saha B, Lai E, Tole S. Paleocortex is specified in mice in which dorsal telencephalic patterning is severely disrupted. J Comp Neurol. 2003;466:545-53 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, our in vitro data reveal that, if mechanisms outside the lateral telencephalon are involved in the specification of the paleocortex, they must act extremely early, prior to E10.5. ..
  4. Haines B, Gupta R, Jones C, Summerbell D, Rigby P. The NLRR gene family and mouse development: Modified differential display PCR identifies NLRR-1 as a gene expressed in early somitic myoblasts. Dev Biol. 2005;281:145-59 pubmed
    ..The regulated embryonic expression and cellular location of these proteins suggest important roles during mouse development in the control of cell adhesion, movement or signalling. ..
  5. Xiao W, Fan Y, Wang N, Chuang P, Lee K, He J. Knockdown of RTN1A attenuates ER stress and kidney injury in albumin overload-induced nephropathy. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2016;310:F409-15 pubmed publisher
    ..In vivo, we found that tubular cell-specific RTN1 knockdown resulted in a significant attenuation of tubular cell ER stress, apoptosis, and renal fibrosis in a model ..
  6. Geisler J, Stubbs L, Wasserman W, Mucenski M. Molecular cloning of a novel mouse gene with predominant muscle and neural expression. Mamm Genome. 1998;9:274-82 pubmed
    ..2 revealed a novel gene with homology to the Neuroendocrine-specific protein (NSP), and it has, therefore, been designated NSP-like 1 (Nspl1)...
  7. Lauren J, Airaksinen M, Saarma M, Timmusk T. Two novel mammalian Nogo receptor homologs differentially expressed in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2003;24:581-94 pubmed
    ..We also show that all four members of the reticulon family, including Nogo-A, are widely expressed in the nervous system, and therefore are possible ligands for the NgRLs. ..
  8. Svensson P, Williams C, Lundeberg J, Ryden P, Bergqvist I, Edlund H. Gene array identification of Ipf1/Pdx1-/- regulated genes in pancreatic progenitor cells. BMC Dev Biol. 2007;7:129 pubmed
    ..Several of the differentially expressed genes were known to be important for pancreatic progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation whereas others have not previously been associated with pancreatic development. ..
  9. McGonigle T, Dwyer A, Greenland E, Scott N, Carter K, Keane K, et al. Reticulon-1 and Reduced Migration toward Chemoattractants by Macrophages Differentiated from the Bone Marrow of Ultraviolet-Irradiated and Ultraviolet-Chimeric Mice. J Immunol. 2018;200:260-270 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, skin exposure to erythemal UV radiation can modulate macrophage progenitors in the BM such that their differentiated progeny respond inefficiently to signals to accumulate at sites of inflammation and immunity. ..

More Information


  1. Hirata T, Nomura T, Takagi Y, Sato Y, Tomioka N, Fujisawa H, et al. Mosaic development of the olfactory cortex with Pax6-dependent and -independent components. Brain Res Dev Brain Res. 2002;136:17-26 pubmed
    ..development of the olfactory cortex, using the newly developed monoclonal antibody (mAb) 9-4c, which recognizes reticulon 1-A and -B...
  2. Fazi B, Biancolella M, Mehdawy B, Corazzari M, Minella D, Blandini F, et al. Characterization of gene expression induced by RTN-1C in human neuroblastoma cells and in mouse brain. Neurobiol Dis. 2010;40:634-44 pubmed publisher
    ..These data provide a basis for further investigation of RTN-1C as a potential molecular target for use in therapy and as a specific marker for neurological diseases. ..
  3. Kaya L, Meissner B, Riedl M, Muik M, Schwarzer C, Ferraguti F, et al. Direct association of the reticulon protein RTN1A with the ryanodine receptor 2 in neurons. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013;1833:1421-33 pubmed publisher
    ..In a functional assay, RTN1A significantly reduced RyR2-mediated Ca(2+) oscillations. Thus, RTN1A and RyR2 might act as functional partners in the regulation of cytosolic Ca(2+) dynamics the in neurons. ..
  4. Fan Y, Xiao W, Li Z, Li X, Chuang P, Jim B, et al. RTN1 mediates progression of kidney disease by inducing ER stress. Nat Commun. 2015;6:7841 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we report an association between expression of reticulon 1 (RTN1) and severity of CKD...